Hingstons in Who was Who

"Who was Who" gives brief obituaries for the "great and the good". For copyright reasons the full details cannot be given here, but the genealogical component of the records has been extracted. See the original volumes for full listings.

The individuals are listed in the order of their death.

Hon. Sir William Hales Hingston, died 19 Feb 1907

Professor of Clinical Surgery, Univ of Laval. Born Canada 1929, son of Lt-Col S. J. Hingston, HM 109th Regiment. Married 1876, Margaret, daughter of Hon. D.A. MacDonald.

Francis Charles Hingeston-Randolph, died 28 Aug 1910

Rev. Preb. Rector of Ringmore, Devon. Born Truro 31 Mar 1833, only son of Francis Hingeston of St Ives and Truro and Jane, daughter of Wm. Kirkness of Kernick. Married Martha (died 1904), only child of Rev Herbert Randolph, assuming her name, 1860. Four sons, six daughters. Educated Truro School and Exeter College, Oxford.

Henry Albert Hinkson, died 11 Jan 1919

Author and Barrister. Born Dublin 18 Apr 1865, educated Trinity College Dublin; married 1898 Katherine Tynan; two sons one daughter. Lived at Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

George Hingston, died 7 Dec 1925.

Collector of Customs, Glasgow. Lived at Delcany House, Crown Hill, Plymouth.

William Percival Hingston, died 16 Jan 1950

Surgeon Captain, R.N. Born Edinburgh 1879, son of Col. C.W.J.Hingston of the Indian Army. Married Myfanwy Dora, daughter of Geo.W. Marsden. One son. Educated at Middlesex Hospital, retired 1929, lived at Datchet, Bucks.

Richard William George Hingston, died 5 Aug 1966

Major. Surgeon-naturalist and author. Born 1887, son of Rev R.E.H.Hingston of Felhampton, Merton, married 1926 Mary Siggins Kennedy of Ashford, Middlesex, one son two daughters. University College, Cork.

Clayton Alexander Francis Hingston, died 17 Sep 1969

Lieut-Col. Born 6 May 1877, son of Col. C.W.J.Hingston. Married 1908 Gladys Violet Scroggie. Two sons, one daughter. Medical Officer in India. Lived at Falmouth.

3rd May 1999. C.J.Burgoyne