Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone K

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
K001 Dora May Wyatt Fri 6th Oct 1950   45     F First wife of John (K1)     Yes
K001 John E Wyatt Wed 22nd Mar 1978   73     M Husband of of Dora (K1) and of Margaret (2nd wife)     Yes
K002 Annie Light Mon 11th Feb 1963   70     F Wife of Phillip Henry (K2)     Yes
K002 Phillip Henry Light Fri 21st Dec 1945   40     M Husband of Annie (K2)     Yes
K003 Alfred James Drew Tues 19th May 1936   56     M       No
K004 Emma I Willcocks Fri 25th Jan 1963   89     F Wife of Harry (K4)     Yes
K004 Harry Willcocks Thur 20th May 1937   65     M Husband of Emma (K4)     Yes
K005 Frank Bunt Sat 19th Feb 1938   33     M       No
K006 Elizabeth Ann Elson Thur 17th Aug 1939   65     F Wife of William (K6)     Yes
K006 William George Elson Tues 28th Jan 1941   66     M Husband of Elizabeth (K6)     Yes
K007 Evelyn Evans Thur 19th Oct 1939   56   Kingston F Youngest Daughter of James and Lydia Evans Of Kingston     No
K008 Joseph Goddard Thur 15th Jan 1970   83     M Husband of Maud (K8)     Yes
K008 Maud Harriet Goddard Sat 29th Aug 1942   61     F Wife of Joseph (K8)     Yes
K009 Elizabeth Jane Tink Mon 22nd Apr 1946   69     F Wife of Horace (K9)     Yes
K009 Horace Tink Sat 6th Jan 1945   63     M Husband of Elizabeth (K9)     Yes
K010 Norah Perring Tues 13th Feb 1945   87     F       No
K011 Gertrude Ella Wakeham Tues 30th Sep 1969   85     F Wife of William (K11)     Yes
K011 William J Wakeham Mon 30th Sep 1946   70     M Husband of Gertrude (K11)     Yes
K012 John Thomas Luckraft Wed 26th May 1954   69     M Husband of Mary (K12)     Yes
K012 Mary Jane Luckraft Sat 26th Sep 1964   79     F Wife of John (K12) Referred to as Janie     Yes
K013 Charlotte Josephine Horton Sun 24th Nov 1974         F Wife of Harold (K13)     Yes
K013 Harold Horton Thur 20th Jan 1955         M Husband of Charlotte (K13) Schoolmaster   Yes
K014 Eliza Jane Varcoe 1980     1913   F Wife of William (K14)     Yes
K014 William Varcoe 1955     1909   M Husband of Eliza (K14)     Yes
K015 Claude Herbert Sandercock Sat 25th May 1918   19     M Eldest Son of Francis and Eliza (K15) Killed in France   Yes
K015 Eliza Clements Sandercock Wed 18th May 1960   88     F Wife of Francis (K15) Mother of Claude (K15)     Yes
K015 Francis Percy Sandercock Wed 1st Jun 1955   87     M Husband of Eliza (K15) Father of Claude (K15) Village Policeman   Yes
K015 Beatrice Olive Stear Sat 11th Feb 1984     Tues 7th Oct 1902   F Wife of Charles   Small plaque on K15 Yes
K015 Charles Evans Stear Thur 16th Sep 1993     Mon 12th Jan 1903   M Husband of Beatrice Olive (K15)   Plaque on K15 Grave Yes
K016 Archelaus Clarke Mon 29th Nov 1965   91     M Husband of Elizabeth (K16)     Yes
K016 Elizabeth Clarke Mon 11th Jul 1955   78     F Wife of Archelaus (K16)     Yes
K017 Alice Sarah Hellyer Sun 17th Mar 1957   71     F Wife of Frederick (K17)   End of row Yes
K017 Frederick A Hellyer Fri 4th Feb 1966   84     M Husband of Alice (K17)   End of row Yes
