Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone D

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
D001 Mary Treeby Sat 5th Apr 1817   18     F Sarah and Mary     Yes
D001 Sarah Treeby Sun 19th Jan 1845   74     F Mary     Yes
D002 John Treeby Fri 24th Feb 1815   40     M Sarah and Mary     Yes
D002 William Treeby Sun 9th Apr 1837   11     M Sarah, John and Mary     Yes
D003 John Lavers Treeby Fri 28th Feb 1862   39     M John and Sarah     No
D004 Susanna Treeby Sat 21st Feb 1863   74     F       Yes
D004 William Treeby Sun 20th Nov 1881   63     M Stone erected by Philip their youngest son     Yes
D005 Edwin Treeby Fri 31st Mar 1837   16     M Richard Native of Spicerscoombe   Yes
D005 Richard Treeby Mon 22nd May 1837   25     M Richard and Edwin     Yes
D005 Richard Treeby Fri 3rd Jul 1835   53     M   Native of Spicerscoombe   Yes
D006   Treeby 1812               Broken headstone No
D007   Illegible               Not legible   No
D008   Illegible               Cannot read Stone sunk into ground No
D009 Amy Cole Fri 12th Apr 1822   1 y 5 m     F Owen and Amy Cole   Gap between D009 and D010 No
D010 Susan Wakeham Harris Thur 24th Jun 1915   83     F     Gap between this and D009 Yes
D010 William Wakeham Harris Mon 10th Jan 1859   37     M John and Sarah     Yes
D011 Edward Wakeham Harris Fri 6th Feb 1885   57     M John and Sarah     No
D012 Albert Pearce Prettejohn Fri 15th Jan 1897   10 m     M Son of Philip King and E A Prettejohn (D12)   Last Row 1 Yes
D012 Philip King Prettejohn Thur 23rd Aug 1900   59     M Father of Albert and William (D12)     Yes
D012 William Edgar Prettejohn Mon 15th Jan 1900   3 m     M Son of Philip King and E A Prettejohn (D12)   Last Row 1 Yes
D013 Amelia Jane Rogers Fri 17th Jul 1908   56     F Wife of Charles Jones (D13)   First Row 2 Yes
D013 Charles Jones Rogers Fri 28th Oct 1910   57     M Husband of Amelia Jane (D13)   First Row 2 Yes
D014 Jane Cole Illegible               Can't read   No
D015   Illegible               Can't read   No
D016 Alice Tucker Thur 10th Mar 1831 Cole 98     F Wife of John Tucker   Stone sunk into ground No
D017 Mary Cole Sat 5th Feb 1887         F Wife of John Cole   Stone sunk into ground No
D018 William Cole           M Son of John   Stone sunk into ground No
D019 Mary Sherrife Mon 11th Apr 1808   28     F Wife of Richard   End of short row No
D020 Mary Rogers Tues 19th Oct 1880         F Christopher Rogers   Stone partially sunk Starting at path No
D021 Elizabeth Rogers           F     Cross on Headstone No
D022 Elizabeth Rogers Thur 20th Oct 1938   89     F Wife of John     Yes
D022 John Lurcombe Rogers Tues 13th Dec 1927   79   Bickington M Husband of Elizabeth G     Yes
D023   Illegible               Cannot read   No
D024 Mary Cole Nov 1820   68     F Wife of John Cole     No
D025 John Cole Wed 3rd Jan 1883   74   Late of Wisaller M       No
D026 Agness Cole Wed 18th Sep 1833   87     F Wife of Stephen     Yes
D026 Stephen Cole Mon 5th Jul 1830   80     M       Yes
D027 Grace Cole Sun 20th Mar 1859   81     F Wife of John     Yes
D027 John Cole Mon 20th Jul 1863   83     M Husband of Grace     Yes
D028 Alice Cole Wed 5th Jan 1881   60     F Wife of Stephen     No
D029 Stephen Cole           M Son of Stephen and Alice     No
D030 Jane Cole Thur 2nd Feb 1809   96     F Wife of Stephen     Yes
D030 Stephen Cole Sun 5th Jul 1795   81     M Husband of Jane     Yes
D031 Emily Hodder Tues 25th Dec 1945   95     F       Yes
D031 Louisa Hodder Fri 13th Jan 1939   91     F       Yes
D032 Samuel Hodder Fri 30th Dec 1904   73     M       No
D033 Samuel Hodder Tues 2nd Dec 1856   74   Harraton M Sarah     Yes
D033 Sarah Hodder Mon 14th May 1866   82   Harraton F Samuel     Yes
D034 Mary Hodder Thur 28th Oct 1858   28     F Samuel and Sarah     Yes
D034 Servington Hodder Sat 10th Apr 1847   36     M Samuel and Sarah     Yes
D035 John Hodder Tues 16th Sep 1890   82   Harraton M Leah     Yes
