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Descendants of Andrew Hingston


This is a complex tree. At its core lies the work of Allen and Dymond (A&D), which we believe to have been largely compiled from family records. The ground has been largely worked-over by others and the results seem to have made their way into the International Genealogy Index (IGI) or into the LDS ancestral file (IGI-AF). It is not clear where that information comes from, and some of it is contradictory, which leaves open the question of how reliable it is. Where no source is given below this usually means that I, or someone I am in contact with, has seen the original records or the material is from the A&D directly. Some information has come from work done in the 1940s by Treeby Watson Hingston (TWH).

The ordering of the children of any family is the order of their birth, as far as I know it, irrespective of sex. However, Victorian, and some modern, pedigrees list all the boys before all the girls; where I have no information about ages I follow the order of my source. The same ordering is maintained in the families of each generation. The husbands of Hingston women are listed where their wives appear as children, as are their children. Because this is a one-name study, the families of sons are given separate entries in the next generation since they can propagate the name to future generations. The same would apply to illegitimate children of Hingston women. The numbering is purely arbitrary - new numbers have been added as necessary and the old numbers left so that people who have downloaded the tree at different times can all refer to the same person. I may, one day, renumber more logically, but that will only happen once we are sure the tree is complete.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out by Andrew Hingston, primarily on the descendants of 12. James Hingston down to the children of 42. Henry Hingston. Detailed links to that information are given in the tree below.

Sir Theodore Fortescue Fox 1899-1989 kept many records and passed many to Cathy Stevenson who has passed them to me. Unfortunately he does not give sources but where appropriate I have added things below with a reference (TFF).

The Tasmanian branch has been researched extensively by Karen Hughes and Cathy Stevenson, to whom I am indebted for resolving some ambiguities in the trees. I believe they now agree with the findings in the 1940s of TWH. I have also received some information about the Tasmanian Hingstons from Robin Walker (RW) (gwa90642@bigpond.net.au)

Some information about the pupils who attended the Quaker School at Sidcot has been supplied by Howard Knight (HMK).

If anyone can access the original records and can remove any of the ambiguities could they please email me with the information, and I will update the tree accordingly.

I am very grateful to everyone who has contributed to this tree.

Chris Burgoyne

Simplified Version of Tree HD

This chart shows the various Hingston families that form the tree, with the area where they lived and the relationship between them. (Q) indicates a family that is believed to have been Quaker. Clicking on a box should take you to the listing for that family. Right-clicking on the chart should allow it to be viewed at a larger scale and it should be printable on an A3 sheet.

Possible earlier members of this line

Generation No.1

100. Unknown HINGSTON, would probably have been born about 1400. His existence is inferred from the fact that his two sons are mentioned in IPMs in 1488 and 1511. He is presumed to have lived at Hingston in Bigbury, then seemingly known as Hyndestone.

The presumed children were

101. ROBERT HINGSTON was the subject of the IPM made in 1488 on his death. He clearly lived at Hingston but held extensive property over the South Hams. He died 28 Jan 1487/8. His wife is shown by Prideaux as MARGARET Cottwall (probably COTTERALL), who later married WILLIAM ASHFORD. Margaret died 26 Oct 1508 and William Ashford died 17 Jul 1508. William is shown as having a son Nicholas Ashford born 1485, so presumably he was also married earlier.

Robert and Margaret seem to have had six children:-

There is some confusion about the various women mentioned here.

Records at Wonwell say that in the time of Henry VI (1422-1461), ROBERT de HENDESTON succeeded, and after him his son PHILIP, who left three daughters; MARGARET, the wife of John Fortescue; ELIZABETH, the wife of PHILIP COURTENAY of Molland (N. Devon); and PHILLIPA, the wife of Robert Ashford, or Ayshford. The property continued in the family of the last named until about 1790. [This is in conflict with the IPM, a primary source, which implies that Philip had no offspring, so it may be that the "daughters" mentioned were in fact sisters.]

A Courtenay family web site says Sir PHILLIP COURTENAY of Molland, born: c.1432, Powderham and died 7 Dec 1489. Inherited Molland Bottreaux. Wonwell in Kingston, Devon from wife. Duke of Clarence's Council 1470-8. Sheriff 1470. Member of Parliament 1470-1,2-5, 1484. Battle of Barnet 1471. JP 1471-8, 1483-5. Fell with Clarence 1471, restored by Richard III; Kt of the Body 1484. Married 1: ELIZABETH HYNESTON c.1452, Wonwell, Kingston. [The Wonwell records seem to show that Wonwell went to the Ashford family, not the Courtenays. But is plausible that Elizabeth could have been born as early as 1430, which would allow her to have married in 1452.] The Wonwell records say that in the late 15th century Robert Ashford (Ayshford) married PHILIIPPA, daughter and heir of ROBERT HINGSTON. (Milles, "Parochial Collections")

A PHILLIPPA ELIZABETH HINGSTON, daughter of PHILIP HINGSTON, married in 1496 to JOHN COFFIN of Portledge, Alwington. He died on 15 Dec 1566 at Devonshire, England.. They had a son Sir Richard Coffin who was Sheriff of Devon in 1507 and a younger brother, Sir William Coffin who joined Henry VIII's household about 1515, and took part, as a gentleman of the privy chamber, in the tournament between Henry VIII and the French King held at Guisnes in 1519. In 1529 he became a Member of Parliament for Derbyshire. He died: 8 Dec 1538, Standon, Herts. [This Hingston/Coffin marriage is often quoted but with many different dates. The ones quoted here seem to be the most consistent. Most of the sources assume she came from the area around Alwington, but we know of no Hingstons in that area.]

In Burke's "A genealogical and heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 2 (1885). JOHN FORTESCUE was the son of Sir Henry Fortescue, chief justice of the court of common pleas in Ireland, 1426 and his first wife Joan. John married MARGARET, daughter and heir of WILLIAM HINGSTON, of Wonnel, and left an only daughter and heiress, Elizabeth Fortescue, of Fallapit, who married a cousin Lewis Fortescue, one of the barons of the exchequer.

It would appear that the only descent is through daughters, so future Hingstons are unlikely to be descended directly from this family. We must therefore look for cousins if the link to the 1. Andrew below is to be established.

Generation No. 1

1. ANDREW HINGSTON. Andrew would have been born sometime around 1540, give or take 10 years. TFF shows him as being the son of RICHARD HINGSTON, who was born about 1500; Andrew is described as being of Holbeton or Wonwell but it seems likely that Wonwell (and Hingston) were no longer held by Hingstons at this time.

The descent shown in black is as shown in Allen and Dymond, and as has been shown in the tree since the site began. The descent shown in green, between 1. Andrew and 12. James, is an alternative shown in WEH's letter of 1905. It is not yet known on what evidence it is based. If anyone can provide backup information, please contact me.

Child of Andrew Hingston is:

Generation No. 2

2. WALTER HINGSTON is believed to have been the son of 1. Andrew Hingston and died Abt 1627. TFF shows him as being born 1566, with a wife called SABILLA who died in 1642; he is described as being of Holbeton.

Shown tentatively in Allen & Dymond

Child of Walter Hingston is:

85. JOHN HINGSTON. The son of 1. Andrew Hingston. Died Holbeton 8 Nov 163?.

Child of John Hingston is:

Generation No. 3

3. ANDREW HINGSTON was born in Scotscombe (probably Scobbiscombe), Holbeton, (TFF says in 1596), the son of 2. Walter Hingston, and died 1643. He married GRACE 1623. TFF says she was from Ringmore, born 1602, died 1675).

Children of Andrew Hingston and Grace Hingston? are:

86. GEORGE HINGSTON, of Holbeton, the son of 85. John Hingston.

Child of George Hingston is:

Generation No. 4

4. WALTER HINGSTON was born 14 Nov 1624 at Holbeton (IGI), the son of 3. Andrew Hingston and Grace and died 1684. He married SARAH REEVE 1652 (IGI says at Plymouth). She was born 2 Sep 1624 and died 8 Jul 1704 at Plymouth (both from IGI-AF). TFF agrees with her birth-date and says she was from Exeter.

Children of William Hingston and Sarah Reeve are:

5. JAMES HINGSTON was born 11 Jun 1626 at Holbeton (IGI), the son of 3. Andrew Hingston and Grace and died 1659. He married ALICE. The family appear in Allen and Dymond.

Children of James Hingston and Alice are :

6. ABEL HINGSTON was born 30 Jul 1637 at Holbeton (IGI), the son of 3. Andrew Hingston and Grace. He married HONOR in 1664 (IGI).

Children of Abel Hingston and Honor are:

7. WILLIAM HINGSTON was born 20 Dec 1640 at Holbeton (IGI), the son of 3. Andrew Hingston and Grace. The Dictionary of Quaker Biography says that he was arrested at Exeter and 1658 (presumably for being a Quaker). He married SARAH TRIPE 26 May 1666 at Kingsbridge (IGI says 22nd).She may be the daughter of NICHOLAS TRIPE, who is described in the journal of George Fox, founder of the Quakers. George wrote "The next day we visited Kingsbridge and at an inn inquired for the sober people of the town. They directed us to Nicholas Tripe and his wife; and we went to their home. They sent for the priest with whom we had some discourse; but he being confounded quickly left us. Nicholas Tripe and his wife were convinced and, since, there is a good meeting of Friends in that country." (The story of William Cookworthy, by Hubert Fox, published by the Cookworthy Museum, Kingsbridge). In 1670 he had some goods distressed for attending a meeting and again in 1671 he had goods distressed to the value of £16.4s.4d. In 1676 he had a large quantity of timber taken, to the value of £35. 15s because he had attended a meeting at Woodhouse. In 1683-85 he was imprisoned at Exeter. In his absence from home was again distrained of goods to the value of £14. 15s. He and others were liberated by the proclamation of James II, who came to the throne in 1685 and issued an amnesty freeing 1500 Quaker prisoners throughout the country. The fines were substantial penalties (£1 in 1671 is would purchase goods to the value of about £126 today, or be equivalent to an income of about £1870).

