Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone I

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
I001 Richard W Walsh 1974     1908   M     Start No
I002 Charles Wilfred French Sat 14th Aug 1976     Fri 18th May 1973   M       No
I003 Mary Ellen Hollow Tues 14th Sep 1976   93     F       No
I004 Leslie J Maddock 1977     1923   M Husband of Rosie     Yes
I004 Rosie Maddock 1997     1918   F Wife of Leslie     Yes
I005 Eric M Slade Fri 23rd Sep 1977   70     M Husband of Florence Rose     Yes
I005 Florence Rose Slade Jan 1997   91     F Wife of Eric     Yes
I006 Gilmore L Dobell 1997     1901   M Husband of Gladys     Yes
I006 Gladys L Dobell 1986     1900   F Wife of Gilmore     Yes
I007 Ellen Dulling Fri 24th Feb 1978   60     F Wife of Jim     Yes
I007 S (Jim) J Dulling Thur 15th Oct 1992   89     M Husband of Ellen     Yes
I008 Browse B M E Fisher 1981     1900   F     End No
I009 Arthur Read Wed 26th Aug 1964   75     M Husband of Joy   Start Yes
I009 Joy Read Tues 15th Jul 1997   94     F Wife of Arthur   Start Yes
I010 Charles Francis Nosworthy Fri 21st Jan 1983   79     M       No
I011 Robert Henry Flexmore Sun 26th Jan 1986   73     M       No
I012 Doris Hay Fri 29th Dec 1995     Feb 1914   F Wife of Edward (Ted)     Yes
I012 Edward (Ted) Hay Fri 11th Jul 1986   68     M Husband of Doris     Yes
I013 Albert James Hine Sun 25th Oct 1987   78     M Husband of Bessie     Yes
I013 Bessie Hine Wed 8th Jan 1992   83     F Wife of Albert James     Yes
I014 Beatrice Sarah Damerell Mon 19th Sep 1994   95     F Wife of William     Yes
I014 William Henry Damerell Mon 6th Apr 1987   95     M Husband of Beatrice Sarah     Yes
I015 Kathleen Florence Burgoyne Wed 5th Feb 2003   77     F Wife of Clifford Alonso     Yes
I015 Clifford Alonso Burgoyne Mon 6th Apr 1987   66     M Husband of Kathleen Florence     Yes
I016 Beryl Horton 2000     1921   F Wife of Peter     Yes
I016 Peter Horton 1987     1921   M Husband of Beryl     Yes
I017 Eleanor Campbell Wed 25th Jan 1989   81     F     End No
I018 Marguerite Emily Marshall Wed 7th Feb 1990         F       No
I019 Margery Booker Tues 23rd Jul 1996   90     F Wife of William (Ray)     Yes
I019 William (Ray) Raymond Booker Sat 8th Sep 1990   81     M Husband of Margery     Yes
I020 Gladys Packham 1992     1915   F       No
I021 John Paul Carroll Doughty Thur 9th Sep 1993     Thur 20th Oct 1938   M       No
I022 George Flexmore Tues 17th Feb 2009         M       Yes
I022 Susi Flexmore Mon 24th Feb 1997   72     F       No
I023 Margaret Haworth 1997     1920   F Beloved wife and mother   End No
I024 Sydney (Syd) Thomas Elston 1998     1914   M     Start No
I025 Marguerite Emily Marshall Nosworthy Wed 7th Feb 1990   84     F       No
I025 Robert (Mac) McNeil Robertson Sun 4th Apr 1999     Tues 15th Jan 1924   M       No
I028 Paul Richard Haworth 2004     1956   M       No
I029 Norman Frederick Martin Sat 27th Aug 2005     Sat 20th Feb 1909   M       No
I030 Frederick John Court 2005     1923   M       No
I031 Peter William Davis 2004     1940   M       No
I032 Allan Stanley Haworth 2005     1919   M       No
I033 M Hurrell 2006     1922 S     Check this entry   No
I034 Florence Proctor 2007     1903   F       No
I035 Barbara Joyce Herbert Mon 10th Dec 2007   64 Wed 4th Aug 1943   F       No
I036 Walter Skedgwell     87     M       No
I037 Frederick Thomas Edgcombe Wed 11th Mar 2009   88     M       No
I038 Charles Frederick Toms 2006   97 1909   M       No
I039 Basil Patrick Fogerty Tues 1st Dec 2009     Wed 16th Mar 1921   M       No
I040 Meg Ceri Warner Tues 20th May 2003         F     Plaque in Boundary Wall No
I041 Chloe Gidley Mon 19th Jul 2004         F     Plaque in Boundary Wall No
I042 Ella Marie Hutchison Wed 27th Jan 2010   2 d     F       No
I123 David Michael Moore Sat 15th Feb 1992   56     M       No

Chris Burgoyne (cjb@eng.cam.ac.uk)
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