D035 Leah Hodder Sat 21st Mar 1885   67   Harraton F John     Yes
D036 Frances Mary Hodder Fri 13th Apr 1934   81     F     Grave faces other way enclosed
D037 Servington Hodder Fri 2nd Nov 1934       Harraton M     Cross Enclosed
D038 Louisa Hodder 1939         F     Just stone tablet on grave Yes
D039 Carrie Baker Wed 7th Aug 1929       Higher Sigdon F Wife of John Russell Baker and mother of Russell   Facing the other way against hedge No
D040 Joseph Humphries Thur 30th Apr 1925   47     M   Served in RFA in India and France On its own First in row against hedge
D041 Alice Luckraft Sat 17th Jan 1925   73     F Wife of Sidney Webber   First in row against hedge Yes
D041 Sidney Webber Luckraft Sat 28th Jun 1930   77     M Husband of Alice     Yes
D042 Charles Bailey Wed 30th Dec 1903   69     M Husband of Sarah     No
D043 Ann Crocker Wed 11th Aug 1869   62     F Wife of Richard Crocker     No
D044 Anne Crocker           F   Unable to read   Yes
D044 Robert Cowles Crocker           M   Unable to read   Yes
D045 Richard Daws Crocker Sun 19th Feb 1899   64     M     Headstone tilted over No
D046   Bridgeman Tues 26th Nov 1918 Mary Ellen 62     F Wife of P A Bridgeman     No
D047 Edward Illegible               Unable to read possibly two people  
D048 Grace Ellen Sargeant Mon 7th Jun 1909     Wed 27th Dec 1876   F Niece of Mary Ellen Bridgeman   End of part row No
D049 Thomas Cole Mon 26th Nov 1832   70     M Uncle of Thomas Cole   Gap between this and D050 Yes
D049 Thomas Cole Wed 23rd Apr 1823   78           Nearest Hedge Yes
D050 Elizabeth Jane Damarell Sat 27th Apr 1918   67     F     Gap between this and D049 Yes
D050 Henry Foale Damarell Tues 30th May 1922   77     M     Gap between this and D049 Yes
D051 Mary Matilda Foale Wed 13th Jun 1888   4 y 10 m     F Youngest daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Jane     No
D052 Elizabeth Jane Damarell Thur 22nd Dec 1932   51     F Sister of Hannah     Yes
D052 Hannah Gregory Damarell Mon 14th Sep 1936   55?     F Sister of Elizabeth Check year   Yes
D053 Jane Damarell Fri 26th Sep 1879   67     F Wife of Henry     Yes
D053 Henry Damerell Mon 22nd Dec 1890   79     M Husband of Jane     Yes
D054 Jemima Damarell Thur 13th Apr 1843   2 y 7 m     F Daughter of Henry and Jane     Yes
D054 Richard Elliott Damarell Wed 7th May 1845   2 y 6 m     M Son of Henry and Jane     Yes
D054 Sarah Ann Damarell Fri 6th Jun 1862     Tues 6th Nov 1849   F Daughter of Henry and Jane     Yes
D055 John Lake Thur 27th Jun 1878   86     M Father of Sarah   Check date Yes
D055 Sarah Lake Fri 16th Sep 1842         F Daughter of John   Headstone has a cross Yes
D056 Henry Lake           M     Unreadable Headstone has a cross
D057   Illegible               Unreadable Headstone has a cross End of Row (adjoining path) No
D058 Freda Joyce Wood Mon 15th Sep 1997     Mon 6th Jan 1919   F Mother of Philip and Michael   New type of headstone End of Row No
D059 Michael Charles Wood Fri 6th May 1960   3 y 11m     M Son of Freda Joyce     No
D060 Harold Servington Lakeman Mon 8th Sep 1958   72     M Husband of Mary Louisa     Yes
D060 Mary Louisa Lakeman Wed 3rd Dec 1958   71     F Wife of Harold Servington     Yes
D061 Elizabeth Lakeman Sun 28th May 1950   90     F Wife of Servington   Large grave with curb around Yes
D061 Servington Lakeman Wed 23rd Aug 1950   89     M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D062   Illegible               Unreadable Graves now the other way cross on headstone
D063 Elizabeth Horswill Thur 7th Feb 1850   72?     F Wife of John     Yes
D063 John Horswill Tues 24th Jun 1851   80     M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D064 Dinah Horswill Wed 4th Apr 1877   52     F Daughter-in-law of John and Elizabeth     Yes
D064 John Horwill Sun 27th Aug 1882   67     M Son of John and Elizabeth Check date   Yes
