Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone G

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
G001 Ann Perring Sun 6th Nov 1949   86 1863   F Wife of Robert     Yes
G001 Robert Perring Thur 13th Feb 1947   83 1864   M Husband of Ann     Yes
G002 Elizabeth Froude Jun 1835         F Daughter of William Couldn't read age   Yes
G002 James Froude           M Son of Elizabeth No date of death and couldn't read DOB and age   Yes
G002 William Froude Apr 1835         M   Couldn't read age   Yes
G003   Illegible               Unreadable Small headstone  
G004 Agnes Illegible           F   Unreadable    
G005 John Hingston Mon 6th Sep 1875   95 1780   M Husband of Sarah     Yes
G005 Sarah Hingston Wed 22nd May 1861   77 1784   F Wife of John     Yes
G006 Mary Brooking Mon 3rd Oct 1814   27 1787   F       No
G007 Elizabeth Friend Sat 30th Jun 1934 Ward 72 1862   F       No
G008 Elizabeth Luscombe Thur 6th Feb 1919 Ward 86 1833   F Wife of John     Yes
G008 John Luscombe Wed 27th Jul 1892   64 1828   M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
G009 Bessie Luscombe Wed 15th Dec 1880   22 1858   F Sister of Emma Jane Stone   Stone lying flat Yes
G009 Emma Jane Luscombe Fri 17th Mar 1916   50 1866   F Sister of Bessie   Stone lying flat Yes
G010 Anthony Luscombe Tues 27th May 1862   9 m 1861   M Brother of Samuel, Henrietta, Emma Jane and Silphine     Yes
G010 Emma Jane Luscombe Sun 9th Apr 1865   11 m 1864   F Sister of Anthony, Samuel, Henrietta and Silphine     Yes
G010 Henrietta Luscombe Sat 31st Jul 1858   2 y 7 m 1856   F Sister of Anthony, Samuel, Emma Jane and Silphine     Yes
G010 Samuel Luscombe Mon 28th Nov 1870   9 m 1870   M Brother of Anthony, Henrietta, Emma Jane and Silphine     Yes
G010 Silphine Luscombe Wed 15th Feb 1871   2 y 11 m 1868   F Sister of Samuel, Anthony, Heniretta and Emma Jane     Yes
G011 Grace Mary Luscombe Fri 10th Aug 1928   51 1877   F       No
G012 Amelia Elliot Tues 7th Sep 1920   48 1872   F       No
G013 Albert Toms Tues 9th Mar 1926   80 1846   M       Yes
G013 Elizabeth Toms Thur 17th Sep 1925   87 1838   F       Yes
G014 Annie Lethbridge Mon 26th Apr 1937   63 1874   F Mother of Sydney James and wife of William     Yes
G014 Sydney James Lethbridge Mon 24th Sep 1923   21 1902   M Son of Annie and William     Yes
G014 William James Lethbridge Tues 21st May 1946   78 1868   M Husband of Annie and father of Sydney James     Yes
G015 Edward Brown Tues 4th Feb 1890   78 Fri 22nd May 1812   M       Yes
G015 Frances Brown Mon 6th Feb 1888 White 17 Thur 23rd Nov 1871   F       Yes
G015 Jane Brown Thur 3rd Apr 1913   85 Sat 12th Jan 1828   F       Yes
G016 Samuel Saunders Tues 19th Mar 1822   1 y 10 m 1820   M Brother of Samuel     Yes
G016 Samuel Saunders Wed 4th Feb 1829   3 1826   M Brother of Samuel     Yes
G017 Emma Leigh Sat 10th Jun 1871   20 1851   F Daughter of Mary and Joseph   End of row Yes
G017 Joseph Leigh Thur 24th Jul 1879   72 1807   M Husband of Mary and father of Emma   End of row Yes
G017 Mary Leigh Thur 2nd Mar 1854   42 1812   F Wife of Joseph and mother of Emma   End of row Yes
G018 William Snowdon Sun 30th Jul 1815   91 1724   M Husband of Deborah     No
