Hingston's at University

There are published lists of Alumni at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The following entries have been extracted from them. Some of the abbreviations have been written out in full when I know what they mean! If anyone has access to similar records at other Universities, and can transcribe them, I will add them to this list. Since we know that several Hingstons were Doctors or Priests, records of their training should exist. They should also appear on various Directories, such as Crockfords.

Cambridge University

Hingeston, Charles.

Admitted sizar (age 18) at Christ's College, June 29, 1745. 6th son of Peter (? 1711). Born at Ipswich, July 8, 1727. School, Monk Soham (Mr Ray). Scholar 1745; Matriculated 1745-6; B.A. 1748-9; M.A. 1752. Ordained deacon (Norwich) May 1750; priest (Ely) Dec 1752. Rector of Trimley St. Martin, Suffolk, 1778-87; Rector of Rishangles. Died Feb. 4, 1787. Buried at Capel. (Peile, 11. 248; Davy, Suff. MSS.)

Hingeston, James.

Admitted sizar at Emmanuel College, Jun 15, 1751. 3rd son of Robert (1716), Master of Ipswich School. Born Aug. 14, 1733. School, Ipswich. Matriculated 1751; B.A. 1755; M.A. 1758. Ordained deacon (Norwich) Oct. 1756; priest, May, 1758. Vicar of Reydon and Southwold, Suffolk, 1758-77. Died Mar. 30, 1777. Buried at Reydon. Brother of Samuel (1747). (G. Mag.)

Hingeston, Peter.

Admitted pensioner (age 17) at Pembroke College, June 16, 1711. Son of Peter, of Ipswich, gent. Born June 6, 1694. Matriculated 1712; B.A. 1714-15; M.A. 1718. Ordained deacon (Norwich) Oct 1719. Vicar of Wenham Parva, Suffolk, 1726. Rector of Capel St Mary, 1726-86. Died July 18, 1786. Brother of the next (i.e. Robert Hingeston)

Hingeston, Robert.

Admitted sizar (age 17) at Pembroke College, June 27, 1716. Son of Peter, of Ipswich, organist. Born Mar. 8, 1698-9. Matric. 1716; B.A. 1719-20; M.A. 1723. Ordained deacon (Norwich) May, 1722; 'reader at Ipswich'; priest, May, 1724. Rectot of West Creeting, Suffolk. Rector of Gt Bealings, 1726. Rector of Newborne, 1727. Rector of St Helen's, Ipswich, 1730. Head Master of Ipswich Grammar School, 1743-66. Died Apr. 9, 1766. Admon., P.C.C. Brother of the above (Peter Hingeston), father of the next (Samuel Hingeston) and James (1751). (E. Anglian, IX. 130.)

Hingeston, Samuel.

Admitted sizar (age 17) at Gonville and Caius College, July 6, 1747. Son of Robert (above), Rector of West Creeting, Suffolk and Head Master of Ipswich. Born at Ipswich, Oct. 27, 1729. School, Ipswich (Mr. Bolton and his father). Matriculated 1747; B.A. 1750; M.A. 1756. Ordained deacon (Ely, Litt. dim. from Norwich) Dec. 25, 1751; priest (London) Dec. 23, 1753. Rector of Boyton, 1765-1807; of Holton, 1786-1807. Died Feb. 8, 1807. Buried at Boyton. Brother of James (1751). (Venn, II. 60)


Hingston, Alfred Alwyne.

Admitted pensioner at Trinity College, June 17, 1890. Son of Joseph Tregelles, of Clifton, York. Born July 13, 1871, at York. School, Ripon. Matriculated Michaelmas 1890; B.A., 1894. M.B., C.M., Aberdeen 1900. Civil Surgeon, South African Field Force. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut. Col., R.A.M.C.; in command of 1/2 S. Midland Field Ambulance). Assistant Medical Officer, Cotford Asylum, Taunton. In practice at Birmingham in 1944; District Medical Officer. Of 43, Middleton Hall Road, King's Norton. (Medical Directories). (See Tree HD)

Hingston, Thomas.

Admitted pensioner ar Queens' College, Dec. 26, 1823. Of Cornwall. (3rd son of John, clerk in the Custom House, and Margaret. Baptised May 9, 1799 at St Ives, Cornwall. School, St Ives.) Matriculated Michaelmas 1824. Had studied medicine at Edinburgh, 1821; won the medal offered by George IV to Edinburgh for a Latin Ode on the occasion of his visit to Scotland, 1822. M.D., Edinburgh, 1824. In practice at Penzance, 1828-32 and then in Truro. Edited Harvey's De Motu Cordis; contributed to Transactions of the Geological Society of Cornwall. Author, Memoir of William of Worcester; Essay on the Etymology of Cornish Names in Davies Gilbert's History of Cornwall. 'He was accomplished in all points, in divinity, in poetry, and medicine, and in the power of entertaining and instructing in his writings, and by conversation, beyond most other men.' Died July 13, 1837, at Falmouth, Monument at St Mary's Church, Truro. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 367; D.N.B.; G. Mag., 1837, II 318-19.)

Hinkson, Samuel William.

Admitted pensioner at St. Catherine's College, June 24, 1835. Son of Samuel, Esq., of St John's, Barbados. Matriculated Lent, 1836; B.A. 1841. Curate of Farthinghoe, Northants. Died in 1842, aged 26, at Colleton estate, Barbados. (G. Mag., 1843, I, 102.) (See Odds and Ends 71)

Oxford University

Hingston, Francis

Son of John of Kingsbridge, Devon. pleb. Pembroke College. Matriculated July 13, 1677, aged 17. B.A. Feb 22, 1682-3.

Hingston, John

Son of John of Totnes, Devon, pp. Balliol College, Matriculated July 19, 1662, aged 18.

Hingston, John

Son of Jos. of Modbury, pleb. Gloucester Hall, Matriculated Mar. 29, 1667, aged 16.

Hingston, Richard

B.A., Feb 3, 1522-3


Hingeston, Peter

Son of Peter of St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, cler. Magdalen College, Matriculated July 29, 1738, aged 17, demy 1738-40; University College. B.A. 18 Jan 1742-3. (see Bloxham vi)

Hingeston, Samuel

First son of Robert of Camberwell, Surrey, gent. Lincoln College, Matriculated March 20, 1823, aged 18; scholar 1824-7, B.A. 1826, M.A. 1830, barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, 1831.

Hingston, Alfred Nottage

First son of Alfred of Charles, Plymouth, Gent. Wadham College, Matriculated Oct 16, 1850, aged 18. St Mary Hall B.A. and M.A., 1858, Vicar of Churchstow, Devon, 1866-1882. (See Tree HD)

Hingston, Francis Charles

Exeter College 1851 - see Randolph

Hingston, James Richard William

First son of James of Coachford, Co. Cork, Gent. Non-Coll. Matriculated Oct 13, 1877, aged 21. St Alban Hall 1881.

Randolph, Francis Charles Hingston-

Only son of Francis Hingeston of St. Clements, Truro, Cornwall, Gent. Exeter College, matriculated Nov 12, 1851, aged 18. Scholar 1850, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858; P.C. Hampton-Gay, Oxon, 1858-60, Rector of Ringmore, Devon, 1860; preb. of Exeter 1885, assumed the additional names of Hingeston-Randolph in lieu of Hingston (sic - no 'e' - C.J.B. 24/4/1999). For list of his works see Crockford. See Coll. Reg. 155.

Randolph-Hingeston, Francis Piram

First son of Francis Charles Hingeston of Ringmore, Devon, cler. Keble College, matriculated Oct 18, 1881, aged 20, B.A. 1884.

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