Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone F

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
F001 Florence May Steere Thur 9th Jun 1977   83 1894   F Wife of Francis John     Yes
F001 Francis John Steere Tues 26th Jan 1943   53     M Husband of Florence     Yes
F002 Claude Barraball Thur 29th May 1930         M Wife and children - no names     Yes
F003 Mary Bartlett Wed 2nd Mar 1887   94 1793   F Wife of William     Yes
F003 William Bartlett Tues 1st Jan 1867   75 1792   M Husband of Mary     Yes
F004 Sonia Weeks Tues 26th Jan 1943   5 1938 Aveton Gifford F   Killed by enemy action End of row No
F005 Elizabeth Spiney Sun 2nd Dec 1798   72 1726   F     End of row No
F006 John Joll Mon 29th Jan 1821   17 1804   M Son of John and Martha     Yes
F006 Mary Ann Joll Tues 9th Jan 1821   29 1792   F       Yes
F007 Albert Wakeham Sun 4th Dec 1910   49 1861   M Son of Nicholas and Ann     Yes
F007 Ann Wakeham Tues 30th Nov 1915   87 1828   F Wife of Nicholas and Mother of Albert     Yes
F007 Nicholas Wakeham Mon 14th Apr 1902   78 1824   M Husband of Ann and Father to Albert     Yes
F008 Alfred Steere Wed 2nd Dec 1931   77 1854   M Husband of Elizabeth Ann     Yes
F008 Elizabeth Ann Steere Thur 29th Jan 1948   76 1872   F Wife of Alfred     Yes
F008 Eva Jane Steere Wed 27th Sep 1939   36 1903   F Daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth     Yes
F009 Elizabeth Steere Tues 28th Sep 1920   71 1849   F Wife of John Andrew   End of Row Yes
F009 John Andrew Steere Mon 30th Dec 1912   63 1849   M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
F010 John Andrew Steere Sun 3rd Oct 1875   55 1820   M Husband of Margaret and Father of Margaret Kerswell Steere   End of Row Yes
F010 Margaret Steere Mon 2nd Dec 1912   83 1829   F Wife of John and Mother of Margaret Kerswell Steere   End of Row Yes
F010 Margaret Kerswell Steere Wed 21st Jan 1942 Kerswell 89 1853   F Daughter of John Andrew and Margaret Steere   End of Row Yes
F011 James Steere Mon 20th May 1895   81 1817   M Husband of Mary     Yes
F011 Mary Steere Thur 24th Nov 1898   89 1809   F Wife of James     Yes
F012 Elizabeth Lowe Steere Sun 6th May 1900 Lowe 94 1806   F Wife of William     Yes
F012 William Steere Tues 31st Jan 1860   56 1804   M Husband of Elizabeth Lowe     Yes
F013   Illegible Thur 8th Jan 1880   68 1812   F   Probably Sarah Ellis (from Register) Stone badly damaged with important information missing Yes
F013   Illegible     Infant             Yes
F014 Elizabeth Ann Ellis Sat 21st Apr 1883   47 1836   F       Yes
F014 Emily Susan Ellis Tues 23rd Mar 1909   70 1839   F       Yes
F015 John W H Martin Thur 8th Jun 1944   26 1918   M   Sapper (DCM) killed on Normandy Beaches in WWII   No
F018 Edith Jane Elliot Thur 21st May 1987   85     F       Yes
F018 Nathaniel William Elliott Tues 13th Feb 2001   85     M Edith Jane (F018)     Yes
F019 Eliza Jane Elliot Thur 9th Nov 1939   81     F Wife of William James     Yes
F019 Ida Anne Elliot Thur 24th Dec 1970         F Daughter of Eliza and William     Yes
F019 William James Elliot Wed 1st Mar 1916   72     M Husband of Eliza Ann     Yes
F020 Laurence Elliot Sun 6th Apr 1919   26 1893   M   Served with honour and was disabled in the Great War End of Row No