Children of William Hingston and Sarah Tripe are:

87. JONATHAN HINGSTON, the son of 86. George Hingston. Of Holbeton, died 21 Mar 167?.

The child of Jonathan Hingston is:

Generation No. 5

8. JOHN HINGSTON was born 1657 (A&D) or 26 Feb 1659 at Plymouth (IGI), the son of 4. Walter Hingston and Sarah Reeve. He married AGNES WILLING 17 Jul 1691 at Holbeton (IGI).

Children of John Hingston and Agnes Willing are:

9. RICHARD HINGSTON was born 1661 (A&D) - 25 Mar 1663 at Plymouth (IGI), the son of 4. Walter Hingston and Sarah Reeve, and died 10 Feb 1710/11 in Kea, at house of Thomas Giddy, and was buried at the Burying Place of the Key Meeting 12 Feb 1710/11 (from Prideaux's transcription of the Quaker meeting registers). (A&D say Nov 1711, IGI says 1710). According to TFF he was a Minister at Plymouth, but I am not sure of what he was a Minister (Do Quaker Meetings have Ministers?). He married GERTRUDE (or GARTHRUD) TREGENNEW 18 Mar 1688 at Trenant, Cornwall. (Her name is also given as Trekennow and the month of the marriage as Jan - IGI). She was born 27 Jan 1658 at Dulce, Cornwall (IGI-AF). Prideaux records her christian name as 'Garthred' (from the record of son Andrew's birth). TFF says her father was Richard Tregennow of Trenant in Duloe, near Looe and that she died in 1741; she was buried at Kea 22 Oct 1741 (OPC)..

Lived at Plymouth (A&D). List of whole family from Allen & Dymond.

Children of Richard Hingston and Gertrude Tregennew are:

10. JAMES HINGSTON was born 1652 (Source: Allen & Dymond), the son of 5. James Hingston and Alice, and probably died 1712/13; 'James Hingston sennex' was buried at Holbeton 20 Jan 1712/13 and this is the most likely match.

Allen & Dymond quote this James and his siblings.

Child of James Hingston is:

88. JAMES HINGSTON, was born in Holbeton 19 Jan 1655, the son of 87. Jonathan Hingston. He died 27 Sep 16??.

Child of James Hingston is:

Generation No. 6

11. RICHARD HINGSTON was born 11 Oct 1695 at Plymouth, the son of 9. Richard Hingston and Gertrude Tregennew, and died 10 Apr 1748 at Kea, Cornwall. He was described as Surgeon and Apothecary of Penryn. He, and his descendants, are the subject of a memo written in 1906 by R.H.F. He married, firstly, SARAH PURCHASE 15 Oct 1718 at Exeter. The eminent “Friend”, Thomas Story, was present and speaks of the occasion in his Journal as “a good open time”, many present. His signature on the marriage certificate is in a large bold hand at the head of the other witnesses. Richard and Sarah Hingston removed with a daughter Mary who was born to them, in the year 1719, from Plymouth to Penryn; but his wife died in 1722, and was buried at Kea (now “Come-to-good”) where his father Richard Hingston of Plymouth, who was a minister among Friends, had died in 1710 at the house of T. Giddy, and was buried. He married, secondly, ELIZABETH STEEL 15 Jun 1725 at Key, Cornwall (IGI). She was born 21 Nov 1708 at Falmouth and died 10 Apr 1747. Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathaniel Steel, she being, as it appears, under 17 years of age. N. Steele was “a man of note” in Falmouth, and of substance, a rope-master; his kinsman Lazarus Steele was mayor of the town in 1740. The Hingstons had a large family, many of whom died young. Thrice they essayed to perpetuate the name Nathaniel, and the third child lived to maturity. Many French prisoners of war were in those years landed at Falmouth, and the business of caring for them medically becoming one of some profit, R. Hingston obtained by the interest of his father-in-law that office, but within a year or two he contracted fever from the prisoners stationed at Kergillack, a farm not far from Falmouth, and died in 1749. His wife had died the year before at the age of 38, having had thirteen children. At R. Hingston’s death nine only of his fourteen children were living, two having died in infancy, and others at 7, 8, and 19 years. He left this troop of orphans to the care of his brother Andrew Hingston, and to Nathaniel Steel, who with Robert Scantlebury of Mevagissey, and his daughter Mary Hingston, were appointed his executors. In his will, now in the possession of Nathaniel Fox, he consigns(?) his soul to God, with a good deal of religious expression. There can be little doubt that there was Phthisis in the Hingston family. It appeared in both the Fox and Tregelles families. A cousin of Richard, another Andrew, was dying of phthisis in 1744. They were apparently a large-framed race of poor vitality.

“Come-to-Good” or Kea meeting house and graveyard where so many of the family worshipped, married and were buried, is a picturesque spot, secluded among the hills which border Malpas Road on the Truro River, some three miles south of that town.

“Memoirs of (?) Cookworthy” of Plymouth, by his grandson Geo. Harrison, published in London in 1857, contains a series of letters (1740-1747) to Richard Hingston, who he supplied with drugs. ?.C. was a cultivated man, linguist, and of literary power, as well as a deep religious character, and his intimate correspondence with our ancestor implies similar qualities in him.

Child of Richard Hingston and Sarah Purchase is:

Children of Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Steel are (with dates as listed in the Dictionary of Quaker Biography which differs from that given in the IGI, udsually by two months: 12. JAMES HINGSTON died 23 Oct 1756, the son of either 10. James Hingston or 88. James Hingston. He married, firstly, ANN ROWE 8 Apr 1704, Plymouth St. Andrew, who died 1726 at Holbeton. He married, secondly, ELIZABETH BROOKING in Sep 1730, at Kingsbridge [Quaker Mtg. Register]. She was born 23 Mar 1703 the daughter of John and Margery Brooking [Quaker mtg. register]; John was a man of some wealth and lived in Kingsbridge.

The birth of this James, and his supposed descent from the earlier members shown here, is frequently quoted (by Allen & Dymond, Jim King etc.), but we do not know on what it is based. It is repeated here, partly for convenience, but is not regarded as secure. Andrew Hingston gives a good discussion of our state of knowledge. The alternative descent, as given by WEH in his letter of 1905, is shown in green above.

In his will he was described as a Mercer, which can mean a dealer in silks, but can also have a broader meaning as one who deals in fabrics in general, and also possibly in Grocery Wares. Elizabeth may well have brought money of her own to the marriage, but the amount he leaves in the will probably indicates that he received inherited wealth himself. The will records that he had purchased the fee simple of the Manor of Holbeton whilst he was occupier (as tenant) of same. His bequests included Closes, Messuages with Appurtenances, but not specifically farms, tenemants, and the Lordship of the Manor with the antient Rents, Herriotts suits and services. Buried at the Quaker Burial Ground, Kingsbridge on 27/10/1756. Transcript now available.

Children of James Hingston and Ann Rowe are:

Children of James Hingston and Elizabeth Brooking are: (The sources about the children of James and Elizabeth need checking against the Quaker registers - the sources conflict.)

Generation No. 7

13. ANDREW HINGSTON was born 4 Jun 1730 at Penryn (OPC), the son of 11. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Steel, and died 5 Dec 1757 and was buried at Kea. His father, who died when Andrew was 18, left his son money “to give with him to some honest able surgeon for his accomplishment to that business”. He was accordingly taken by his Uncle Andrew to Plymouth, where he was apprenticed for about four years. The fourteen letters preserved at Liskeard give a curious account of his life there. In 1752 he appears to have set up as a surgeon and apothecary at Callington. Next year he married at St. Germans one of the honourable Quaker family Debell of Looe, and died four years later at the age of 27, leaving two children, besides a third born five months after his death. From the eldest of these the Liskeard branch of the family comes. He married SARAH DEBELL 25 Dec 1753 (IGI says variously at Looe, at Germans, and 'of Penryn'). She was born 1732 at Looe (IGI-AF) the daughter of Benjamin and Amey Deble.

Children of Andrew Hingston and Sarah Debell are:

14. LAZARUS HINGSTON was born 23 Dec 1731 (IGI), the son of 11. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Steel, and died 1780. He married JANE BLEWETT, 10 Jun 1753 at Landulph, Cornwall (by a priest).. Lazarus had employment with his grand-father, taking the Rope-walk at Falmouth of his, but as letters show, they disagreed. He married and had a large family, who were apparently not members of the Friends although their births were reported to the local Quarterly Meeting. He may have been disowned for “marrying out”, as was common on those strict days. He was however buried at Kea, having died at 48, ruined by Cotton Speculation. He and his brother Nathaniel were both very large men. Local tradition told of the difficulty of conveying their remains out of the house for interment. Lazarus’ large family seems to have had little perpetuation.

Children of Lazarus Hingston and Jane Blewett are:

15. JAMES HINGSTON was baptised 12 Apr 1745 at Penryn (IGI says Bristol but the OPC record is clear), the son of 11. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Steel. He married MARY NANCARROW 15 Oct 1766 at Marazion (IGI). She died in 1769, possibly in childbirth.

Children of James Hingston and Mary Nancarrow are:

16. WILLIAM HINGSTON was born 4 Apr 1709 in Holbeton (IGI says he was baptised on 13 Jun 1709), the son of 12. James Hingston and Ann Rowe, and died Jan 1781. He married AMY ALGAR 25 Apr 1734 in Holbeton. (In the IGI she is consistently shown as Mary Algar). She may have died Oct 1783 (there is an IGI reference to the death of Amy Hingston, her granddaughter at this time but that cannot be correct since that Amy later went on to marry - this Amy is the only logical alternative known). William would have inherited substantially under his father's will if his half-brother John's line had failed, otherwise he featured mainly as a trustee. As he was married with a family at the time of his father's death, it is possible that he had already been given a portion of the inheritance.

Children of William Hingston and Amy Algar are:

17. HENRY HINGSTON was born 9 Jun 1718 in Holbeton, the son of 12. James Hingston and Ann Rowe, and was buried 3 May 1791 [Quaker Register]. He married SARAH BROWNE 1755 at Holbeton (IGI) (not in DFHS Index); she died 9 Dec 1762, a week after her son Henry's birth. In his father's will he is bequeathed the family home, income from various property, and the residue of the estate.

