Foster's references to Hingston

In 1872 Joseph Foster published a "Revised Genealogical account of the various families descended from Francis Fox of St Germans, Cornwall". A copy of this book is in the Society of Genealogists Library. This seems to be an updated version of another book "The descendants of Francis Fox of St. Germans", also published in 1872, a copy of which is in the West Country Studies Library at Exeter. These books appear to be identical in so far as they refer to the Hingstons, although a detailed check of the differences has not been made. The pedigree gives extensive details of the Quaker families in the South West and shows the considerable degree of inter-marriage between the various families. It is particularly relevant to Tree HD. A small extract from the whole work, made by Andrew Hingston from the Exeter copy, is of particular interest here - it does not reproduce the whole of the pedigree. I have a photocopy of the Society of Genealogists copy and it appears to be identical.

The original relies heavily on indenting and different type faces to distinguish different generations. An attempt has been made to reproduce that here but HTML browsers do their own formatting, so the full details may not be visible to everyone.

JOHN HINGSTON, of Kingsbridge, born 1737, son of James and Elizabeth Hingston, of Holbeton, married, first, in 1760, Rachel, daughter of George Fox, of Par, by his second wife, Anna Debell, who died in 1761 (see page 11); married, second, in 1763, Rachel, daughter of Joseph Collier, by his wife Dorothy Fox, (see page 16), and had with John, who died s.p.1769, and Dorothy, who married Robert Were Fox (see page 10), a son-

JOSEPH HINGSTON, of Dodbrooke, county Devon, born in 1764, married first, 22 November, 1785, Sarah, daughter of Joseph Ball, of Bridgewater, who died in 1790, having had issue, with Sarah Ball Hingston, who married Walter Prideaux (see page 17), a son-

  1. Eliza Anne Hingston, died s.p.
  2. Caroline Elizabeth Hingston, died s.p.
  3. Josephine Hingston, married 11 September, 1851, to Robert Dymond, Esq., of Exeter, and has issue- Caroline Anne Dymond, Arthur Hingston Dymond, and Josephine Elizabeth Dymond.

Joseph Hingston, married secondly, in 1796, Catherine Phillips Tregelles, daughter of Joseph Tregelles, of Falmouth, and his wife, Sarah Hingston (see next page), died 30 April, 1835, having had four sons and five daughters-

  1. Rev. Alfred Nottage Hingston, Vicar of Kingsbridge, married at Southsea, 24 January, 1872, Mary J., daughter of the late T. Harris, of Kingsbridge.
  2. Joseph Tregelles Hingston, married, 1868, Emily Smith, and has one son - Alfred Alwyn Hingston.
  3. Frederick Collier Hingston.
  4. George Hingston.
  5. Augustus Hingston.
  1. Jane Catherine Hingston.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Hingston, died s.p.
  3. Esther Margaret Hingston.
  4. Emma Rachel Hingston.
  5. Rosette Hingston, married to Reginald Dewing, and died s.p.

CHARLES HINGSTON, M.D., of Plymouth, second son of Joseph Hingston, by his second marriage, born 1805, married first, 1830, Mary, daughter of George Braithwaite, of Kendal, and by her had two daughters, who died s.p. He married secondly in 1837, Louisa Jane, daughter of Sir William George Parker, Bart., and by her has two sons and five daughters-

  1. Charles Albert Hingston, M.D.
  2. Ernest Alison Hingston, married in 1869, Mary Ellen, daughter of Theodore Davis, Esq., and has Charles Theodore Alison Hingston, and twin daughters, Margaret Alison Hingston and Edith Alison Hingston.

[s.p. - sine prole (without issue)]

from a copy in the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter.

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