D065 Susanna Hingston Wakeham Sat 3rd Jan 1846   58     F Wife of Thomas Other writing cannot read   Yes
D066 Elizabeth Crocker Sat 11th Nov 1876   78     F Wife of Jasper     Yes
D066 Jasper Crocker Sun 30th May 1869   81     M Husband of Elizabeth   Small gap between graves Yes
D067 Robert Friend Edgcombe Sat 15th Nov 1930   86     M     Tall Headstone No
D068 James Henry Putt Sun 26th Jul 1908   30     M Husband of Alice Died at Blacdon, Paignton Large gap between graves Yes
D068 William Mark Putt     Inf     M Son of James Henry and Alice   No date Yes
D069 Mary Jane Putt Wed 14th Dec 1921   64     F Wife of William H Putt     Yes
D069 William H Putt Fri 19th Dec 1924   68     M Husband of Mary Jane     Yes
D070   Illegible                 Headstone has sunk cross on top tilted round. Cannot read No
D071 George Davey Tues 29th Mar 1864   68     M Husband of Mary   End of Row (Against Hedge) Yes
D071 Mary Davey Mon 30th Dec 1867   71     F Wife of George   End of Row (Against Hedge) Yes
D072 Mary Usborne Sat 17th Oct 1896   79   Grove Park F     End of Row (Against Hedge) No
D073 Mary Brooking Wed 12th Feb 1834   82     F Wife of Nicholas A man and wife for 60 years, but now must leave our children de      Yes
D073 Nicholas Brooking Sun 21st Apr 1833   82     M Husband of Mary   Grave sited back Yes
D074 Lilian Harvey Mon 25th Jan 1904   11?     F Daughter of Mark and Lily Harvey   Large gap from previous grave No
D075 Elizabeth Bassett Tues 22nd Dec 1896   63     F Wife of William     Yes
D075 William Bassett Fri 21st Aug 1903   70     M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D076 John Luscombe Wed 28th May 1890   43     M       No
D077 John Veale Wed 4th Feb 1852   30     M Husband of Mary Ann     Yes
D077 John Henry Veale Thur 27th Sep 1849   18 m     M Son of John     Yes
D078 Elizabeth Phillips Thur 22nd Dec 1881   64     F Second Wife of Thomas     Yes
D078 Susan Phillips Sun 16th Feb 1845   27     F Wife of Thomas     Yes
D078 Thomas Phillips Thur 6th Jan 1898   79     M Husband to Susan and Elizabeth     Yes
D079 Eliza Sarah Morgan Thur 25th Aug 1927   82     F Wife of John Hingston     Yes
D079 John Hingston Morgan Fri 18th Jun 1920   75     M Husband of Eliza Sarah     Yes
D080 Clarice Emma Ellis Fri 15th Nov 1991   85     F Wife of John   Large stone cross Yes
D080 John Ellis Sat 19th Jan 1952   47?   Marsh Haven M Husband of Clarice Emma   Headstone the other way Yes
D081 Emma Froude Morgan Sun 21st Sep 1890   64     F Related to Peter?   Headstone facing other way No
D082 Peter Morgan Mon 7th Mar 1910   88     M Husband of Agenoria related to Emma Froude Morgan?    
D083 Agenoria Morgan Sun 19th Nov 1876   65     F Wife of Peter     No
D084 Abraham Hingeston Morgan Fri 10th Apr 1863   20 Sun 1st Oct 1843   M Son of Peter and Agenoria     No
D085 Elizabeth Morgan Sat 26th Nov 1853   69     F Wife of Peter     Yes
D085 Maria Morgan Tues 3rd Feb 1891   70     F Wife of Peter     Yes
D085 Peter Morgan Sat 23rd Dec 1871   86     M Husband of Elizabeth Check date   Yes
D085 William Richards Morgan Thur 22nd Dec 1853   12     M Grandson of Elizabeth and Peter     Yes
D086 Rebecca Morgan Fri 24th Sep 1858         F     Cross on Headstone End of Row against path No
D087 Caroline Elston Clark Mon 18th Mar 1940   77     F Wife of William   End of Row Yes
D087 William Clark Thur 10th Mar 1955   89     M Husband of Caroline Elston   End of Row Yes
D088 Rhoda Clark Tues 23rd May 1933   65     F Wife of Walter     Yes
D088 Walter Clark Tues 19th Sep 1961   50     M Uncle of George Lee   Ornate Headstone Yes
D088 George Lee Tues 11th Jun 1912   35     M Nephew of Walter     Yes
D089 Annie Burgoyne Thur 31st Aug 1899   72     F       No
D090 Sarah Clark Tues 29th Mar 1898   73     F Wife of William     Yes
D090 William Clark Tues 16th Feb 1904   82     M Husband of Sarah     Yes
D090(a)   Illegible                 Grave sunk between D90 and D91 No
D091 Joanna Ellis Wed 9th Oct 1907   79     F Wife of John     Yes