G019 Deborah Snowdon Wed 1st Sep 1790   66 1724   F Wife of William     No
G020 Winifred Leigh Mon 4th Jan 1773   73 1700   F       No
G021 William Arthur Putt Sat 30th Jan 1897   9 m 1896   M       No
G022 Florence Kate Budge Sun 29th Mar 1908   24 1884   F     End of Row No
G023 Russell R Edgecombe Tues 21st May 1985   75 1910   M       No
G024 Arthur Edgcombe Tues 30th Dec 1919   24 1895   M Husband of Florence May Edgcombe     No
G025 Elizabeth Patey Wed 18th Aug 1920   74 1846   F Wife of Henry     Yes
G025 Henry Patey Thur 11th Apr 1912   73 1839   M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
G026 Elizabeth Patey Sun 20th Apr 1890   81 1809   F Wife of John     Yes
G026 John Patey Tues 27th Feb 1877   68 1809 Stockadon Coombe M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
G027 Bertram Millman Thur 29th May 1924   28 1896   M Nephew of John William Putt     Yes
G027 John William Putt Fri 28th Jun 1895   33 1862   M Uncle of Bertram Millman     Yes
G028 Elizabeth Ann Putt Sun 5th Feb 1950   75 1875   F Wife of Thomas Jarvis     Yes
G028 Thomas Jarvis Putt Wed 4th Jun 1941   73 1868   M Husband of Elizabeth Ann     Yes
G029 John Samuel Toms Mon 16th Jan 1928   66 1862   M Husband of Susan   Stones around grave sunken Yes
G029 Susan Toms Sat 17th Feb 1934   64 1870   F Wife of John Samuel   Stones around grave sunken Yes
G030 Mary Saunders Thur 3rd May 1827   20 1807   F Wife of Samuel     Yes
G030 Samuel Saunders Mon 11th Apr 1825   32 1793   M Husband of Mary     Yes
G031 Elizabeth Ann Putt Tues 15th Apr 1924   81 1843   F Wife of Richard     Yes
G031 Richard Putt Fri 11th Nov 1892   54 1838   M Husband of Elizabeth Ann     Yes
G032 James Putt Thur 2nd Mar 1893   56 1837   M Husband of Jemima     Yes
G032 Jemima Putt Sat 15th May 1909   74 1825   F Wife of James     Yes
G033 Elizabeth Stone Mon 16th Jun 1873   50 1823   F       No
G034 John Treeby Fri 7th Jan 1814   77 1737   M       No
G035 Jane Waldron Wed 1st Jun 1825   70 1755   F Wife of John     Yes
G035 John Waldron 1778         M Husband of Jane     Yes
G036 Jane Waldron Mon 28th Apr 1845   69 1776   F       No
G037 Jane Waldron Thur 6th Dec 1849   64 1785   F       No
G038 Elizabeth Waldron Tues 13th Aug 1861   51 1810   F       No
G039 Eliza Waldron Sat 6th Jan 1900   84 1816   F Wife of Thomas     Yes
G039 Thomas Waldron Tues 14th Nov 1876   64 1812   M Husband of Eliza     Yes
G040 Mary Jane Putt Mon 15th Feb 1932   74 1858 Bridge End F Wife of Richard     Yes
G040 Richard Putt Wed 16th Apr 1919   59 1860 Bridge End M Husband of Mary Jane     Yes
G041 Frederick Brown Thur 22nd Mar 1894   47 1847   M Husband of Harriet     Yes
G041 Harriet Brown Sun 22nd Dec 1895   58 1837   F Wife of Frederick     Yes
G041 Annie Elizabeth Illegible           F In Infancy     Yes
G042 Elizabeth Jane Brown Mon 1st Nov 1926   57 1869   F Wife of J B Brown   End of Row No
G043 Richard Bowden           M     Rest of stone unreadable and broken No
G044   Illegible             In loving memeory of my father and mother and brother Alex   Stone Cross No
G045 Margaret Rhymes Thur 8th Nov 1923   61 1862   F Daughter of Mary and William Rhymes     Yes