Children of Henry Hingston and Sarah Browne are:

18. JOHN HINGSTON was born Jan 1736/37 (IGI has 10 Mar 1737) in Kingsbridge, the son of 12. James Hingston and Elizabeth Brooking. He married, firstly, RACHEL FOX 31 Aug 1760 at Austle (St Austell?); she was the daughter of George Fox of Par, by his second wife Anne Debell (Foster) and died 3 Oct 1761. He married, secondly, RACHEL COLLIER 9 Feb 1763 in Plymouth ; she had been born in 1737 and was the daughter of Joseph Collier by his wife Dorothy Fox (Foster) (See also Allen and Dymond). John inherited substantially under his father's will, including the Lordship of the Manor of Holbeton, and would have received much of his brother Henry's portion if that line had failed. John died in 1816 (QDTI) and Rachel died in 1824. The Annual Monitor 1825 contains a brief obituary,noting that "she had been a valuable Elder for many years" and that "from William Penn's works in particular, she said she received much instruction, especially from his No cross, No crown".

Child of John Hingston and Rachel Fox is:

Children of John Hingston and Rachel Collier are:

Generation No. 8

19. RICHARD HINGSTON was born at Penryn 4 Dec 1754 (IGI), the son of 13. Andrew Hingston and Sarah Debell and died 26 Jun 1813 aged 59 (Quaker Qtr. Meeting in CFHS Index). He married ELIZABETH PEARSE 1778. She was born about 1757 (IGI-AF) and died 29 Nov 1835 aged 81 (Quaker Qtr Meeting in CFHS Index). Hambly refers to this family (in the context of being the father of 28. Richard) as being of Mevagissey, born in 1747. He refers to Elizabeth, whose surname he does not give, as being a Quaker and being a great friend of William Cookworthy the discoverer of China Clay. Both of these facts are probably true of Elizabeth Pearse, and probably also of Richard, through the connection to the Hingstons of Holbeton and Kingsbridge. (See Foster). However, the Mevagissey link is less sure; there were other Hingstons at Mevagissey later but from Tree HH.

Hambly refers to the "Pedigree of Hingston, of Hingston Down, near Liskeard where well-known battle was fought in Civil War: Arms of Hingston: a bent arm holding a battleaxe. Crest: Deer with olive leaf in mouth." The same device appears on the Allen and Dymond Pedigree. The famous battle of Hingston Down was fought in the Dark Ages; there was fighting in the Civil War in East Cornwall in 1643, but none of the famous battles is described as being at Hingston Down although there may have been a minor skirmish there. I am inclined to believe that the Hingston/Moon connection referred to by Allen and Dymond and the Hingston/??/Trevan/Hambly connection referred to by Hambly are the same and this page has been constructed on the assumption that this is so. However, original sources need to be traced to confirm all of this.

Children of Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Pearse are:

20. LAZARUS HINGSTON, the son of 14. Lazarus Hingston and Jane Blewett was born 1758 at Falmouth (IGI) and died 13 Feb 1820 aged 59 (Quaker Qtr Meeting Register - CFHS). He married MARY ANNE PAUL 7 Nov 1797, Falmouth, Cornwall (CFHS Index); she died 15 May 1831, aged 73 (Quaker - CFHS) so was born about 1758.

Child of Lazarus Hingston and Mary Anne Paul is:

21. JAMES HINGSTON, the son of 15. James Hingston and Mary Nancarrow was born at Falmouth 26 Aug 1767 at Falmouth (QDTI). By his early twenties he was establised at Bristol as a house carpenter (and from 1802 described as a cabinet maker). He married, firstly, ANNA FRY 28 Dec 1791 at the Society of Friends, Bristol. She was the daughter of Joseph Fry (1728-1787), late of Bristol and London, chocolate manufacturer and typefounder, and his wife Anna, born Portsmouth, (1732-1803). There was only one child, stillborn. He married, secondly, in 1794, MARY BEAVEN (1763?-1798), daughter of Thomas Beaven of Greinton, west of Street, and Elizabeth. There were three sons, one of whom was stillborn. He married, thirdly, on 13 Aug 1801, ANN FUTCHER (1772?-1822), daughter of Michael Futcher, late of Romsey, Hants and Hannah, at Friends Meeting House, Tottenham, London (IGI).Of the eleven children, five sons and three daughters lived to adulthood. He married, fourthly, SARAH LOVELL (1774-1829), daughter of Robert (1746-1804) of Bristol, cabinet maker and pin manufacturer, and Edith Lovell (born Bourne, 1741-1781). There were no children. He was living at Wilder Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol at the time of his death 6 Oct 1829 aged 62 years.

Allen & Dymond show James having four wives and ten children, but the marriages are not dated, nor are the children given birth dates, so it is impossible to sort out which wife was the mother of which child. In the IGI, two of the marriages are shown and twelve children - it is possible that A&D only showed the surviving children. The IGI lists show all the births taking place in Bristol, but they do not give a parish. He is listed in the Quaker Dictionary of British Quakers in Trade and Industry (QDTI) which fills in some of the gaps.

Child of James Hingston and Anna Fry is:

Chidren of James Hingston and Mary Beaven (born between 1794 and 1798) are:

Children of James Hingston and Anne Futcher (born between 1801 and 1822) are:

22. JAMES HINGSTON was born 1 Jun 1736 in Holbeton (IGI says baptised 18 Jun 1736), the son of 16. William Hingston and Amy Algar, and probably died 17 Aug 1779 at Holbeton. He married THOMASINE WYATT (sister of James Wyatt who married James H's sister Mary) 10 Nov 1762 in Modbury; she was buried 28 Dec 1778 at Holbeton.

Children of James Hingston and Thomasine Wyatt are:

23. WILLIAM HINGSTON was born 20 May 1743 in Holbeton (date from IGI), the son of 16. William Hingston and Amy Algar, and died 15 Jun 1825 in Holbeton. He married, firstly, LYDIA GRUBB 7 May 1766. He married, secondly, JANE HEAD 28 Mar 1783 at Newton Ferrers (DFHS marriage index). He married, thirdly, ANN BROOKING 3 Nov 1803 at Newton Ferrers (DFHS marriage index).

William seems to have been close to the family of his brother Andrew. He was appointed guardian to Andrew's children during their minority, both his own having died very young, and the inscription on his gravestone may have been genuinely felt. He is buried beside the grave of his second daughter, who is unusual in having a headstone. In the will of his brother he is described as 'of Calstone', at the time of the making of James Lesten's will in 1790 and his later marriages as of Newton Ferrers, but in his will as 'of Holbeton'.

M.I. at Holbeton. His exemplary attention to the wants of his fellow creatures/ Proved his benevolence towards mankind./ He when guardian was faithful to his trust,/ And the fatherless have frequently experienced/ His attention to their wants,/ Which fully demonstrate the benevolence of his heart.

Children of William Hingston and Lydia Grubb are:

24. ANDREW HINGSTON was born 29 Oct 1744 in Holbeton, baptised 20 Nov 1744 at Holbeton (IGI) the son of 16. William Hingston and Amy Algar, and died 25 May 1802 in Holbeton. He married HONOUR (MARY) BALSOM 20 Jun 1772 in Newton Ferrers.

Andrew's will shows him living at Adston, Holbeton. But he leaves the Skinner Estate, Bridgend, Holbeton to his wife. A copy of the will is available.

M.I. at Holbeton. "Here rests ye Sacred dust of one whose name/ Was by virtues honoured & well known,/ A father whose whole life was one of great aim/ To make his Children's virtues like his own./ Father, Farewell, in peaceful slumber rest/ Secure of thy reward among ye blest./ Thy greatest treasure in thy life we see/ And rich and blest are they that follow thee."

Children of Andrew Hingston and Honour Balsom are:

25. JAMES HINGSTON was born 14 Oct 1760 in Holbeton, the son of 17. James Hingston and Sarah Browne. He married PATIENCE COMMINS 10 Mar 1784 at Holbeton? (IGI - not in DFHS Index).

Children of James Hingston and Patience Commins are:

26. HENRY HINGSTON was born 2 Dec 1762 in Holbeton, the son of 17. James Hingston and Sarah Browne. He married MARY KING 9 Jun 1791 at Holbeton (DFHS marriage index).

Children of Henry Hingston and Mary King. Modbury records, which I have seen but not fully noted, show three children Catherine Sarah, Henry and Mary being brought for christening on the same day, 15 May 1798. These are also noted in the IGI. This all needs checking with the original records. According to Allen and Dymond the children are:

27. JOSEPH HINGSTON was born 15 Jun 1764 in Kingsbridge, the son of 18. John Hingston and Rachel Collier, and died 30 Apr 1835 in Plymouth. He married, firstly, SARAH BALL 22 Nov 1785 in Bridgewater, Somerset; she was born in 1764 the daughter of Joseph Ball of Bridgewater, tobacco merchant, and his wife Susannah (nee Reynolds), and died in 1790. He married, secondly, his distant cousin CATHERINE PHILLIPS TREGELLES 17 Sep 1796 in Plymouth (IGI); she was born in 1774, the daughter of Joseph Tregelles and his wife Sarah Hingston (who was in turn the daughter of 11. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Steel). (Foster) His death was reported in the Western Times, Sat 9 May 1835 "On Thursday, at his house, Princes Square, Joseph Hingston Esq, aged 71, one of the Society of Friends, a Director of the Joint Stock Bank in Plymouth". He was variously described as a Timber Merchant and Banker. He has an entry in the Quaker Directory of Britsh Quakers in Trade and Industry where he is described as a merchant of Kingsbridge. Of the nine children (presumably of the second marriage), two sons and five daughters survived to adulthood.

Children of Joseph Hingston and Sarah Ball are:

Children of Joseph Hingston and Catherine Tregelles are:

Generation No. 9

28. RICHARD HINGSTON (979 in WEH) was baptised at Penryn in 1779 (IGI), the son of 19. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Pearse. He married ANN MOON 20 Sep 1810 at Liskeard by Licence (COPC); he was described as a surgeon, she was described simply as being "of this parish". Dan Hender has identified her as having been baptised 24 Oct 1781 at Liskeard, the daughter of Edward Moon and Jenny Morshead. Ann is listed in her mother's will as wife of Richad Hingston. Trevan refers to Richard as a Surgeon of Liskeard. Richard died 13 Jul 1860 (IGI-AF). The CFHS index of the 1851 census shows the family at Liskeard Borough; Richard age 71 born Devonport; wife Ann, age 70, born at Liskeard; sons Andrew age 29 and Richard age 26, both unmarried born at Liskeard.