D091 John Ellis Sun 12th Nov 1893   73   Marsh Mills M Husband of Joanna     Yes
D092 Alfred John Ellis Fri 24th Jul 1868     Sun 10th Jul 1864 Marsh Mills M   Born at Marsh Mills   Yes
D092 Susan Ellis Mon 14th Jan 1850   72     F Wife of William Ellis     Yes
D092 William Ellis Thur 4th Dec 1851   74     M Husband of Susan     Yes
D093 Amy Elizabeth Ellis Thur 13th Nov 1913   13   Marsh Mills F Child of Thomas and Elizabeth     No
D094 Richard Clark Mon 24th Sep 1810   24?     M Related to James and Prudence   In space behind row No
D095   Hornabrook Sun 25th Jul 1886 Elizabeth Mary 2 y 9 m     F Daughter of William and Alma   In space behind row Yes
D095   Hornabrook Fri 29th Oct 1886 Florence Agnes 4 y 7 m     F Daughter of William and Alma   In space behind row Yes
D096 Frederick Glizard Fri 9th May 1834   4     F?   Check year Very old elaborate grave Back from row No
D097 Amy Pepperall Sun 29th Jul 1860   56     F Wife of Roger   Back from row Yes
D097 Roger Pepperall Thur 27th Aug 1857   54     M Husband of Amy   Back from row Yes
D098 Richard Luckraft Thur 22nd Mar 1888   6 m Wed 31st Aug 1887   M Son of Augustus Garland and Elizabeth Ann     No
D099 Elizabeth Roll Thur 12th Jan 1899   76     F Wife of William Died at Challons Coombe End of row by hedge Yes
D099 William Roll Thur 15th Jul 1880   69   Harraton Inn M Husband of Elizabeth   End of row by hedge Yes
D100 Elizabeth Yabsley Sun 19th May 1850   65     F Wife of George     No
D101 John Crimp Yabsley Thur 1st Feb 1849   31   Wetcombe, North Huish M Son of George and Elizabeth     No
D102 Richard Yabsley Wed 18th Jan 1797   44     M     End of Row No
D103 Elizabeth Saunders Fri 5th Mar 1858   37     F Wife of Roger Also un-named children   Front row starting at Lych Gate No
D104 George Grills Yabsley Mon 20th Dec 1830   7     M Son of Richard and Sarah Irina of Cuttery East Allington     No
D105 Amy Jane Ellis Sun 1st Nov 1925   55     F       Yes
D105 Susan Ellis Sat 2nd May 1942   83     F       Yes
D105 Leonora Thatcher Thur 14th Mar 1935   80     F Widow of Frederick H Thatcher     Yes
D106 Garland Crimp Fri 21st Apr 1865   9 m     M Son of Samuel and Mary     Yes
D106 Lucena Crimp Thur 17th Aug 1865   7 m     F Daughter of Samuel and Mary     Yes
D106 Mary Crimp Tues 20th Mar 1866   40     F Wife of Samuel Also buried with her infant child     Yes
D106 Samuel Crimp Thur 18th Sep 1856   2     M Son of Samuel and Mary     Yes
D107 Mary Crimp Sun 11th Mar 1883   32     F Daughter of Samuel Died at Peterville, St Agnes, Cornwall   Yes
D107 Samuel Crimp Sat 28th Oct 1882   68     M Husband of Susan     Yes
D108 Elizabeth Yabsley Mon 24th Mar 1828   79     F Wife of William     Yes
D108 William Yabsley Mon 18th Jul 1796   65     M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D109 Elizabeth Ellis Sun 18th Nov 1928   57   Marsh Mills F Wife of Thomas James     Yes
D109 Thomas James Ellis Tues 26th May 1936   69   Marsh Mills M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D110 Winifred Mary Ellis Sat 20th Dec 1930   29     F Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth     No
D111 George Elliott Mon 20th Oct 1800   81     M Husband of Jane     No
D112 Jane Elliott Sun 10th Oct 1790   72     F Wife of George     No
D113 Mary Elliott Sun 24th Oct 1790   48     F Daughter of George and Jane     No
D114 George Elliott Thur 25th Nov 1790   42     M       No
D115 Elizabeth Prout Wed 17th Jan 1838   54     F Wife of Michael     Yes
D115 Michael Prout Mon 8th Dec 1856   72     M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
D116 John Bond Thur 26th Dec 1901   72     M Brother of Susanna Morgan   End of row Immediately in front of church door
D116 Susanna Morgan Sat 18th Feb 1905   80     F Wife of Peter     Yes
DO65 Thomas Wakeham Mon 17th Apr 1876         M Husband of Susanna     Yes

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