Earlier Hingston Studies

We know of three earlier studies of the Hingston name.

In June 1851 Robert Dymond copied an earlier pedigree produced by John Allen of Liskeard. It has been published in C H Fox's 'A Short Genealogical Account of Some of the Various Families of Fox in the West of England', printed in 1864 and now in the collection of the West Country Studies Library in Exeter.

In 1872 Joseph Foster published a "Revised Genealogical account of the various families descended from Francis Fox of St Germans, Cornwall". A copy of this book is in the Society of Genealogists Library. This seems to be an updated version of another book "The descendants of Francis Fox of St. Germans", also published in 1872, a copy of which is in the West Country Studies Library at Exeter. These books appear to be identical in so far as they refer to the Hingstons, although a detailed check of the differences has not been made. The pedigree gives extensive details of the Quaker families in the South West and shows the considerable degree of inter-marriage between the various families. It is particularly relevant to Tree HD. The link points to a small extract from the whole work made by Andrew Hingston which is of particular interest here - it does not reproduce the whole of the pedigree. An extensive study of the Hingston name was made (between 1880 and 1905) by William E. Hingston (HN#26) who lived in Buffalo in New York State, USA. This study was intended for publication but as far as we know was never printed and has now been largely lost. A small portion of the work was typed by Lavinia Jane Hingston (known as Aunt Vine), and that typescript has been made available here with the consent of Lavinia's relatives. The material is useful in its own right, but it also gives a hint as to how useful the full document would have been if it were available. If anyone has either the whole or part of the remaining material, I would be grateful if they could get in touch so that it could be made more generally available.

Books about Hingston Genealogy available from the LDS

The following three books are available from the LDS Family History centres by ordering the appropriate microfilm. This list is extracted from a search on the surname Hingston carried out at the LDS web site

The book of Hingston's in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, United States

King, James W

Notes: Contents: Vol. 1. Location names, surname frequencies, place sorted list, family sorted list, name sorted list -- v. 2. A sketch of Ireland; Freke Hingston family, Cork, Ireland, United States & Canada; Major James Hingston family, Cork Ireland & United States -- v. 3. Frederick Hingston family, London, England & New Zealand; Philip Hingston family, Devon, England & Ontario, Canada; William Hingston family, Cork, Ireland & Buffalo, New York. v. 4. Andrew Hingston family, Devon, England & Tasmania, Australia; Peter Hingston family, London, England & Ipswich, England; Robert Hingston family, Derbyshire, England.

Microfilm information

Hingston family, with ties to the Travers family of County Cork

a genealogical collection, including pedigree and notes from newspapers, wills, church records, etc

Jones, Horace E. (Horace Edward) , 1898- (Main Author)

Microfilm of original manuscripts in custody of Michael Leader, London. Filmed at British Library, Orbit House, London. Includes 13 pages of notes and extracts. Collection is in alphabetical order by surname.

IN: Travers family of County Cork : a genealogical collection.

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The Adrian family

Hingston, R. E. (Robert Edward John)

Includes Bradshaw, Crawford, Hingston, Kearns, Lamb, Maclagan, Stainton and related families. The Adrian family of northern Ireland between 1810 and 1979--with descendants in Canada, England, South Africa, the United States and elsewhere.

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