Aveton Gifford Parish Registers - Now accessible on-line

I have been transcribing the Aveton Gifford Parish Registers from microfiche, with a view to producing a printed volume. The records that have been transcribed so far are now available on-line; you can now check the entries for yourselves.

The index is arranged by family name, and similar-sounding names have been grouped together; thus, Steer, Stear, Stere, Steere etc are all arranged in one chronological list. The entries are also colour-coded which makes it easier to determine family links.

The registers that I have transcribed so far cover the periods

Baptisms 1675-1837

Marriages 1661-1837

Burials 1678-1837

(Marriage witnesses and the date of birth are also indexed where recorded).

To keep the files to a reasonable size, separate files are available for each initial letter, and the registers are arranged to cover ten-year periods. The indexes link to the register entries, but not vice-versa. The register entries include any additional information in the form of notes if the information cannot be included in the standard format.

If you wish to link to the parish registers, please link to the register decade files, not to the individual entries. When I get a chance to update the entries, the individual record numbers will change, but the decade files will not.

Please note that none of the entries have yet been checked, and you are advised to confirm the entries yourself if you have a chance to get to the original registers. In addition, the writing on the early registers is very difficult to interpret, and the fiche copy I am working from is not clear, so some entries may be a little suspect. No responsibility will be accepted for errors or omissions in the transcription.

Note that all dates are as in the registers, so dates pre 1752 are in the Old Style. The index, which is arranged chronologically for each surname, takes this into account so, for example, December 1740 comes before February 1740.

There are a total of 9201 entries so far. A list of names, with number of occurrences, is available.

I will no longer perform look-ups because all the information I have is available on-line, although I will remain OPC for Aveton Gifford and am happy to answer general queries.

Any changes to the coverage of the Aveton Gifford registers will be noted on this web page.

Readers may also be interested in the on-line copy of Rev Shaw's "History of the Parish of Aveton Giffard"; there is an index available on GenUKI.

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