Underground M3
Micro-Measurement and Monitoring Systems for Ageing Underground Infrastructures

Welcome to the website of the Underground M3 Project which is a collaborative project between the University of Cambridge, Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems Bologna, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya and the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The project is funded under the EUROCORES Programme Smart Structural Systems Technologies(S3T).  EUROCORES Collaborative Research Scheme is an innovative European Science Foundation instrument to stimulate collaboration between researchers based in Europe to maintain European research at an international competitive level. EUROCORES provides a framework for national research funding organisations to fund collaborative research, in and across all scientific areas.   The national research funding organizations which have collaborated to generously fund this project are the EPSRC, Atkins, Metronet, Tube Lines Ltd., Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona,  SOLDATA and Dopravni podnik hlaviho mésta Prahy.

The main aim of the proposed research is to develop a system that uses a tiered approach to monitor the degree and rate of deterioration in ageing underground tunnels. It is proposed that the system comprises of (1) Tier 1: Micro-detection using advances in computer vision and (2) Tier 2: Micro-monitoring and communication using advances in MEMs and wireless communication.



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