Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone C

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
C001 Henry Wilton Sun 25th Oct 1903   78 1825   M   This stone was erected by his loving grandchild Honor   Yes
C001 Mary Wilton Fri 22nd Apr 1910   80 1830   F Wife of Henry Wilton     Yes
C002 Elizabeth Purdie Sun 26th May 1844   34 1810   F Wife of John Purdie     Yes
C002 John Purdie Wed 13th Jan 1875   76 1799   M Husband of Elizabeth     Yes
C003 William Henry May Wed 16th Jun 1841   9 m 1840   M Son of Samuel and Harriet May     No
C004 John Browne Mon 3rd Jun 1833   88 1745   M Husband of Mary     Yes
C004 Mary Browne Mon 13th Feb 1860   93 1767   F Wife of John     Yes
C005 Jane Maddick Tues 12th Jun 1906   85 1821   F Wife of William     Yes
C005 William Maddick Tues 19th Jul 1881   62 1819   M Husband of Jane     Yes
C006 Henry Maddick Sun 27th Aug 1865   39 1826   M Son of William     Yes
C006 William Maddick Fri 7th Aug 1840   55 1785   M Father of Henry     Yes
C007 Edwin Maddick Mon 23rd May 1887   21 1866   M       No
C008 Thomas Maddick Sun 12th Nov 1905   62 1843   M   Died at the Rectory Aveton Gifford   No
C009 James Maddick Thur 15th Aug 1907   79 1828   M Husband of Mary     Yes
C009 Mary Maddick Wed 20th Mar 1918   77 1841   F Wife of James     Yes
C010 Angel Elizabeth Wright Thur 12th Nov 1863   24 1839   F Daughter of Elias and Mary Wright Angel Check?   No
C011 Edward Garland Mon 17th Oct 1870   3 y 3 m 1867   M Son of Edward and Catherine Garland     No
C012 Catherine Garland Sun 31st Jan 1909   78 1831   F Wife of Edward     Yes
C012 Edward Garland Tues 7th Dec 1909   87 1822   M Husband of Catherine     Yes
C012 John Parsons Garland Wed 13th Apr 1932   62 1870 Stockadon M Son of Edward and Catherine Garland   Celtic Cross Yes
C013 Sarah Steere Sun 27th Mar 1803   69 1734   F Wife of George C14   Only 2 in row No
C014 George Steere Tues 13th Jul 1802   74 1728   M Husband of Sarah C13   Only 2 in row No
C015 Clara Maddick Wed 28th Feb 1912   37     F Wife of William and Mother of Wilfred   C15 Large Gap from C14 Yes
C015 Wilfred Henry Maddick Mon 30th Jun 1924   17     M Son of Clara   Large Gap from C14 Yes
C015 William Henry Maddick Fri 8th Jan 1954   79     M Husband of Clara   Large Gap from C14 Yes
C016 John Robert Maunder Fri 26th Sep 1913   59     M Brother of Josias C16     Yes
C016 Josias George Maunder Thur 27th Oct 1870   5     M Son of Philip and Mary C17     Yes
C016 Mary Jane Maunder           F Wife to John C16     Yes
C017 Mary Pearce Maunder Sun 26th Jul 1914   79     F Wife of Philip C17   By Yew Yes
C017 Philip Maunder Thur 7th Jan 1875   40     M Husband of Mary C16   By Yew Yes
C018 Sarah Partridge Mon 21st Nov 1870   65     F Wife of Richard C18   NE of and near the Yew Tree Yes
C018 George Sweet Partridge Fri 7th Jan 1859   21     M Son of Richard C18   NE of and near the Yew Tree Yes
C018 Richard Partridge Sun 6th Jan 1861   86     M Father of George C18   NE of and near the Yew Tree Yes
C019 Ann Saunders Sat 18th Nov 1848   75     F Wife of Roger C19     Yes
C019 Roger Saunders Mon 20th Mar 1848   85     M Husband of Ann C19     Yes
C020 Emma Woods Mon 24th Feb 1862   1     F Daughter of William and Sarah Woods   North side of Yew Yes

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