Children of Richard Hingston and Ann Moon are:

29. ANDREW HINGSTON was born at Penryn in 1782 (IGI), the son of 19. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Pearse. He married, firstly, HANNAH HOLLAND on 29 May 1819 in Chaddesden, Derbyshire (by Licence); she had been christened 18 Apr 1788 in Chaddesden, daughter of Richard Holland and Ellen Bailey. Hannah must have died since he married, secondly, on 23 Jun 1822, also by Licence, her sister ELIZABETH HOLLAND, who had been christened 28 May 1790 in Chaddesden. Both marriages are recorded in the IGI but Hingston is spelt Kingston.

Allen & Dymond show Andrew having two wives and two children. No dates are given so it is not clear which woman is the mother of which child.

Much of the information about this family and their descendants comes from Edward Perry <eddie.par21@btopenworld.com> and Michael F. Palmer <mfp925@outlook.com> to whom I am grateful. This page is a combination of their information.

In the London Gazette 1 Jan 1814 there is a notice that the partnership subsisting between Richard Phillips and Andrew Hingston of the Poultry London, Druggists, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. Andrew seems to have moved to Cheltenham in about 1818 where he was a chemist or druggist. According to The Times newspaper [1819] he dissolved his partnership [as a Druggist] with a J.Curtis. In 1838 he was made bankrupt. Amongst his papers (held in Gloucester Record Office D2025 Box132) there is a copy of a will of his uncle Andrew Hingston 1758 - 1820 (son of 13. Andrew Hingston). The estate was divided between his wife Ann Hingston (nee Westcombe) and his nieces and nephews but leaving a greater share to his nephew Andrew (£500). Also amongst his papers was a Marriage Settlement with Elizabeth Holland thus giving the link to Chaddesden, Derbyshire and his first marriage to Hannah Holland. According to the Gloucestershire Census (1841 to 1871) he lived at 1 Zirah Terrace, Charlton Kings until his death in 1869. It seems that after his bankruptcy he continued as a Chemist and Druggist (according to the 1841 census and the 1844 Pigot's directory, but the 1856 Post Office Directory described him also as Post Master)

Pigot's Directory for Cheltenham, 1830, shows Andrew Hingston, Chymist and Druggist, 98 High St.

The children of Andrew and Elizabeth were:

79. THOMAS HINGSTON, born 9 May 1802 at Bristol (IGI), the eldest son of 21. James and Anne Hingston, married MARY RING, daughter of Robert and Hannah Ring of Bedminster Bristol, at the Parish Church (Sep Qtr 1839). On the 20th September 1842 Thomas Hingston died at his residence 10 Park Street, Bristol, aged 40 years. On 27 July 1897 at Te Puke, N.Z., Mary, widow of Thomas Hingston of Bristol, died aged 81 years.

Children of Thomas Hingston and Mary were:

30. JAMES HINGSTON was born 3 Apr 1773 in Holbeton, the son of 22. James Hingston and Thomasine Wyatt. He married ELIZABETH TREE 28 Jul 1800 at Sowton, near Exeter, Devon (IGI). (In 1805 the IGI shows an Elizabeth Hingston marrying a George Manning at Sowton on 5 Nov - was she a widow? Perhaps James died?). See comments about marriages east of Exeter under Andrew son of 13. Andrew.

Child of James Hingston and Elizabeth Tree is:

31. ANDREW HINGSTON was born Sep 1776 in Holbeton, the son of 24. Andrew Hingston and Honour Balsom, and died 22 Feb 1855 in Aveton Gifford. He married SARAH ROBINS (born about 1775 in Diptford) on 3 Aug 1803 at Diptford (DFHS Index). Andrrew was a landed proprietor.

There used to be a web page maintained by one of Andrew Hngstons descendants, but that page is no longer available. The following information is taken from the Wayback version of that page. Andrew inherited substantially from his father, but the course of his life remains unclear. At his father's death he inherited his house at Adston, Holbeton, and any land apart from a bequest to his mother. With it came financial responsibility for his siblings. His own children were all registered at Holbeton. But at some stage, possibly 1818 or earlier, he seems to have moved to Newton Ferrers, and thence to a farm at Ashford, Aveton Gifford. Under his uncle William's will he was residuary legatee but after allowance for the other bequests and annuities there seems to have been nothing left for him. He sold land at Holbeton in 1830 valued at nearly £3000 (source, lawyer's accounts), some of which probably came from his uncle, and it is clear from a 1831 will that he owned the farm at Ashford and other land at Bigbury in addition to a large amount of money. But he seems to have lent substantially to a Mr Robins, presumably a brother-in-law, who went bankrupt. A will made in 1832 suggests that much of the money may have gone in buying a half share in a pilchard fishery. The final will, made only two years later, made no mention of that nor did it dispose of any large sum of money or other possessions; broadly the split was between the Bigbury farm for his son and the Ashford farm for his (unmarried) daughters. This remained in the family's possession, indeed the Ashford farm was eventually sold by his grandson Henry in 1891, but on Andrew's death in 1855 the estate was valued for tax purposes at less than £100 before payment of debts. It is quite probable that Andrew was not successful in his financial affairs, and certainly his possessions seem modest in the light of his two inheritances, but it is dangerous to suppose that he died almost broke. One obvious explanation, given the existance of estate duty, is that it might have been possible to avoid it by gifting the property during his lifetime; if so that would explain why the Ashford farm remained in the ownership of his daughters without their needing to declare its value at his death.

In the 1851 census the family were living at Ashford in Aveton Gifford. Andrew was described as a Landed Proprietor, born at Holbeton; Sarah was aged 76, born at Diptford; daughter Ann was living with them but Sarah was living with (and presumably housekeeping for) her elderly uncle, Richard Robins, at Pinheys Farm, South Pool.

Children of Andrew Hingston and Sarah Robins are:

32. HENRY HINGSTON was baptised 2 Apr 1780 in Holbeton, the son of 24. Andrew Hingston and Honour Balsom. He married ELIZABETH STAPPERS 16 Nov 1816 in Stoke Damerel, by License (DFHS marriage index). He was described as a Quarterman in the Dockyard. She died 12 May 1857 and Henry seems to have died in 1861. Probate on both their wills was granted to Nicholas HUTCHENS executor of 1 Boons Place on 20 Jun 1861.

Child of Henry Hingston and Elizabeth Stappers is:

33. JAMES HINGSTON was baptised 27 Jun 1789 in Holbeton, the son of 24. Andrew Hingston and Honour Balsom, and died 18 Jul 1849 in Maitland Farm, Longford, Tasmania. One description of his birthplace says "Herodsfoot, Devon", but Herodsfoot is a small town near Liskeard in Cornwall. The source is apparently a book "Hagley" by E.G.Scott. This may refer to a different James Hingston, since we know that there were Hingstons in the Liskeard area at about this time. James married ELIZABETH THOMAS (of Newton Ferrers) on 15 Oct 1818 in Holbeton. She was the daughter of Jonathan (who later emigrated with his wife and 2 sons to Australia). Elizabeth had died by 1841, and James emigrated with his family (with the exception of his son Andrew who remained in England), first to Roadwright's sheep station on the Baewon River in Victoria, Australia, but finding conditions hard they moved on to Launceston in Tasmania, where the family settled and flourished. A newspaper report of 1942 celebrates 100 years in Tasmania. A letter from his son John to James' niece Sarah provides an interesting insight into early settler life in Tasmania. A lot of the information regarding the children of William, John and Robert has been supplied by Karen Hughes who has a site dedicated to Tasmanian genealogy. Karen's work has been updated by Cathy Stevenson and the Tasmanian descendants of James and Elizabeth, described below, reflect that work..

Children of James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas are:

34. JOSEPH HINGSTON was born 5 May 1788 at Dodbrooke,Kingsbridge (QDTI), the son of 27. Joseph Hingston and Sarah Ball, and died 6 Feb 1852. His memorial stone is in the churchyard at the back of the Catholic Church in Kingsbridge, which was formerly the Quaker Meeting House in Kingsbridge. He married ELIZABETH TALWYN KENWAY 8 Sep 1825 in Kingsbridge (Quaker - DFHS marriage index). He was described as 'junior' and a Merchant, of Dodbrooke House and was an elder of the Kingsbridge Meeting. Foster says that Elizabeth was the daughter of James Kenway of Bridport and that she died on 17 Mar 1869 at St Leonards, Exeter; she was born about 1791. (According to Judith Taylor, who is researching the Kenway family, and would like to hear from anyone with information about that family, Elizabeth's Quaker birth record, from the Dorset & Hants QM, shows that she was born on the 8th Feb 1792, the daughter of James Kenway and Ann; James was described as a hardwareman). In the 1851 census Joseph (described as a timber and coal merchant), Elizabeth and Josephine are described as visitors at the house of Carteret G. Ellis at the Esplanade, Plymouth St. Andrew. She died in 1869In the LDS transcription the name is spelt Kingston, but this is believed to be a mis-reading of the microfilm. They are also described as all being born in Exeter, which is incorrect. He has a brief entry in the QDTI but it does not give much detail.

Children of Joseph Hingston and Elizabeth Kenway are:

35. CHARLES HINGSTON was born 27 Apr 1805 in Dodbrooke, the son of 27. Joseph Hingston and Catherine Tregelles. He married, firstly, 8 Mar 1830 in Kendal?, MARY BRAITHWAITE, the daughter of George Braithwaite of Kendal. He married, secondly, in 1837, LOUISA JANE PARKER, daughter of Sir William George Parker, Bart.; she was born about 1815 at Cricklade in Wiltshire (according to the 1851 census). In the 1851 census the family were living at Sussex Terrace, Plymouth St. Andrew. Charles was described as a Physician M.D until he retired on health grounds in 1866. All the children are living with them except the youngest, Sophie, who presumably had not yet been born; the children were all born at Plymouth. Charles died in 1872 and is buried at Ford Park Cemetery in Plymouth.

