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Latest updates (ongoing)

Families moved from Note 55 (Isle of Wight) to Tree HL#18 and #19

Frederick Adolphus Hingston moved from Note 55 to Note 1.

Hingston/Hickman family moved from Note 48 to HV#25

Previous Updates

30th Jan 2017


Ulster Connection

Family links identified from GRO lists showing mother's maiden name

Families groups identified from GRO but not linked to existing trees.

5th Jan 2017

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7th May 2011

I have been intending to produce a major update of the web site, with a second newsletter, following a holiday in Ireland looking at Hingston locations and records. Unfortunately, having updated a lot of pages I had a disk crash and lost many of my updates before they were uploaded. I have not had time to recreate the pages but hope to do so soon.

I have also lost at the same time a number of emails. If anyone has sent me a message to which I have not replied, or if I have not incorporated your information in these pages, please contact me again. I apologise for the problems.

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