K018 Richard Lock Thur 26th Jul 1956   14     M Son of Kathleen and H Lock   Start of Row No
K019 Edward Ellis Tues 17th Sep 1985   70 Mon 15th Feb 1915   M Father of Jeremy Edward     No
K020 Jeremy Edward Ellis Mon 1st Nov 1954   10     M Child of Edward and Olive Ellis     No
K021   Illegible                 3 ft high wooden cross with no details  
K022 Amy Netting Tues 18th May 1971   91     F Wife of John Lovel (K22)     Yes
K022 John Lovel Netting Mon 24th May 1954   74     M Husband of Amy (K22)     Yes
K023 James Ronald Servington Lakeman Thur 4th Dec 1975   61     M Husband of Marjorie Ellen Lakeman (K23)     Yes
K023 Marjorie Ellen Lakeman Wed 31st Dec 1980   67     F Wife of Ronald James Servington (K23)     Yes
K024 Christopher James Lakeman Tues 4th May 1954   7     M Son of Ronald and Marjorie Lakeman (K23)     No
K025 Rebecca Brown Wed 15th Mar 1961   88     F Wife of Wiiliam Edward (K25)     Yes
K025 William Edward Brown Tues 16th Feb 1954   82     M Husband of Rebecca (K25)     Yes
K026 Frederick Disten Lugger Sun 25th Jan 1953   72     M       No
K027 Elizabeth Mary Ruse Fri 3rd Aug 1973   82     F Wife of Noah (K27)     Yes
K027 Noah Ruse Thur 25th Dec 1952   72     M Husband of Elizabeth (K27)     Yes
K028 Emily Paulina Hicks Jun 1952   77     F       No
K029 Arthur Frederick Harris Tues 30th Jun 1959   73     M Husband of Florence (K29)     Yes
K029 Florence Harris Fri 14th Mar 1952   64     F Wife of Arthur (K29)     Yes
K030 Alice Rosetta Wyatt Fri 12th Nov 1965   79     F Wife of Walter (K30)     Yes
K030 Walter Wyatt Fri 7th Sep 1951   69     M Husband of Alice R Harris (K30)     Yes
K031 Kathleen Mary Kinsman Thur 30th Jul 1981   70     F Wife of Clifford Kinsman     Yes
K031 Emma Jane Mitchell Sun 2nd Jul 1961   83     F Wife of Robert (31)     Yes
K031 Robert Mitchell Thur 7th Jun 1951   76     M Husband of Emma (K31)     Yes
K031 Violet Gwendoline Mitchell Sun 26th Feb 1989   81     F     Plaque on K31 Grave Yes
K032 William Charles Light Sep 1947   49     M Husband of Emma   Open Book Plaque with letters missing No
K032 William Charles Light ** Sep 1947         M Husband of Emma   Open Book Plaque with letters missing No
K033 Eliza Ellen Hearn Wed 16th Jan 1952   85     F Widow of William   End of Row No
K034 Robert Luscombe Sercombe Sun 22nd Sep 1974   80   Idestone M Husband of Winifred Gladys (K34)   Start of Row Yes
K034 Winifred Gladys Sercombe Wed 17th Oct 1984   87   Idestone F Wife of Robert Luscombe (K34)   Start of Row Yes
K035 Frances H K Fox Wed 27th Oct 1976   73 Mon 10th Aug 1903   M     3 foot high wooden cross No
K036 Margaret Dorothy Knapman 2000     1911   F Wife of Sydney Knapman Known as Dolly   Yes
K036 Sydney Thomas Knapman 1977     1913   M Husband of Margaret Dorothy Knapman     Yes
K037 Edwin John Hodder Thur 24th Mar 1977   89   Bennicke M Husband of Lilian Mary Hodder     Yes
K037 Lilian Mary Hodder Sat 13th Feb 1982   89   Bennicke F Wife of Edwin John Hodder     Yes