Genista Spencer (a descendant) <Twojays666@aol.com> writes:- Charles belonged to the Society of Friends, and Louisa to the Plymouth Brethren, so there were many restriction in dress and in their behaviour in their household. The theatre and music were prohibited as "worldly", no alcoholic drinks were permitted in the house, and all extravagances in dress were discouraged. But Louisa was a very lively person, even when she was over 70. Her speech was vigorous and direct and she did not suffer fools gladly. Children always felt that they were included in fools and were in awe of her. It was incredible to them that once, when newly married, she had in a moment of exasperation thrown a hot potato at her husband across the table.

In a picture of Charles Hingston and Louisa Parker, Louisa is seated holding a book in her hands that are hidden under a plaid shawl across her knees. She has the thin features and longish Parker nose, her hair is straight, parted in the middle and drawn forward to hang in side ringlets of exaggerated length. She is dignified and impressive. A family history relates three pieces on information about Charles. He saw Napoleon when he called in at Plymouth on his way to Elba; he might have made his fortune with a medicine for cholera during an epidemic (but he didn't); he died from over-work and under-nourishment.

Some of his descendants were given Allison as 2nd or 3rd names after Charles' friend Sir Archibald Alison, author of the History of Europe.

Children of Charles Hingston and Mary Braithwaite are:

Children of Charles Hingston and Louisa Parker are: 36. ALFRED HINGSTON (21 in WEH) was born 2 Apr 1806 in Dodbrooke, the son of 27. Joseph Hingston and Catherine Tregelles. He married MARY NOTTAGE 1831, daughter of James Barton Nottage and Jane Alston of Lancaster; she was born in Lancaster in about 1808 according to the 1851 census. James Nottage was one of Lancaster's last W Indies merchants in partnership with George Burrow and they had particular interests in the Virgin Islands. Despite the Quaker dislike of slavery some were involved in the Slave Trade but James was disowned by the Lancashire Quakers in 1803, perhaps because of his involvement in the trade. Alfred worked at the General Bank in 1824 and later at the Devon and Cornwall Bank where he eventually became the Manager. Alfred is buried in Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

The children of Alfred and Mary are derived from several sources. Allen & Dymond list 15 children, some of whom are probably born after the 1851 census which shows some of the children. Some are mentioned in the IGI but the dates are suspect.

In the 1851 census the family were living at Lockyer St., Plymouth St. Andrew. The elder Alfred is described as a Banker. Alfred (junior) is described as an undergraduate. The census list of children in Alfred (19), Jane (18), Mary (16), Joseph (15), Esther (12), George (11), Emma (10), Rosette (5) and Augustus (1). The youngest four children listed by Allen and Dymond are absent, presumably because they had not yet been born, but notably absent was Frederick Collier whose birth is given in the IGI and who is mentioned in A&D. If the IGI birth date of 1835 is correct, he would have been about 16 at the time of the census and he does not appear anywhere in Devon. Also living with them in 1851 was a visitor, Jane Nottage, age 62 and a widow, from Lancaster, presumably a relative (mother?) of Mary.

Foster lists only 10 children, leaving out Francis, Lucy, Caroline and Adelaide.

Children of Alfred Hingston and Mary Nottage are:

Generation No. 10

66. ANDREW HINGSTON (984 in WEH) was born 1821 (IGI) at Liskeard, the son of 28. Richard Hingston and Ann Moon and died 21 Oct 1897. He was a doctor. The IGI-AF records his wife as MARIANNE DINGLEY; born 14 Apr 1825 at Sherborne, Dorset, the daughter of William Dingley and Grace Pearse; she died 9 Sep 1897 at Liskeard (M.I. in Liskeard cemetery says age 72 and spells her name as Marianne). Andrew and Marianne married in July 1854 and had 5 children, all born at Liskeard (IGI-AF). Hambly quotes only Richard. In the 1851 census Andrew was living with his parents at Liskeard, but in the 1871 census (CFHS index) he was shown with his wife Mary A, age 45, born Sherborne; da. Anne E, age 14; da. Mary A. P., age 10. There is no sign of Richard in the 1871 census. The census dates do not match the IGI-AF dates which are given below, so there is still work to do on this family.

The children of Andrew Hingston and Marianne Dingley are:-

67. RICHARD HINGSTON (985 in WEH) born at Liskeard in 6 Jan 1825 (WEH), the son of 28. Richard Hingston and Ann Moon. He trained as both a doctor and a solicitor. In the 1851 census he was described as 26 and unmarried, living with his parents - that would put his birth at 1825. On 8 Nov 1860, aged 35, when he was described as a solicitor, he married ELIZABETH MARY ROSEWALL, of Talland, age 25, daughter of (Dr?) Thomas Rosewall, gentleman. The marriage however was not happy - family legend has it that she had a terrible temper and he could not stand it. In 1871 he was shown as 44, living at Liskeard; he was shown as married but from the index he did not appear to be living with any other Hingstons - the only Julia Hingston in the 1871 census was living with her grandparents, age 9 at St Ives - also there were Elizabeth M Hingston, age 36, married; Edward Hingston age 5 months; George B Hingston age 3 and Richard Hingston age 7. Elizabeth was shown as born at St Ives, the children all born at Liskeard. Elizabeth Bryant <Elizabeth.Bryant@btopenworld.com> and Michael Turner Cain <mgtcain@yahoo.co.uk> who are both descended from this family have supplied information about the children. However they must have got together again if he is the father of the youngest child, born in 1874. Some time in the late 1870s Richard decided to go to Japan while Elizabeth decided to take the children to Jersey on the advice of her brother that taxes were lower there and her money would go further. (In an earlier version of this page it was stated that Richard also lived in Jersey but there seems to be no evidence for this.) In the 1881 census at 15 Clarendon Road, St Helier, Jersey, Elizabeth (an Annuitant) was head of household, living with her five children, but not her husband. She was, however, described as married, not widowed. Two of the children attended Bedford School for a short time (George from 1885-86, Edward from 1886-87). Richard died in Tokyo in 1902, having been visited there by his two sons George and Edward (much against the wishes of their mother) who were both serving as Royal Engineer officers in India. They reported that he was happy and was well liked by his patients (so he was presumably practising as a doctor). Elizabeth lived for the rest of her life in St Helier; first at 15 Clarendon Road, St Helier and subsequently 2 Belle Vue Villas, Kings Cliff, St Helier until her death on 11 Feb 1931 aged 96.

The children of Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Rosewall were:-

83. ANDREW HOLLAND HINGSTON was born abt 1825 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the son of 29. Andrew Hingston and Elizabeth Holland.; died 28 Jul 1899 in St George's Square, Regents Park, London, England. He married firstly in 1861 in Liverpool, ELIZA RICHARDSON DAVIES, who had been born abt 1835 in Liverpool; she died in 1861 in Liverpool, probably during childbirth. He married, secondly in 1864 in Cheltenham, Glos. AUGUSTA SOPHIA KNIGHT, who had been born 14 Mar 1840 in Cheltenham, Glos., the daughter of William Hill Knight (a well known Architect) and Matilda Hastings.

Andrew did an apprenticeship [1841] with a Daniel Pascoe, a chemist of High Street Cheltenham. In 1851, he was living at the home of Francis Christian [Chemists] of New Street Birmingham; his occupation was given as Chemist's Assistant. He later moved to Liverpool. The 1861 census states that Andrew's occupation was Chemist & Druggis, living at 58 Bold St., Liverpool with with Eliza but no children; in 1871 he was at Flakner St, Liverpool, with wife August S and children Ada w age 6; Martha A age 4 aaand Alfred H H age 1.

By August 1875 he had moved to London and bankrupcy proceedings were started against him. These proceedings took rather a long time as in April 1879 his father in law William Hill Knight took over the post ot Trustee. For some reason [possibly because he was bankrupt] he sent two of his daughters back to Cheltenham, Ada being brought up by his father in law William Hill Knight and Elizabeth being brought up by his sister Martha Hingston. I think there must have been some problem between him and William Hill Knight as in the will of William Hill Knight the only grand children mentioned were Ada Hingston and Augusta Emily Knight (his son's daughter). By 1881 Andrew Holland Hingston had moved to London and ran a Boarding House in Paddington. It must have been profitable as by 1891 he ran two boarding houses in Kensington (his wife and son Alfred ran them; he was described as a Retired Chemist.

Andrew's death certificate states that he was a Master Pharmaceutical Chemist.

The child Andrew and Eliza was:

The children of Andrew and Augusta were: 80. THOMAS HINGSTON was born 15 Mar 1843 (after his father's death). the son of 79. Thomas Hingston and Mary Ring. He attended Sidcot School (a Quaker school) 1852-1858. On 4 Sep 1873 he married ANNA MARY CATCHPOLE, daughter of Joseph Catchpole and Eliza Bale at the Friends Meeting House, Peckham. (HMK says she was Anna Maria Bale). The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1882 (or 1881?), arriving on the barquentine "Oxford". On 30 March 1891 Thomas was drowned while bathing at Maketu N.Z. aged 48 years. Anna Mary Hingston, widow of Thomas Hingston, died at Te Puke on the 29th January, 1935 aged 92 years.

The children of Thomas Hingston and Anna Catchpole are:

37. ANDREW HINGSTON was born 24 Sep 1809 in Holbeton, the son of 31. Andrew Hingston and Sarah Robins, baptised 4 Nov 1809, and died 17 Apr 1855 in Bigbury. He married MARY ANN TREEBY 13 May 1833 in East Stonehouse (DFHS marriage index), daughter of Richard Treeby and Susanna (Richard's mother was HONOR HINGSTON, who married his father William Treby at Aveton Gifford on 16 May 1766 - I don't know how she fits into the Hingston lines). Mary Ann was baptised in Aveton Gifford 19 Jul 1809 but at the time of the wedding both were described as being of the parish of East Stonehouse. East Stonehouse had many lodging houses where not too many questions would be asked - did Andrew and Mary Ann slip away quietly to get married? In the 1851 census the family were living and farming at Baileys, a farm in Bigbury parish but only about a mile from his father at Ashford. All the children were living with them except Honor who was at Ashford with her grandparents.

The family seems to have been fairly prosperous but things seem to have gone wrong for them in the early 1850s, when three generations of Andrews died, the son, the father and the grandfather. The daughters married three Coleman brothers and Henry went off on his travels. The farms were not immediately sold but were let to tenants. In the 1861 census, Mary Ann was living with her sister Eliza DINGLE (nee TREEBY) and her husband at Smithson's House, Baileys, Bigbury.

