Hingstons in Cornwall

It is known that there were Hingstons in Cornwall; it is assumed that the original ones were immigrants from Devon but the movement occurred fairly early.

There are several lines of enquiry in Cornwall.

The various lines descended from Richard Hingston 1663-1711 (Tree HD) became established in the Penryn area. They were Quakers and kept links with the Quakers on the English side of the Tamar. Many were apparently doctors and some moved to Liskeard. There are two documents relating to Hingstons at Penryn and Falmouth and their onward link to New Zealand.

At least one member of Tree HH had children in 1805 in the Mevagissey area. There is another line, Tree HL, which may be linked to this one, starting with Richard Hingston who married in 1777 in Mevagissey.

There are various enquiries listed on the Odds and Ends page that relate to Cornish Hingstons.

I have obtained from the Cornwall Family History Society a copy of all the Hingston entries in their computer database - a total of about 150 entries. I have requested permission to make these available on this site but will not do so until I get their permission. There are 11 entries in the 1851 census (which is surprisingly small number if it is a complete list), 51 entries in the 1871 census, 26 male Hingston marriages, 20 female Hingston marriages, 25 burials 1813-1837 and 43 memorial inscriptions. A few correlate with the lines we have from Devon and elsewhere but the vast majority do not, so there is fertile ground to be ploughed in Cornwall!

There is a long line of Hingstons in St Ives (Tree HM) going back to about 1690. The christian name Malachi seems to run through it. There is a probable link at the beginning to Tree HD.

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