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Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering - Division D


Division D is one of six sectors into which the inter-disciplinary, "general" Engineering Department of Cambridge University is divided for administrative purposes. It contains some 16 members of the Engineering Department's teaching staff, out of about 110 altogether, plus technical and supports staff.

Division D's broad remit is CIVIL ENGINEERING; but in view of the non-watertight and somewhat arbitrary boundaries between inter-related academic subject areas, there are examples of non-civil engineering within Division D and civil engineering topics outside Division D. (For example, Deployable Structures, which have an Aerospace flavour, are inside Division D; while civil engineering, hydraulics and coastal erosion are in another Division.)

Division D's broad strategy is to concentrate its efforts into focussed groups, rather than aim to cover the very wide range of possible topics within the field of civil engineering. The three main interest groups within Division D are:

Geotechnical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Structural Engineering

Each of these groups is involved in both teaching and research. Staff members are involved in teaching, mostly at undergraduate level in the Department's four-year course; and this involves lectures, laboratories, and design and research projects. Equally, staff members are involved in research on selected topics: this involves work with postgraduate students and Research Associates, funded through national and European research councils and industry.

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