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Deployable Structures
Deployable Structures are structures that can change their shape so that they have a compact form for, e.g., transportation or storage, but can then expanded for their final use.  Simple examples include umbrellas or tents; but more highly engineered deployable structures are used in inhospitable environments.  A good example is the use of booms, solar arrays and antennas on spacecraft, which have to be compactly stowed for launch, but then must autonomously unfold to their final state.

Both Simon Guest and Keith Seffen are currently working on Deployable Structures, and also on related work in morphing and multistable structures. Any queries about ongoing work, or possible vacancies, should be directed to either Dr Guest or Dr Seffen.

Previously, Sergio Pellegrino led work on Deployable Structures at Cambridge: an archive of his work at Cambridge is maintained here.