K038 Robert Dingle Yabsley Thur 3rd Nov 1994   95   Ashford M Husband of Sarah Ann Yabsley     Yes
K038 Sarah Ann Yabsley Wed 28th Dec 1977   82   Ashford F Wife of Robert Dingle Yabsley     Yes
K039 Elsie Hooper Wed 14th Jan 1987   88     F Wife of Ernest Hooper     Yes
K039 Ernest Hooper Wed 12th Jul 1978   85     M Husband of Elsie Hooper     Yes
K040 Margaret Spry Sun 17th Dec 1978   72     F       No
K041 Tim Rudd 1979     1896   M Husband of Edna     No
K042 Ernest Hayman Thur 18th Feb 1982   78     M Husband of Ida Margaret Ellen     Yes
K042 Ida Margaret Ellen Hayman Sat 12th Apr 1980   72     F Wife of Ernest     Yes
K043 James Russell Nicholas Fri 6th Mar 1981   59     M Husband of Fanny     No
K044 Desmond John Ayre Tues 24th Mar 1981   26     M Son of Leslie and Hilda Ayre     No
K045 Jack Hosking Fri 3rd Apr 1981   85     M Husband of May     Yes
K045 May Hosking Wed 11th Apr 1984   86     F Wife of Jack     Yes
K046 Arthur Horton Sun 5th Apr 1981   58     M   known as Max -Major MBE Plaque No
K047 Maurice Alexander Hall 1981     1902   M       No
K048 George Willis Thur 16th Jul 1998   83     M Husband of Molly Margaret     Yes
K048 Molly Margaret Willis Fri 6th Nov 1981   66     F Wife of George     Yes
K049 Florence Taylor Mon 7th Dec 1981   74     F Wife of John     Yes
K049 John Taylor Wed 8th Feb 1984   83     M Husband of Florence     Yes
K050 Helena Kathleen Louise Spry Mon 11th Mar 1991         F Wife of Thomas Spry     Yes
K050 Thomas Spry Mon 30th Aug 1982         M Husband of Helena Kathleen Louise     Yes
K051 Margaret Ellen Treglown Wed 13th Oct 1982   61     F       No
K052 William John Wakeham Sun 2nd Aug 1992   78     M Husband of Winifred Edith     Yes
K052 Winifred Edith Wakeham Sat 20th Apr 1985   73     F Wife of William John     Yes
K053 Neil Doughty Fri 14th Mar 1986   27     M       No
K054 Rhoda Hellyer Thur 4th Oct 2007   85     F Wife of Roy Verdun (K054)     Yes
K054 Roy Verdun Hellyer Sun 9th Nov 1986   70     M Husband of Rhoda     Yes
K055 Albert Taylor           M Husband of Jean "Forget me not - Nora"     Yes
K055 Jean Taylor           F Wife of Albert "Forget me not - Nora"     Yes
K056 Robert Levi Hine Wed 8th Dec 1993   86     M Husband of Winifred Estelle     Yes
K056 Winifred Estelle Hine Tues 1st Sep 1987         F Wife of Robert Levi     Yes
K057 Dorothy May Moore Thur 3rd Dec 1998   84     F Wife of Reginald Thomas     Yes
K057 Reginald Thomas Moore Tues 24th Feb 1976   62     M Husband of Dorothy May     Yes
K058   Illegible                 Stone Removed  
K059 Alice Elizabeth Moore Wed 4th Jun 1997   92     F Wife of Frederick     Yes
K059 Frederick Moore Tues 1st Apr 1975   71     M Husband of Alice Elizabeth     Yes
K060 Ellen Elizabeth Ayre Thur 20th Mar 1975   27     F Daughter of Leslie and Hilda Ayre   End of row No
K061 Leslie Ronald Ayre 1994     1921   M     Start of Row No
K062 Frank Eustace Wright Tues 28th Oct 1997   80 Fri 20th Jul 1917   M Husband of Marcelle Annie     Yes
K062 Marcelle Annie Wright Mon 13th Feb 1989   76 Sun 8th Sep 1912   F Wife of Frank Eustace     Yes
