How to contact me and submit information

All information should be sent to me by email, addressed to I will only make my postal address available if email connection is impossible. It will help enormously if you follow the following guidelines:-

If you wish to comment on an existing tree or web page, please tell me which one! I may have typed everything on these pages but I don't remember all the details, so it helps if you can point out the page to which your comment relates.

Please don't just send me a copy of my trees with a few changes. That means that I then have to go through the whole file line by line looking for differences from the original. It doesn't help if you try to format it to look like my pages, but it does help if your infomation is of the same type as the information given here.

Please make clear where your information comes from.

Please let me know if you are willing to be identified on the web site. Most people are happy to allow me to make a link saying how they are connected in to the trees. It allows cousins to get in touch.

If you have information about what an individual did in their life, please include it. Remember your ancestors were all real people, most of whom had interesting lives. Think about how dull your life would appear if all that was listed was your date of birth, date of marriage, births of your children, and date of death! Where did they live, where did they work, why did they emigrate?

If there are errors on these pages, however minor, please let me know. If you have an additional detail, again let me know. Although many of the existing trees look as though they have been put together by one person, in reality many are an assemblage of minor details that have eveolved over the years, with several different people putting in small snippets of information. Your small detail may be the key to unlocking someone else's problem.

In return, I will try to respond as soon as possible, but please bear with me if I am slow. I am afraid my day job has to take priority and the family history stuff has to fit in around it.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site since it started in 1999.

5 Aug 2007. Chris Burgoyne