Children of Andrew Hingston and Mary Treeby are:

70. ANDREW THOMAS HINGSTON was baptised 8 Feb 1820 in Newton Ferrers, the son of 33. James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas, and died in 1863 (Mar Qtr - Liskeard District) and is buried at Pensilva. He did not go to Tasmania with the rest of his family, but married 7 Oct 1846 at St Pinnock ELIZABETH BROWN, who was born 1822 in St. Pinnock, Cornwall. Andrew full age, of Gelly, farmer, sign, father James, farmer; Elizabeth full age, of Boturnal, sign, father William, farmer. In the 1851 census they were living at Liskeard but by the 1871 census Andrew had died and Elizabeth was living at St. Cleer. In the 1881 census she was described as an Annuitant, living at Winsor Castle, St Cleer, Cornwall. She is probably the Elizabeth Hingston aged 74 who died at Liskeard in the Dec Qtr 1896 (FreeBMD). Information about this family from the 1871 census, Wynne McLaughlin and June & Brian Hingston in Canada.

Children of Andrew Hingston and Elizabeth are:

38. HENRY THOMAS HINGSTON was baptised 17 Jan 1821 in Newton Ferrers, the son of 33. James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas. He died 28 Aug 1904, in Tasmania and was buried at the Uniting Church Cemetery in Hagley. He married ANN SARAH MARIA BANNISTER (RW) in Launceston, Tasmania. She was born about 1817; she died 24 Dec 1898 and was also buried in Hagley. The names of the three eldest boys are from a letter from his brother John to their cousin Sarah at Ashford in Devon; the others are from TWH.

Children of Henry Hingston and Ann Bannister is:

47. WILLIAM THOMAS HINGSTON was the son of 33. James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas. He was born in Newton Ferrers and was baptised there on 5 Jun 1822. He emigrated with his father, sister and most of his brothers to Longford, Tasmania in 1842. He married, 9 Jul 1847, REBECCA FRENCH, who was born 21 Sep 1831 in Launceston, Tasmania, the daughter of Francis French and Mary Oliver; she died 14 Jun 1879, Ulverstone, Tasmania. William died 3 Nov 1881, also in Ulverstone.

The children of William Hingston and Rebecca French are:-

48. JOHN BALSOM THOMAS HINGSTON was baptised 28 Dec 1827 at Newton Ferrers, Devon, the son of 33. James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas. He emigrated to Tasmania in 1842 with his sister and most of his brothers. He married, 8 Apr 1852, in the Wesley Methodist Church, Longford, Tasmania, MARY ANN WALTERS (born 27 May 1831, Tasmania, the daughter of Benjamin Walters and Eliza Ann Wise; she died 12 Sep 1895, Beaconsfield, Tasmania). John died 1 Jun 1898, also in Beaconsfield. The order of the christian names here is as he was listed in the records in Devon (which is the natural order given that Thomas was his mother's maiden name, and Balsom was his paternal grandmother's maiden name), but it seems that in Tasmania he used the name John Thomas Balsom Hingston.

The children of John Balsom Thomas Hingston and Mary Ann Walters are:-

49. ROBERT THOMAS HINGSTON was born in Devon about 1830, (but we do not know where he was baptised) the son of 33. James Hingston and Elizabeth Thomas. He married 18 May 1859, in the Wesleyan Church Longford, Tasmania, ELIZABETH DALTON WALTERS (born 4 Jul 1837 in Longford, the daughter of Benjamin Walters and Eliza Ann Wise, died 5 Mar 1898 at Westbury, Tasmania). Robert died 10 Sep 1897, also in Westbury.

The children of Robert John Hingston and Elizabeth Dalton Walters are:-

65. ERNEST ALLISON HINGSTON was born About 1845 at Plymouth, the son of 35. Charles Hingston and Louisa Parker. He married, in Clevedon on 4 Feb 1869, MARY ELLEN DAVIS, (born Tickenham, Somerset, 1846, the daughter of Theodore Davis. She died in Rome on 6 June 1895 after catching typhoid while on a grand tour, and was buried there in the non-Catholic cemetery where her grave is in excellent condition (see www.dkinst-rom.dk/protcem/work/pcEN.html, stone No.973) . Genista Spencer has supplied information about this family and their descendants and further details have been provided by Jill Cucco (née Whitelaw) <vjcucco@gmail.com>. In the 1881 census the family were living at Birdcombe Court, Wraxall, Somerset; Ernest was described as a Chemical Manufacturer; the business eventually became part of Fison's. In the transcription of the census the family is listed as Kingston, which is a common error.

The children of Ernest Allison Hingston and Mary Ellen Davis are:-

40. JOSEPH TREGELLES HINGSTON was born 8 May 1835, the son of 36. Alfred Hingston and Mary Nottage and baptised 3 Aug 1836 at St Andrew's, Plymouth, when his father was described as a Gentleman, living at Lockyer Street. The baptism at St Andrews implies that his father was no longer a Quaker.

According to his obituary in the British Journal of Psychiatry, Apr 1917, p 312, "Joseph Tregelles Hingston, M.R.C.S.Eng, L.S.A., ... obtained his Medical Diploma in 1856 and almost immediately adopted Lunacy as his special subject, leaving the Middlesex Hospital to become Assistant Medical Officer at the North Riding Asylum, York. In 1862 he went to St. Andrew's Northampton, as Assistant, and from there in 1868 he was appointed Medical Superintendent of the Isle of Man Asylum, to remain only a couple of years before he returned to the North Riding as Chief, which office he fulfilled for thirty-five years, retiring in 1905 on the completion of forty-nine years Asylum Service."

He married EMILY SMITH in Macclesfield in Dec Qtr 1868 (FreeBMD) although she was described as being from Southport (Foster).

The obituary continues:- "He was a member of the Medico-Psychological Association since 1871, and many will recall with pleasure the General and Divisional meetings held at his Asylum. Hingston throughout his lifetime endeared himself to all with whom he came in contact, by his innate old-world courtesy and his sympathetic nature. He was a fine type of of the kindly, good-hearted gentleman whose thoughtfulness and consideration for others went far to alleviate their sufferings and trials. He recognised the value of personality and moral influence in the treatment of the insane, and strongly advocated the importance of the hopeful word, cheerful suroundings, interesting employments, and amusements as a help to his patients to put aside the toil of disease and to climb the difficult and tedious path of recovery which leads to reason. Hingston was of a retiring but cheerful disposition, and few outside his intimate friends had an opportunity of appreciating his wonderful charm of manner and keen sense of humour."

"On his retirement he went to reside at Leamington. For some time previous to his death he lived with his daughter and son-in-law at Acocks Green Vicarage, Birmingham. During the last few months he was subject to severe attacks of angina, but as ever, his thoughts were not centred on his own suffering; his fear was that he might be a trouble to those around him. He died on 18 Feb 1917."

Emily probably died at Warwick (Leamington) in Dec Qtr 1915 aged 71; Joseph died at Birmingham in 1917, aged 81. Some of the information for this family come from a tree commissioned by John Tregelles Hingston (JTH), father of Nick Hingston, and grandson of 92. Herbert Tregelles Hingston.

The children of Joseph Hingston and Emily are:

It is possible that Joseph formed an earlier relationship with a SUSAN HOLMES by whom he may have had two children. This family has been researched by a professional genealogist working for Amelia Young who is Susan's great-granddaughter. The situation is confusing because the children used different surnames. Susan later adopted the surname Bourne and described herself as a widow, possibly to avoid any questions about the children's parentage. The elder child seems to have been given the surname Hingston and to have been given one of Joseph's family names. The second child was born about 6 months after Joseph's marriage to Emily, so would have been conceived before the wedding, and was given the surname Bourne at his registration with the mother's maiden name given as Holmes.

Susan was born in Boston, Lincolnshire on 24 Jul 1837, the daughter of Thomas Holmes and his wife Harriet (nee Cole). She was with her parents in Boston in 1841 and in the nearby village of Friskney in 1851, but by the time of the 1861 census she was working as an assistant at the North Riding Asylum in York where Joseph was the Assistant Medical Officer. He was two years older than her. We next hear of her in Sep 1866 when she had a son at Kentish Town in London who was named TOM TREGELLES HOLMES. By this time, Joseph was in Northampton, so if he was the father it implies that Susan must have moved with him. It is possible that she moved to London to have the baby, away from people in Northampton who would have known them both. On 7 May 1869, now in Leeds, she gave birth to another son, FRANK BOURNE; the father was supposedly Frederick Bourne, a Commercial Traveller. In the 1871 census for 34 Myrtle St. Leeds she described herself as a widow called Susan Bourne with two sons Tregellis L Bourne and Frank Bourne. By the 1881 census Susan Bourne was at Armenia St, Leeds with the younger boy as Frank Bourne, but her eldest child was named TREGELLIS N HINGSTON. This is why it is believed that there is a strong possibility that Joseph was the father of (at least) the elder child. By the 1891 census, still in Leeds, Susan was living with the elder son, now called Tom Bourne; Frank had by this time joined the army.

There is no evidence of a marriage between Susan and a Frederick (or Frank) Bourne, nor of a death that could have left her a widow, and no evidence of the existence of a Tregelles Holmes. It is possible of course that a Frank Bourne was the father of her younger son but that they were never married; it would be interesting to see if there was a Commercial Traveller called Frank Bourne in the 1871 census. It is possible that Susan maintained her relationship with Joseph, but this would require her to have moved to the Isle of Man, for which there is (as yet) no evidence.

Susan Gertrude Bourne died in Leeds in Sep 1897.

What follows is written on the assumption that Joseph had a relationship with Susan that ended when he married. The use of the name Tregellis and Hingston for the elder son is sufficient reason to include him here. The case for Frank also being Joseph's son is less strong; it would imply that Joseph continued his relationship with Susan until he got married. Frank is included here in case further evidence comes to light.

