Aveton Gifford

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I have volunteered to act as an “Online Parish Clerk” for the Parish of Aveton Gifford.  Most of my family came from the village and I have been transcribing the registers as time permits.  I have also indexed Shaw’s “History of the Parish of Aveton Giffard”, which is available on GenUKI.

All the photographs on this page are scans from original prints in my (or my relatives') possession.  I believe them all to be out of copyright but if anyone believes otherwise, please contact me.

Parish Register Transcription - now available on-line
Scanned copy of Shaw's book "A History of the Parish of Aveton Gifford"
Index of Shaw’s History of the Parish (on GenUKI)
Land holdings at Aveton Gifford in Early times (on Bob Harris web page)
Parish Project Group Website
Churchyard Listing (from the Parish Projects site)
Churchyard Map (from the Parish Projects site)
Tithe Map (from the Parish Projects site)
Village Website
GenUKI Aveton Gifford site
Terry Partridge’s South Hams site (includes many modern photos) (Available on the Internet Archive only)
Val Henderson's page which includes a transcription of an 1870 Trade Directory
Devon On-line Parish Clerks Information page

Aveton Gifford Church photographed before World War II, during which it received a direct hit during a German air raid. A modern photo, after post-war reconstruction.  The tower has been reduced in height and the side-aisles have been much reduced in size.

On this web page I propose to put links to the information available elsewhere and family lines that people submit to me, arranged by surname.  It is not my intention to duplicate Brian Randall's excellent GENUKI pages, but for understandable reasons, GENUKI does not include information about specific familes.  However, at a parish level, it would be possible to include detailed family histories.  Over 60% of the parish register entries relate to 50 family names, so it should be possible to provide details for those families.  I will also place odd facts here that people submit to me.

Links to:-

Family lines

(The Hingston ones show the sort of thing I would like to receive)
Harris Family
Hingston Line (Links to my Hingston study site)
Lakeman Line
Enquiries Page

Links to neighbouring OPC web pages (to be provided if they exist)

South Milton
Fore Street, probably in the 1920s, looking south Fore St, looking north, in 1904
Looking south from the village, along the bridge over the Avon.  It is believed that this photograph was taken in 1914, when horses were being assembled for the war effort. Happier days - an outing to Bantham on the barge owned by William Burner (in the foreground), normally used to unload coal from ships moored off Burgh Island.  I hope they cleaned it out before the trip!  (Photo A.R.E.)
A bygone age.  A threshing machine driven by a traction engine somewhere near Aveton Gifford.  The photograph is clearly posed but there are 12 men working here.  Today a combine harvester would do the work and cut the corn in the first place.  (Photo A.R.E.)

Please email me with any information at cjb@eng.cam.ac.uk

Chris Burgoyne
17th August 2018