G045 Thornton Mary Rhymes Thur 15th Feb 1894   68 1826   F Wife of William Rhymes     Yes
G045 William Rhymes Sat 14th Jan 1882   69 1812   M Husband of Mary Thornton Rhymes     Yes
G045 2 sons and 1 granddaughter Rhymes             died in infancy     Yes
G046 Florence Beatrice Burgoyne Wed 15th Aug 1945   57 1888   F     End of row No
G047 Evelyn Burgoyne Sat 28th Dec 1918   24 1894   F Daughter of George and Lavinia   End of row Yes
G047 George Burgoyne Fri 1st Nov 1918   62 1856   M Husband of Lavinia Burgoyne   End of row Yes
G047 George Burgoyne     In Infancy     M Child of George and Lavinia Burgoyne   End of row Yes
G047 Jack Burgoyne Sat 1st Jul 1916   29 1887   M Son of George and Lavinia Sergeant 2nd Devons, killed in action and interred in France End of row Yes
G048 Eliza Hurrell Tues 30th May 1882   60 1822   F Wife of William Hurrell     Yes
G048 Mary Hurrell Thur 15th Sep 1881   18 1863   F Granddaughter of William and Eliza Hurrell     Yes
G048 William Hurrell Thur 7th Aug 1884   86 1798   M Husband of Eliza Hurrell     Yes
G049 Henry Hurrell           M   Remainder unreadable    
G050 John R L Froude Fri 8th Mar 1946   56 1890   M Husband of Margaret Froude     Yes
G050 Margaret Froude Sun 26th Aug 1979   76 1903   F Wife of John Froude     Yes
G051 Sarah Lidstone Thur 20th Nov 1817   71 1746   F Wife of Roger Lidstone     No
G052 Mary Susannah Froude Thur 1st Mar 1962   80 1882   F     End of row No
G053 John Froude Sat 7th Nov 1908   84 1824   M Husband of Mary Froude   End of row Yes
G053 Mary Froude Fri 22nd Apr 1892   77 1815   F Wife of John Froude   End of row Yes
G053 Susan Froude Sat 14th Jan 1893 Lidstone 38 1855   F Daughter of John and Mary Froude   End of row Yes
G054 Mary Froude Thur 20th Jul 1939   81 1858   F Wife of Roger Froude     Yes
G054 Roger Froude Fri 10th Mar 1950   93 1857   M Husband of Mary Froude     Yes
G055 Roger Lidstone Mon 30th Dec 1844   70 1774   M Husband of Susanna Lidstone     Yes
G055 Roger Lidstone Tues 14th Jan 1851   24 1827   M Son of Roger and Susanna Lidstone Drowned in Cornwall   Yes
G055 Susannna Lidstone Sun 30th May 1841   55 1786   F Wife of Roger Lidstone     Yes
G056 Alice Lidstone Mon 7th Apr 1975   81 1894   F Wife of William John Lidstone     Yes
G056 William John Lidstone Tues 12th Jul 1960   72 1888   M Husband of Alice Lidstone     Yes
G057 Chard Lidstone Fri 10th Apr 1885   72 1813   M Husband of Harriet Lidstone     Yes
G057 Harriet Lidstone Tues 22nd Sep 1846 Dodge 30 1816   F Wife of Chard Lidstone Stone erected by 2 daughters living in Natal   Yes
G057 Richard Lidstone Mon 24th Jan 1842   2 y 9 m 1840   M Son of Chard and Harriet Lidstone     Yes
G058 Frederick Harris Fri 22nd May 1908   61 1847   M       Yes
G058 Mary Jane Harris Thur 12th Jan 1905   54 1851   F       Yes
G058 Tryphena Harris Thur 4th Sep 1902   75 1827   F       Yes
G059 Alice Mabel Harris           F Wife of John W T Harris No dates   Yes
G059 John William Tuckerman Harris           M Husband of Alice Mabel Harris No dates   Yes
G060 Jane Tuckerman Sun 11th Jul 1886   76 1810   F Wife of John Tuckerman     Yes
G060 John Tuckerman Wed 19th Jan 1881   82 1799   M Husband of Jane Tuckerman     Yes