K063 Mary Kathleen Tuplin 1997     1912   F       No
K064 Gordon Henry Rundle 1997     1932   M Husband of Margaret Brenda     No
K065 David Lloyd Wed 21st May 1997   74 Mon 19th Jun 1922   M Husband of Jean     Yes
K065 Jean Lloyd Sun 16th Nov 1997   74 Tues 4th Sep 1923   F Wife of David     Yes
K066 D L Warren           F     Wooden Cross Yes
K066 W R J Warren           M     Wooden Cross Yes
K067 David Hutchison 1997     1941   M       No
K068 Joan Lucas Mon 1st Feb 1999   87 Tues 19th Sep 1911   F Wife of William Henry Wanstall     Yes
K068 William Henry Wanstall Lucas Thur 14th Nov 1996   87     M Husband of Joan     Yes
K069 Gilbert Ernest William Sercombe Fri 30th Aug 1996   70   Idestone M       No
K070 Olivia Harbord Tues 13th Feb 1996   22 m Thur 14th Apr 1994   F       No
K071   Illegible 1994     1914         Wooden Cross - Plaque missing  
K072   Cruickshank Tues 17th Jan 1995 Euna Noelle   Mon 23rd Dec 1918   F Wife of William James     Yes
K072   Cruickshank Sun 2nd Feb 1997 William James   Thur 12th Oct 1911   M Husband of Euna Noelle     Yes
K073 Lily Cooper Sat 31st Dec 1994   100 Fri 6th Jul 1894   F       No
K074 Jack Lancaster Thur 6th Oct 1994   74     M       No
K075 Peter John Mitchell Wed 8th Jun 1994     Tues 15th Oct 1935   M       No
K076 Annie Louisa Bowden Sat 14th May 1994   11 Nov 1917 Titwell F Known as Betty     No
K077 Dorothy Eileen Agnes Broome Sat 11th Dec 1993     Sat 3rd Aug 1929   F       No
K078 Patricia White Mon 30th Aug 1993   71     F       No
K079 Afra Breveglieri Fri 8th Apr 1994   25 Apr 1920   F Cousin of Joseph (Nino) Gatti     Yes
K079 Joseph Gatti Sat 9th Jan 1993     Wed 17th Jan 1912   M Cousin of Afra Breveglieri Known as Nino Born in Modena, Italy   Yes
K080 Alfred John Moore Sat 8th Aug 1992         M Husband of Myrtle     Yes
K080 Myrtle Moore Fri 7th Mar 1997         F Wife of Alfred John     Yes
K081 Richard Pearse Spry 1991     1909   M       No
K082 Bernard Bennington 1991     1931   M       No
K083 William Ernest Kellaway Sat 3rd Mar 1990   78     M Second Husband of Dorothy Moore     No
K084 Rosalia Louisa Karn 1990     1911   F       No
K085 Beatrice Ellen Sibley Tues 30th Mar 2004   88     F Wife of Stanley William     Yes
K085 Stanley William Sibley Sat 13th May 1989   74     M Husband of Beatrice     Yes
K086 Gavin Brousson Thur 10th Dec 1987   41 Fri 22nd Feb 1946   M Husband of Rosamund, Father of Dan, Jon, Philip, Nell and Leo     No
K087 Dorothy Caroline Balkwill Sat 28th Oct 1972   83   Court Barton F Wife of Henry     Yes
K087 Elizabeth Balkwill 1980     1884   F Sister of Henry     Yes
K087 Henry Balkwill Mon 12th May 1975   94   Court Barton M Husband of Dorothy Caroline     Yes
K088 Dorothy Anne Balkwill Sat 30th Nov 1935   23     F Daughter of Henry and Dorothy   End of Row Yes
K088 Henry John Balkwill Sat 5th Sep 1942   27     M Son of Henry and Dorothy RAF VR Killed in Action Buried in Holland   End of Row Yes