F021 Isaac Triscot Thur 1st Aug 1816   18 1798   M Son of W Isaac Triscott He was drowned   End of Row Yes
F021 W Isaac Triscot Mon 16th Jan 1832   59 1773   M Father of Isaac   End of Row Yes
F022 Jane Ash Sun 20th Mar 1887   87 1800   F Wife of William Ash     Yes
F022 William Ash Mon 6th Sep 1852   54 1798   M Husband of Jane Ash     Yes
F023 Emma Kate Worden Sat 4th Mar 1939   53 1886   F Wife of Thomas J Worden     Yes
F023 Thomas J Worden Wed 10th May 1950   74 1876   M Husband of Emma Kate     Yes
F024 Emma Horn Thur 17th Mar 1927   62 1865   F Daughter of William and Jane Interred in Dodbrooke Churchyard   Yes
F024 Jane Horn Thur 16th Nov 1905   79 1826   F Wife of William Horn     Yes
F024 William Horn Wed 17th Jul 1889   63 1826   M Husband of Jane Horn     Yes
F025 Emma Jane Horn Sat 13th May 1922   72 1850   F Wife of Isaac Horn     Yes
F025 Isaac Horn Fri 14th Feb 1902         M Husband of Emma Jane     Yes
F026 Jane Elliot Wed 13th Mar 1816   63 1753   F Wife of Nicholas Elliot     Yes
F026 Nicholas Elliot Fri 30th Jul 1824   82 1742   M Husband of Jane     Yes
F027 Philip Elliot Sun 11th Sep 1842   90 1752   M       No
F028 Elizabeth Steere Thur 9th Feb 1815   65 1750   F Wife of George Steere     Yes
F028 George Steere Sun 16th Apr 1820   46 1774   M Husband of Elizabeth Steere     Yes
F029 Mary Quint Sun 16th May 1813   78 1735   F Wife of Robert Quint     No
F030 Mary Quint Fri 14th Aug 1835   73 1762   F Daughter of Robert Quint     Yes
F030 Robert Quint Sat 3rd Apr 1802   68 1734   M Father of Mary     Yes
F031 Grace Elliot Sat 19th Jun 1784   70 1714   F       No
F032 Frank Wilson Thur 3rd Oct 1946   59 1887   M Husband of Mary Elizabeth   End of Row Yes
F032 Mary Elizabeth Wilson Tues 21st Jan 1936   49 1887   F Wife of Frank Wilson   End of Row Yes
F033 Elizabeth Harwood Sat 5th Mar 1864   63 1801   F Wife of William Harwood   End of Row Yes
F033 William Harwood Tues 5th Mar 1839   56 1783   M Husband of Elizabeth Harwood   End of Row Yes
F034 Jane Elliot Jan 1830         F Wife of Philip     No
F035 Andrew Voisey Wed 19th Mar 1851   58 1793   M       No
F036 Richard Voisey Wed 19th Nov 1851   52 1799   M       No
F037 Henry Wakeham Fri 26th Jan 1906   72 1834   M Husband of Sarah Ann     Yes
F037 Treeby Sarah Ann Wakeham Sat 17th May 1902   60 1842   F Wife of Henry     Yes
F038 Edward Davey Thur 15th Apr 1819   49 1770   M Husband of Jane Davey     Yes
F038 Jane Davey Thur 16th Sep 1824   60 1764   F Wife of Edward Davey     Yes
F039 Honor Elliot Tues 8th Oct 1901   7 m 1901   F Infant of Honor Eliot     Yes
F039 Honor Elliot Mon 11th Feb 1901   25 1876   F Mother of Honor     Yes
F040 Mary Jane Pulleyblank Tues 3rd Jan 1865   26 1839   F Wife of James   End of Row No
F041 Elizabeth Ann Davis Fri 24th Dec 1909   63 1846   F Wife of Frederick   End of Row Yes
F041 Frederick Davis Fri 12th Dec 1902   66 1836   M Husband of Elizabeth Ann   End of Row Yes
F042 George Lake Sun 13th Feb 1825   60 1765   M Father of Susan Lake     No
F043 Susan Lake Thur 21st Sep 1820   27 1793   F Daughter of George and Elizabeth     No
F044 Heiz Willcocks Tues 27th Feb 1810   20 1790           Yes
F044 Sarah Willcocks             Wife of George Lake     Yes
F045 Ann Steart Fri 27th Dec 1889   80 1809   F Daughter of John and Sarah     Yes