G061 Emma Beavell Sat 9th Sep 1911   65 1845   F Wife of James Beavell     Yes
G061 James Beavell Mon 30th Jun 1879   35 1844   M Father of Sarah Jane and Husband of Emma Beavell     Yes
G061 Sarah Jane Beavell Tues 14th Jan 1879   4 1875   F Daughter of James Beavell     Yes
G062 George Beavell Sat 11th Dec 1869   22 1847   M Son of John and Mary Beavell     Yes
G062 Sarah Kate Beavell Sun 13th Nov 1870   3     F Daughter of James and Emma Beavell   End of row Yes
G062 Thomas Beavell Wed 29th Aug 1866   15 1851   M Son of John and Mary Beavell     Yes
G063 Charles Edgecombe Sun 21st Jun 1896   40 1856   M     End of row No
G064 John Edgecombe Mon 29th Jan 1872   57 1815   M Husband of Mary and Father of Mary Ann     Yes
G064 Kathleen Amelia Edgecombe 1980     1901   F Daughter of George and Mary G069     Yes
G064 Mary Edgecombe Thur 16th May 1867   40 1827   F Wife of John and mother of Mary Ann     Yes
G064 Mary Ann Edgecombe Sun 3rd Nov 1867   18 1849   F Daughter of John and Mary     Yes
G065 Thomas Forrest Tues 10th Sep 1844         M       No
G066 Fanny Forrest Tues 19th Nov 1839 Stoner 12?     F       Yes
G066 Thomas Forrest Sun 5th Sep 1841   65 1776 South Efford M   Retired Captain RN   Yes
G067 Annie James Mon 19th Oct 1959 Searle 74 1885   F Wife of William   End of row Yes
G067 William James Fri 5th Mar 1920   47 1873   M Husband of Annie Searle   End of row Yes
G068 Edith Jessie Edgecombe Sun 26th Jan 1997   97 1900   F Wife of Reginald George   End of row Yes
G068 Reginald George Edgecombe Mon 30th Jul 1928   30 1898   M Husband of Edith   End of row Yes
G069 George Henry Edgecombe Fri 27th Jun 1952   80 1872   M Husband of Mary Elizabeth     Yes
G069 Mary Elizabeth Edgecombe Wed 30th Nov 1949   78 1871   F Wife of George Henry     Yes
G070 Elizabeth Shepherd Fri 29th Jun 1860   73 1787   F Wife of John     Yes
G070 John Shepherd Sun 6th Mar 1864   67 1797   M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
G071 Catherine Edgecombe Tues 19th Jul 1898   55 1843   F Wife of George   End of row Yes
G071 George Edgecombe Wed 11th Feb 1914   67 1847   M Husband of Catherine   End of row Yes
G072 Bessie Lethbridge Tues 6th Jun 1972   85 1887   F Sister of Ethel   End of Row Yes
G072 Ethel Lethbridge Wed 13th Sep 1939   55 1884   F Sister of Bessie   End of row Yes
G073 Elizabeth Rabjohns Lethbridge Wed 20th Apr 1927   72 1855   F Wife of Henry Lethbridge   End of Row Yes
G073 Henry Lethbridge Wed 17th Apr 1935   79 1856   M Husband of Elizabeth Late Sergeant of Devonport Police End of Row Yes
G074 John Henry Beavell Sun 17th Feb 1861   18 1843   M Son of John and Mary Beavell   End of Row Yes
G074 William Beavell Tues 25th Jun 1861   22 1839   M Son of John and Mary Beavell   End of Row Yes
G075 John Beavell Fri 15th Jul 1892   74 1818   M Husband of Mary Elizabeth     Yes
G075 Mary Beavell Tues 23rd Aug 1892   76 1816   F Wife of John     Yes
G076 Elizabeth Fox Wed 22nd May 1706         F Wife of Thomas   Secured to buttress W end of church Oldest memorial  
H001 Honor Ford Sat 10th Feb 1849   88     F       No

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