The children of Susan Holmes, possibly by Joseph Tregelles Hingston, are believed to be:-

41. GEORGE WILFRED HINGSTON was born About 1840 but does not appear in FreeBMD, the son of 36. Alfred Hingston and Mary Nottage. He married his first cousin CLARA GERTRUDE HINGSTON About 1869, daughter of 35. Charles Hingston and Louisa Parker. (This is probably the George Hingston, whose brief obituary is given in Who was Who, died 7 Dec 1925, Collector of Customs, Glasgow; lived at Delgany House, Crown Hill, Plymouth (Delgany House is shown on the 1888 6"map series at 50.4195, -4.1215). In the 1881 census the family were living at West Allington, Dorset, where George was a Collector of HM Customs. He was described as being born in Plymouth, Devon

Children of George Hingston and Clara Hingston are:

94. AUGUSTUS HINGSTON, born Sep. Q 1849 (FreeBMD) at Plymouth, the son of 36. Alfred Hingston and Mary Nottage. He married LUCY ANNE OLDREIVE at Berry Pomeroy 8 Sep 1875. She was the only daughter of Mr L.J. Oldreive of Bridgetown, which is across the river from Totnes but in Berry Pomeroy parish. He was Mayor and Magistrate of Totnes but I have no knowledge about his profession. He died at Beaumont, Bridgetown,Totnes on 22 Oct 1917 aged 68 (FreeBMD and Western Times). Lucy died in Mar 1922, aged 79.

The children of Augustus Hingston and Lucy Anne Oldreive are:-

Generation No. 11

68. RICHARD HINGSTON (989 in WEH) the son of 66. Andrew Hingston and Marianne Dingley was baptised at Liskeard 12 Jan 1860. He married SARAH ELIZABETH SMITH in the 1st Qtr 1892 in St Austell. He was a doctor and succeeded to the practice built up by his father and grandfather. (Most details from Hambly with extra information from Emma Milliken <emmiliken@aol.com>). The IGI-AF says he died 23 Nov 1930.

The children of Richard Hingston and Sarah Elizabeth Smith are:-

82. GEORGE BENNETT HINGSTON (993 in WEH) was baptised 17 Mar 1868 at Liskeard, the son of 67. Richard Hingston and Elizabeth Rosewall. He attended Bedford School 1885-6. He then went to the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich before serving in India as an Engineer Officer. In 1897-98 he served on the NW Frontier India (Tochi Valley Expedition). The Times of India Oct 1897 reported ‘On 12 October a small reconnaissance party of cavalry accompanying Major Digby RE and some engineer officers who were reconnoitring the road for next day’s march were fired on from both sides of a steep mullah; Lieutenant Hingston RE was slightly wounded and his horse killed.’ He must have visited Ireland in 1905 or 6 because on 1 Nov he was married in the Parish Church Newcastle Co Wicklow, Ireland to Mrs KATHLEEN GERTRUDE SLATER, (nee JONES), the widow of a fellow officer. It is known that he had leave in Cornwall in 1910 (he wrote his will then at The Terrace, St Ives). From 1910-14 he was Assistant Director Military Works, Simla, India and in 1911 attended the Delhi Durbar. In Oct 1914 he was posted back to UK, with his family, for active service and promoted Lieutenant-Colonel. He was then posted to the Dardanelles as Commander RE 29 Division. He was continuously in the front lines carrying out Sapper duties. On two occasions he rallied infantry to attack (most infantry officers having been killed or wounded). On the second occasion he was mortally wounded leading a charge against the Turks at Krithia on 6 Jun 1915. He was evacuated to Alexandria and died 16 Jun 1915 at Deaconess Hospital, Alexandria. He was buried at Chatby Military Cemetery on the eastern side of Alexandria (Row Q Grave 475). He had written to his wife on 11 June from hospital telling her that ‘he was wounded, but not seriously and that he was slightly paralysed’. His wife is supposed to have taken train/ship to visit him in hospital in Alexandria and to have arrived before he died, which is scarcely credible but she was certainly there by 25 June since she wrote to their eldest daughter from Hotel Regina, Alexandria saying ‘Daddy has gone to heaven … he was so badly wounded that if he had lived he would have been an invalid all his life, not able to sit up or do anything himself’. General de Lisle wrote that he felt ‘the loss of an officer whose devotion to duty and gallantry were well known to all in the Division’ and that ‘he much regretted not having had a longer acquaintance with Col. Hingston, he having only taken over command of the Division 2 days before Col. Hingston was wounded’. (Obituary) The family then stayed in the UK; his widow's address when he died was 28 Watts Avenue, Gillingham, Kent. Kathleen was killed in a traffic accident in Exeter 13 Jun 1941. (He is listed on the CWGC web site)

George and Kathleen had three children:-

84. ALFRED HARRY HOLLAND HINGSTON, born 6 May 1869 in Liverpool, the son of 83. Andrew Holland Hingston and Augusta Sophia Knight; he was christened 1 Jun 1869 in Saint Peter, Liverpool. He married EMILY SARAH RUSSELL on 20 Mar 1899 in St George's, Campden Hill, London; she had been born abt 1869, daughter of George RUSSELL.

The children of Alfred and Emily were:-

42. HENRY HINGSTON was born 19 Jan 1840 in Bigbury, the son of 37. Andrew Hingston and Ann Treeby, and died 1924 in Cheltenham. He married AGNES STEPHENSON 3 Mar 1877 in Edgbaston, daughter of Henry Stephenson and Mary Pritchatt.

Henry led a peripatetic life. He left Devon as a young man and is reputed to have gone to Tasmania. It was said by his grandson TWH that he returned to Devon to try his hand at farming, went broke as an ironmonger in the Seven Dials area of London, and was working as a clerk at Nettlefolds engineering firm in Birmingham at the time of his marriage.

Later, probably in the 1890's, he went abroad again, certainly to New Zealand and possibly elsewhere, repeatedly returning home and being "an embarrassment to his children", before returning to die in 1924. A H Crispin, who himself emigrated to the USA, believed that he had settled in California so he may also have gone there. He was always hoping to 'make his fortune'; TWH believed that he had squandered one in his youth, and the proceeds from the sale of the Ashford farm in 1891 also disappeared, presumably spent on these expeditions.

It should be noted that TWH could not get the full story, and Henry's inheritance may not have been very great. It is always accepted that the loss of his elder brother, grandfather and father within a short period in his early teens must have been traumatic, and it would have been very difficult for him to run the farms in Devon.

Children of Henry Hingston and Agnes Stephenson are:

81. ANDREW HINGSTON, baptised 15 Jun 1848 at Liskeard Bible Christians, of St. Pinnock, Cornwall, the son of 70. Andrew Thomas Hingston and Elizabeth Brown and died 1929 in Brydone, Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand (Source: BDM Microfiche, 3107.). He married ANNIE POMEROY 15 Oct 1878 in Registrar Office, Liskeard, Cornwall. She was baptised 10 Jan 1855 at St Pinnock Church (Liskeard?) and celebrated her birthday on 10 Jan (info from Virginia Graham <virginia_graham@xtra.co.nz >); she died 1921 in NZ (Source: BDM Microfiche, 1793.). They emigrated to New Zealand, arriving in Bluff SLD 26 Feb 1879 on the "Western Monarch" with his wife Annie. (Hokonui is in Southland, about 20 miles north of Invercargill) (All information about this family from Wynne McLaughlin)

Children of Andrew Hingston and Annie Pomeroy are:

89. WILLIAM HENRY HINGSTON, born Sep Qtr 1856, the son of 70. Andrew Thomas Hingston and Elizabeth Brown, at St Cleer, Liskeard, Cornwall. In 1901 St Ives, Cornwall, Farmer. He married REBECCA FURSMAN who had been born 1851 at Broadwoodwidger in Devon, where both William and Rebecca are buried. The family were living at Brightor, Landrake at the time of the death of their eldest children. The family were described as very religiously devote people with son John carrying on the faith in Canada.

The children of William Hingston and Rebecca Fursman are:-

62. ANDREW HENRY HINGSTON was born 27 May 1847 in Longford, Tasmania, the son of 38. Henry Thomas Hingston and Ann Bannister and died 15 Jan 1924 in Hagley. He married, 6 May 1868, in Westbury, Tasmania, MARGARET DOBSON, born 25 Dec 1843 in Launceston, Tasmania, the daughter of William Dobson and Ann Richardson. She died 9 Jul 1900 in Hagley, Tasmania.

The children of Andrew Henry Hingston and Margaret Dobson are:-

59. FREDERICK HINGSTON was born in Tasmania in 1850, the son of 38. Henry Thomas Hingston and Ann Bannister, and died 9 Dec1894. He married SARAH PEARN (TWH) on 5 Jun 1873 at Westbury, Tasmania; she had been born in 1850 and died 21 May 1927. They are both buried at Hagley.

The children of Frederick Hingston and Sarah Pearn are:-

60. HENRY THOMAS HINGSTON was born 23 Aug 1859 in Tasmania, the son of 38. Henry Thomas Hingston and Ann Bannister, and died in 1944. He married KATE RICHARDS BAILEY 11 Mar 1887 in Tasmania. (Agrees with TWH)

The children of Henry Hingston and Kate Bayley are:-

61. JAMES MANDERS HINGSTON was born in Tasmania, 23 Aug 1859, the son of 38. Henry Thomas Hingston and Ann Bannister. He married KATE BURNS (JESSIE) BADCOCK on 18 Apr 1895 in Tasmania. She had been born 23 Sep 1865 at Westbury and died 6 Oct 1937 (RW). They are both buried at Hagley, Tasmania. (Agrees with TWH)

The child of James Hingston and Kate Badcock is:-

50. WILLIAM THOMAS HINGSTON was born 17 Mar 1852 in Longford, Tasmania, the son of 47. William Thomas Hingston and Rebecca French. He married 11 Jul 1877, in Longford, ANNE RANSOM, born 1852. (Her family name is sometimes spelt as Ransom or Ransome but she and her father used Ranson - information from Doug Hingston).

The children of William Thomas Hingston and Anne Ransom are:-

51. ALFRED CHARLES HINGSTON was born 26 Oct 1862, the son of 47. William Thomas Hingston and Rebecca French, at Westbury, Tasmania. He married, firstly, AGNES MATHER and secondly, on 8 Apr 1887 in Port Sorell, Tasmania, MARY ANN ANDERSON. Alfred died 27 Jan 1892 at Ulverstone.

