Hingstons in Dorset

It is known that there were Hingstons in Dorset; it is assumed that the original ones were immigrants from Devon but the movement occurred fairly early.

Rosalind Dunning <ros@archbishops.demon.co.uk> is searching for an Elizabeth Hingston, born circa 1740, and has been looking in the Dorset records. She has found the following, which may link in with other people's studies:-

I had thought that my Elizabeth Hingston who married in Melcombe Regis, Dorset came from Devon. But I now think there had been Hingstons around at Melcombe for a while.

I've just obtained an Admon in respect of a Dorothy Hingston widow of a John Hingston of Weymouth dated 1685. The application to administer is made by a creditor, William Masterman of Fryer Wooden. 5 children renounce the administration. These are Mary, Dorothy, John, Samuel and Elizabeth Hingston. There is also an inventory of the late Dorothy's goods.

Hingston marriages in Dorset:-
Grooms only as follows:
John Hinkson/Elizabeth Samwaies 28 July 1589 Radipole
John Hingston/Mary Clark 23 September 1697 Godmanstone
John Hingston/Edith Pitt 9 August 1722 Melcombe
John Hingston/Mary Webber 10 April 1743 Melcombe
John Hingston/Betty Tyle 21 February 1757 Stalbridge
Justinian Hinckson/Margaret Chune 19 Jan 1591/2 Radipole
Thomas Hingston butcher/Damaris Roberts 28 October 1733 Melcombe

There were Hingstons in Lyme Regis, which were recorded in the Devon 1851 census.

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