Hingston Trees

Tree HA covers seven generations and starts in West Alvington with John Hingston who would have been born about 1675. It then proceeds through Aveton Gifford, Bigbury, Modbury & Paignton with a probable link to Nova Scotia. This is my own link to the Hingston families.

Tree HB is no longer a separate tree and is now part of HA.

Tree HC covers eight generations and is also based in Aveton Gifford, starting with Hugh Hingston who would have been born in about 1610. The name Hugh is passed through several generations. It has now been extended to link into the Hingstons in Belfast and the Scilly Isles

Tree HD covers twelve generations and starts with Andrew Hingston who was born, probably in Holbeton, around 1540. They were later a notable Quaker family. The list we have covers about 450 Hingstons, and includes the start of the branch of the family that emigrated to the Ulverstone area of Tasmania in the 1840s. There are possible extensions backwards through several generations from this tree but these extensions are subject to current research.

Tree HE is no longer a separate tree and is now part of HA.

Tree HF covers six generations and is headed by Joseph Hingston, who married Elizabeth Worden in Thurlestone in 1710. This line has been primarily researched by one person, and he has two possible earlier extensions.

Tree HG is no longer a separate tree and is now part of HA.

Tree HH starts with a John Hingston who was born about 1680 in Woodleigh, and covers six generations. It is being actively researched by several people. There is evidence of earlier research into preceding generations. The family covers Morleigh, Halwell, Kingsbridge, South Brent, Diptford, Mevagissey, Plymouth, Devonport, Brussels (Ontario) and on to the USA.

Tree HI covers four generations of the Hingston family in the Dartmouth area which is associated with the Langworthy name - it is given here purely from IGI sources so must be considered prelimnary only. If anyone is researching this line, please get in touch.

Tree HK is the descendants of Col John Hinkson of Ireland, later Kentucky. Copied from Bob Francis web site and placed here with his permission.

Tree HL starts with Richard Hingston who married in Mevagissey in Cornwall in 1777. There may be a connection to Tree HH but that is not certain. We have four generations at present. The line includes most, but not all, of the Hingstons that appear in the Mevagissey registers. Some families which cannot be tied in at present are listed here. There is now a link onwards to Australia (Sydney).

Tree HM lists the Hingston in St. Ives, Cornwall, and their descendants. The tree seems to start with a Baldwin Hingston who had links with Newton Ferrers and Plymouth in Devon, which may be a link to Tree HD.

Tree HN is the line of Irish Hingston, but it is presently known to be incomplete and inconsistent. It supposedly starts with a John Hingston, a Major in Cromwell's army, who was given land in Ireland as part of the Protestant Settlement after the Civil War. That John is supposed to be the son of John Hingston, organist to Charles I, Cromwell and Charles II, who may be linked to Tree HD

Tree HO is a line of Hingston in Blackawton. It is almost certain that it can be filled-out and extended at both ends. It includes the family of Edward Peron Hingston, the theatrical agent and has recently been extended to include familes that emigrated to New Zealand.

Tree HP is a line of Hingstons (or Hingestons) in Suffolk, linked to John Hingston, Cromwell's organist.

Tree HS is a line based on the village of Staverton in Devon.

Tree HU is a group of families in mid-Cornwall. They may be connected but it is not certain; they have been placed together here for convenience.

Tree HV is a line that starts in Stoke, Devon (probably Stoke Gabriel) and then moves to Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

Tree HX is a line that starts in Devon and then moves to Australia and New Zealand. It is currently listed on the New Zealand page

Tree HY is no longer a separate tree and is incorporated into Tree HO.

7th November 2016. Chris Burgoyne