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If you are a new visitor to this page, welcome. Please contact me at and let me know how you are connected to the trees here. I keep a list of Hingston researchers and occasionally send emails informing people of major changes. This site counts the number of hits it receives but it does not record who has visited. It does not use cookies or put anything onto your computer apart from what you see on the screen. It uses basic HTML so should work with all browsers and has very little in the way of graphics, so should load rapidly.

The ultimate aim of this study would be to produce a document listing all the Hingston trees that can be established, together with all the supporting information on which they are based. That document would be placed in the relevant libraries, family history societies and record offices, so that others do not have to spend a long time re-searching for records that have already been collated.

The Hingston families are linked together in the form of Trees, each of which shows the descent from one of the early families. For each person I would like to include:-

No tree contains (or will contain) details about living individuals. In general I will not enter details of anyone born within the last 100 years, although, with permission, I will include an entry at an appropriate place to say something like (John Smith <email address> is descended from ... ) so that anyone with a family connection can get in touch. If you would like me to add such a link, please let me know. If you have given me such permission I assume you are happy for me to pass on contact details. Otherwise I will not pass on details without permission.

These trees are not regarded as final documents. Virtually everything on these pages represents work-in-progress or my current understanding of the situation. Unless specific reference is given to a primary source, nothing here should be regarded as certain fact. Even if a primary source is given, alternative interpretations may be possible.

If anyone has information that confirms (or contradicts) anything on this site, or which puts flesh onto the bare bones of the trees, please send it to me (ideally by email in plain text format (not in HTML - it is easier for me to add things into existing documents if they do not include any formatting) so that it can be included directly). I will endeavour to add it at the earliest opportunity. If you come across odd pieces of information that have no obvious link with the trees, I will put it into the Odds and Ends page.

Please note that I do not maintain a separate computer-readable database, so cannot produce a Gedcom or other file for you to import into your own packages. I also do not maintain a list of what information I have sent to whom, so I cannot update you when I make relevant changes. I do maintain a Whats New page so that you can see if any of the recent changes affect your family.

Good luck with your search!

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4th August 2007. Chris Burgoyne