The child Alfred Charles Hingston and Agnes Mather was:-

The children of Alfred Charles Hingston and Mary Ann Anderson are:- 53. OLIVER FRANCIS HINGSTON was born 14 Dec 1875, the son of 47. William Thomas Hingston and Rebecca French, at Westbury, Tasmania. He married, 15 Jun 1898, in Ulverstone, Tasmania, ALMA MAY MELVILLE (born 1875).

The children of Oliver Francis Hingston and Alma May Melville are:-

74. ARTHUR ANDREW HINGSTON, born 22 Apr 1855 in Longford, Tasmania, the son of 48. John Balsom Thomas Hingston and Mary Ann Walters. On 14 Oct 1890 he married AMY E NEWMAN, born 22 Apr 1855.

The children of Arthur Andrew Hingston and Amy E Newman (as listed in family Bible) were:-

55. HORACE JAMES HINGSTON was born 29 Jun 1871 at Longford, Tasmania, the son of 49. Robert John Hingston and Elizabeth Dalton Walters. He married 15 Jun 1898, in Longford, MARION CRAY MURFET (born 21 Sep 1869, the daughter of David Murfet and Fanny Berridge, died 17 Oct 1936 at Launceston, Tasmania, where she was buried two days later). Horace died 15 Dec 1928 in Maryborough, Queensland. The family moved to Queensland in the early 1920s and settled on a sugar canefarm at Yerra, just south of Maryborough. After the death of Horace the family moved to Mapleton, near Nambour. Marion (known as Minnie) went back to Launceston for a holiday where she died as a result of a fall.

The children of Horace James Murfet Hingston and Marion Cray Murfet are:-

91. ALFRED ALWYN HINGSTON, Born July 13, 1871, at Clifton, York; baptised Aug 1871, York, the son of 40. Joseph Tregelles Hingston and Emily Smith. Attended Ripon School and was admitted pensioner at Trinity College, Cambridge, June 17, 1890.; B.A., 1894. M.B., C.M., Aberdeen 1900. In 1904 he married LILLIAN M L SMITH (Not shown in FreeBMD) Civil Surgeon, South African Field Force. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut. Col., R.A.M.C.; in command of 1/2 S. Midland Field Ambulance). Assistant Medical Officer, Cotford Asylum, Taunton. In practice at Birmingham in 1944; District Medical Officer. Of 43, Middleton Hall Road, King's Norton. He is probably the Alfred A Hingston who is shown in FreeBMD as dying in NW Surrey in Jun Qtr 1960, aged 88.

Alfred and Lillian had three children

92. HERBERT TREGELLES HINGSTON, b. Oct 1872, York, the son of 40. Joseph Tregelles Hingston and Emily Smith. He married NORAH FRANCES SMITH at Bideford in Dec Qtr 1898 (FreeBMD) but according to his great grandson Nick Hingston, Herbert left his family who then moved to Southampton, while he apparently went abroad, possibly to Canada. There is a possibility that this was to escape a scandal at the bank. Norah died at Southampton age 76 in Sep Qtr 1948. I cannot find any further records about Herbert.

The children of Herbert and Norah were:-

93. EGERTON MELVILLE HINGSTON, b. Nov 1879, York, the son of 40. Joseph Tregelles Hingston and Emily Smith. Mar 1909 in Kings Norton, EDITH MAUD LINDSEY SMITH, died 1939

The children of Egerton and Edith were:-

90. CHARLES ALFRED HINGSTON, was born Jun Qtr 1874 at Plymouth, the son of 41. George Wilfred and Clara Gertrude Hingston. He married MILDRED ALICE PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE on 6 Jan 1903 at Great Ouseburn. Mildred came from an interesting and well-connected family (Described in www.peerage.com). Her grandfather was a well-known Whig (Liberal) politician in Palmerston's administration and his father was the 3rd Earl Radnor. Other ancestors included Sir Walter Mildmay, Elizabeth's Chancellor of the Exchequer and founder of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Bess of Hardwicke, Countess of Shrewsbury. But Mildred's mother Mary Bridgeman-Simpson died 18 Jan 1880 (possibly in childbirth) when Mildred was only four, and in the 1881 census Mildred, and her younger sister Sybil were living as "Lodgers" at the house of John Newham, a carpenter, and his wife Annie, at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. The household included a couple of nurses, so it looks as though the two young girls were effectively being fostered in a lodging house. It would be interesting to know if they returned to their father's home when he remarried in 1882. Charles became involved in the Lace industry in Nottingham, because in the 1911 census he was living with his family at "The Cliff House" in Radcliffe on Trent and described himself as a Lace Manufacturer. He is listed in the directories from 1905-6 to 1941 and he was associated with Gifford, Fox & Co. who were brown net manufacturers. (Brown net was an intermediate product in the Lace industry which had to have further work done before it could be sold). The Nottingham Evening Post of 23 Apr 1910 reported that a new local company (Gifford, Fox & Co.) had taken over the business of lace manufacturers J W Gifford, E H James, C A Hingston and R E Gifford at Chard, Nottingham and Colyton. Charles became one of the 3 directors of the new company which had its registered office at Holyrood Mill in Chard. The Fox in the company title referred to William Francis Fox, Charles' uncle. Charles was active in local politics: he was a councillor for the Castle Ward in Nottingham in 1914 (resigned in 1919), was on the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club committee in the 1940s, was appointed deputy Lord Lieutenant of the county in 1944 and was a Major in the Territorial Army. He lived at Cliffe House until 1911 when he bought Lenton Hall (now on the Nottingham University campus). He lived here until 1921 when he sold the property to Jesse Boot (of Boots the Chemists fame) and moved to Barton Lodge in Ruddington. (I am grateful to Andy Nicholson of Notts History for some of the information here. Charles Beresford (charlesberesford24@gmail.com) is interested in this family)

Charles Hingston and Mildred had several children:-

Generation No. 12

69. ALLAN TREVILLION HINGSTON, (998 in WEH) the son of 68. Richard Hingston and ? Smith. (Source Hambly). He was born 6 Jul 1896 (WEH) and baptised 28 Aug 1896 at Liskeard. Allan was educated at Epsom School, and served in DCLI, 4th Ghurkha Rifles, retiring in 1927, then re-enlisting in RAOC for WW2. During WW2 he was captured by the Japanese and was involved in the building of the Burma Railway, including the infamous 'The Bridge Over the River Kwai'. This broke his health, if not his spirit, and he died in 1966/7. He married FREDA BISSEKER of Birmingham in about 1925.

The children of Allan Hingston are:-

43. HOWARD ANDREW HINGSTON was born 21 Sep 1877 in Birmingham, the son of 42. Henry Hingston and Agnes Stephenson, and died 29 May 1946 in Grange-over-Sands. He married ANN MAY WATSON 11 Oct 1911.

Children of Howard Hingston and Ann Watson are:

52. EDMUND TASMAN (Tas) HINGSTON was born 15 Aug 1870 at Westbury, Tasmania, the son of 62. Andrew Charles Hingston and Margaret Dobson. He married, firstly, on 24 Oct 1894 in Westbury, FANNY MATILDA STRETTON (born 19 Mar 1873 in Hagley, daughter of JOSEPH STRETTON and JANE MITCHELL and died 31 Aug 1898 at Deloraine, Tasmania), and secondly, on 26 Sep 1900 in Blackmoor, Tasmania, SARAH MARGARET WALKER (born 27 Jun 1875, Westbury, the daughter of WILLIAM WALKER and JANE DARLING BROWN; died 20 Mar 1962). Edmund and Sarah lived at Moltema nearly all their lives, farming and taking a great interest in Blackmoor Methodist Church and Sunday School. Sarah was noted for her cooking, her flower garden and her readiness to extend a helping hand, plus a kind word. A son, John, carried on the farm after his father's death. There is a web page created by Andrew Cocker <andrew@cocker.id.au> about Sarah and her family from which much of this information has been taken. Edmund died 22 Feb 1950 at Moltema, Tasmania. He had 5 daughters and 5 sons.

The children of Edmund Tasman Hingston and Fanny Matilda Stretton are:-

The children of Edmund Tasman Hingston and Sarah Margaret Walker are:- 57. LESLIE MONTAGUE HINGSTON was born 19 Apr 1875 at Westbury, Tasmania, the son of 62. Andrew Charles Hingston and Margaret Dobson and died 20 Nov 1944 at Launceston, Tasmania. He married, 1902, ADELAIDE LYDIA PARRY , daughter of DAVID PARRY and SARA REIDER.

The children of Leslie Montague Hingston and Adelaide Lydia Parry are (RW):-

58. HUBERT WILLIAM HENRY HINGSTON was born 18 Apr 1878 at Westbury, Tasmania, the son of 62. Andrew Charles Hingston and Margaret Dobson, and died 20 Mar 1961. He married, MARIAN BLANCHE TRETHEWIE on 29 Apr 1902, daughter of WILLIAM TRETHEWIE and MARY STEVENSON. She was born 11 Apr 1881 in Morven, now Evandale, Tasmania, and died 13 May 1969.

The children of Hubert William Henry Hingston and Marion Blanche Trethewie are:-

63. SILAS HINGSTON was born in Tasmania, the son of 59. Frederick Hingston and Sarah Pearn. (Source TWH)

The child of Silas Hingston is:-

64. STANLEY HINGSTON was born in Tasmania, the son of 61. James Hingston and Kate Badcock. He married VERA MARGARET SMITH. (Source TWH)

The children of Stanley Hingston and Vera Smith are:-

56. WILLIAM JAMES HINGSTON, born 17 Jul 1879 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, the son of 50. William Thomas Hingston and Anne Ransom. He married, in 1902, GRACE MCCULLOCH (born 3 Aug 1880)

The children of William James Hingston and Grace McCulloch are:-

73. HORACE BERRIDGE HINGSTON, born 24 Jul 1902 in Springfield (registered at Ringarooma), Tasmania, the son of 55. Horace James Murfet Hingston and Marion Cray Murfet. He married on 19 Jan 1937 in Launceston SYLVIA IRENE FARQUHAR, born 5 Sep 1914 in North Scottsdale, Tasmania. They returned to Mapleton, Queensland. He died at Nambour, Queensland on 21 Dec 1984.

The children of Horace Berridge Hingston and Sylvia Irene Farquhar are:-

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