F045 John Steart Thur 5th May 1864   70 1794   M Son of John and Sarah     Yes
F045 John Steart Thur 7th Apr 1825   56 1769   M Husband of Sarah     Yes
F045 Sarah Steart Mon 3rd Feb 1840   70 1770   F Wife of John Steart     Yes
F046 Ellen Taylor Sat 11th Nov 1944   57 1887   F Wife of John Thomas Taylor     Yes
F046 John Thomas Taylor Wed 6th Sep 1916   35 1881   M Husband of Ellen Taylor     Yes
F047 Irene Edgecombe Sun 14th Jan 1917   66 1851   F Wife of Thomas     Yes
F047 Richard Edgecombe Wed 31st May 1916   25 1891   M Son of Thomas and Irene Lost his life on HMS Defence   Yes
F047 Thomas Edgecombe Fri 14th Oct 1921   73 1848   M Husband of Irene     Yes
F048 William Philip Foale Wed 5th Feb 1930   32 1898   M Husband of Elsa     No
F049 Alfred J Horn Mon 27th Apr 1891   8 m 1890   M Child of Isadora   End of Row Yes
F049 Isadora Ann Horn Sun 28th Oct 1900   42 1858   F Wife of John   End of Row Yes
F049 John I Horn Sat 27th Sep 1947   83 1864   M Husband of Isadora   End of Row Yes
F049a   Edgecombe Tues 13th Nov 1928 Emma       F       Yes
F049a   Edgecombe Thur 6th Oct 1927 Stephen       M       Yes
F050 John Edgecombe Wed 20th Apr 1831   23 1808   M Son of John and Mary   End of Row No
F051 Henry Bardons Edgecombe Sat 24th Mar 1838   32 1806   M Son of John and Mary     No
F052 Mary Edgecombe Sat 19th Jun 1830   64 1776   F Wife of John and Daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Bardons     No
F053 Henry Hannaford Mon 10th Nov 1902   58 1844   M Husband of Maria     No
F054 Benjamin Crimp Wed 21st Jun 1837   36 1801   M Husband of Sarah     Yes
F054 Sarah Crimp Wed 21st Jun 1837   36 1801   F Wife of Benjamin     Yes
F055 Elizabeth Lear Crimp Mon 29th Dec 1823         F Wife of John Crimp     Yes
F055 John Crimp Tues 19th Jun 1821   77 1744   M Husband of Elizabeth Lear Crimp     Yes
F056 John Crimp Fri 29th Mar 1816   44 1772   M Son of John and Elizabeth     No
F057 Richard Crimp Wed 10th Nov 1790   8 1782   M Son of John and Elizabeth Crimp     No
F058 Mary Steer           F Wife of Roger (Register says Mary Steere 6th Dec 1775) Slate very difficult to read Yes
F058 Roger Steer Sat 3rd Apr 1762   86 1676   M Husband of Mary (This is almost certainly Roger Steer - from register) Slate very difficult to read Yes
F059 John Thomas Jeffery Wed 3rd Mar 1915   70 1845   M     End of Row No
F060 George Luscombe Widdecombe Mon 20th Dec 1920   50 1870   M Son of William and Margaret   End of Row Yes
F060 Margaret Widdecombe Fri 12th Jan 1900   63 1837   F Wife of William Widdecombe   End of Row Yes
F060 William Widdecombe Thur 19th Jan 1911   81 1830   M Husband of Margaret Widdecombe   End of Row Yes
F061 Samuel Luscombe Wed 12th Sep 1888   1 y 10 m 1886   M Infant son of Servington and Jane Luscombe     Yes
F061 Samuel Spry Luscombe Thur 31st Jan 1918   19 1899   M Youngest son of Servington and Jane     Yes
F062 Florence Ellen Sandober Mon 15th Mar 1920   31 1889   F Wife of Edgar N Sandober Died at Renton   No
F063 Jane Luscombe Thur 28th Sep 1944   87 1857   F Wife of Servington Ward   End of Row and of Area F Yes
F063 Servington Ward Luscombe Tues 22nd Aug 1939   85 1854   M Husband of Jane Luscombe   End of Row and of Area F Yes

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