K088 Mollie (on stone) Evelyn Mary Balkwill Fri 1st Jun 2007         F       Yes
K089 Louis Farley Stevens Mon 23rd Feb 1998     Wed 4th May 1921   M Wife of Margaret Husband of Margaret (K089)   Start of Row Yes
K089 Margaret Stevens Fri 17th Nov 2006     Fri 13th Oct 1922   F Wife of Louis   Start of Row Yes
K090 Robert Joseph Yabsley Tues 14th Apr 1998     Tues 6th Jul 1926 Ashford M Eldest Son of Robert and Anne Yabsley Brother of Joan, David and Brian     No
K091 Henry Frank Rayment Sat 23rd Jan 1999   87     M       No
K092 Charles Woodbine Parish 1999     1947   M       No
K093 Sidney Albert Cocks Sun 8th Aug 1999   47 Mon 27th Aug 1951   M Husband of Val, Son of Irene, Father of Mike and Peter, Step Father to Tracey, M      No
K094 Dorothy Priscilla Shepheard Perring Sat 6th Sep 2003   86     F Wife of Reginald John     Yes
K094 Reginald John Perring Tues 9th Apr 2002   83     M Husband of Dorothy Priscilla Shepheard Perring     Yes
K095 Edmund John White Thur 22nd Jun 2000   76     M       No
K096 David McCarrick Sat 15th Jul 2000   59 1940   M     Headstone and Wooden Cross No
K097 Frances Wainwright Fri 6th Jul 2001     Mon 25th Dec 1916   F       No
K098 Georgina (Gina) Gray Fri 31st Aug 2001     Tues 5th Oct 1954   F       No
K099 Grace Elizabeth Bowden Thur 22nd Nov 2001   81     F       No
K100 Hilary Phillipa Purser Wed 31st Dec 2003     Mon 6th Mar 1950   F       No
K101 Geoffrey William Campbell-Black Sun 17th Mar 2002     Sun 2nd Aug 1925 Idestone M       No
K102 Stanley Newell Tues 2nd Mar 2004   84     M Husband of Alma     No
K103 Dorothy Isabella Fram Sat 22nd May 2004   98     F Wife of Michael, Mother of David and Karen     No
K104 Arthur James Irish Tues 2nd Nov 2004     Wed 22nd Jul 1903   M Husband of Edith Mary (K104)     Yes
K104 Edith Mary Irish Thur 10th May 2007 Winzer   Wed 9th Sep 1908   F Wife of Arthur James (K104)     Yes
K105 Madge Irene Clark Nov 2010   90     F Wife of Sidney Reginald     Yes
K105 Sydney Reginald Clark Tues 18th Jan 2005     Sun 18th Jul 1915   M       No
K106 John Frederick Varcoe Sat 4th Jun 2005   23 Jun 1940   M       No
K107 Kathleen Elynda Weekes Sun 9th Aug 2009   95     F Wife of Jack     Yes
K107 Jack Weeks Sat 8th Oct 2005   93     M Husband of Kathleen     No
K108 Margaret Oswald Turner           F     Wooden Cross No
K109 Edna May Cornish Sun 24th Dec 2006     Mon 1st May 1916   F       No
K110 John William Pepperell Ellis Fri 19th Oct 2007   73     M       No
K111 Joan Moore Sat 24th Nov 2007   69     F       No
K112 Sheila Balkwill Sat 28th Sep 2002   78     F     New Row No
K113 Kenneth Baker Jan 2008   81     M       No
K114 Audrey Mary Read 2008     1929   F       No
K115 Denise Joan Eugine Hurley Mar 2008   89     F       No
K116 Falcon Eric Delamain Sun 12th Oct 2008   81     M       No
K117 Susanne Barbara Lucas Mon 25th May 2009   66 Wed 5th May 1943   F       No
K118 John Humphrey Starey Sun 19th Dec 2010   82     M       No
K119 David Charles Jenkins Feb 2011   65     M       No

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