Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone B

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
B001 Susan Andrews Sun 6th Feb 1831   71 1760   F Wife of Thomas (B1)   Set in slope of bank Yes
B001 Thomas Andrews Sun 7th Dec 1834   85 1749   M Husband of Susan (B1)   Set in slope of bank Yes
B002 Agness Cole Sun 2nd Mar 1856   71 1785   F Wife of Richard (B3)   Set in slope of bank Yes
B002 Richard Cole Sun 11th Jan 1852   82 1770   M Husband of Agness (B2)   Set in slope of bank Yes
B003 Eliza Saunders Sun 25th Feb 1877   49 1828   F Wife of Mark (B3)   Just below bank Yes
B003 Mark Saunders Thur 28th Dec 1905   69 1836   M Husband of Eliza (B3)     Yes
B003 Jane S Walpole Sat 25th Jun 1949   84 1865   F Daughter of Eliza and Mark (B3)     Yes
B004 Anne Saunders Sat 11th May 1878 Sandover 77 1801   F Wife of Thomas (B4)     Yes
B004 Thomas Saunders Wed 30th Aug 1843   44 1799   M Husband of Anne (B4)     Yes
B005 Richard Sandover Sun 6th Apr 1873   75 1798   M       No
B006 Mary Anne Sullock Fri 30th Dec 1927 Carne 98 1829   F Wife of Robert (B6)     Yes
B006 Robert Sullock Sun 11th Jul 1875   65 1810   M Husband of Mary Anne (B6)     Yes
B007 Angenoria Hingston Westlake Sun 30th Jul 1944   67 1877   F Wife of Samuel Joseph (B7)   Flat grave Yes
B007 Samuel Joseph Westlake Fri 4th Sep 1936   65 1871   M Husband of Angenoria Hingston (B7)   Flat grave Yes
B008 Agenoria Westlake Mon 19th Aug 1935   23 1927   F       No
B009 James Walke Tues 17th May 1898   46 1852   M Husband of Sarah Mary (B9)     Yes
B009 Sarah Mary Walke Mon 14th Jan 1935   84 1851   F Wife of James (B9)     Yes
B010 Edith Frances Mon 28th Jan 1889   23 1866   F       No
B011 Hubert Willcocks Tues 30th May 1871   3 1868   M       No
B012 Jane Deighton Mon 5th Jul 1852 Willcocks 22 1830   F       Yes
B013 Agnes Willcocks Fri 27th Apr 1866   77 1789   F       No
B014 George Willcocks Wed 1st Aug 1877   87 1790   M       No
B015 George Willcocks Sat 6th Feb 1897   75 1822   M Husband of Mary Jane (B15)     Yes
B015 Mary Jane Willcocks Sun 14th Feb 1915   79 1836   M Wife of George (B15)     Yes
B016 Alfred Willcocks Sat 4th Nov 1950   86 1864   M Brother of George (B16)     Yes
B016 George Willcocks Sat 16th Aug 1913   50 1863   M Brother of Alfred (B16)     Yes
B017 Elias Beer Tues 24th Feb 1857   33 1824   M Husband of Elizabeth (B17)     Yes
B017 Elizabeth Beer Tues 24th Feb 1857   33 1824   F Wife of Elias (B17)     Yes
B017 Robert Beer Tues 24th Feb 1857         M Son of Elias and Elizabeth (B17)     Yes
B018 Elizabeth Sandover Fri 8th Oct 1852   38 1814   F Wife of Robert (B18)     Yes
B018 Robert Sandover           M       Yes
B019 Anne Hannaford Fri 15th Oct 1909   77 1832   F Wife of William (B19)     Yes
B019 Eliza Hannaford Sat 16th Apr 1887   30 1850   F Sister of William (B19)     Yes
B019 Mary Elizabeth Hannaford Thur 18th Jan 1951         F Sister of William (B19)     Yes
B019 Sarah Anne Hannaford Mon 28th May 1883   22 1861   F Sister of William (B19)     Yes
B019 William Hannaford Mon 16th Dec 1878   12 1866   M Son of William and Anne (B19)     Yes
B019 William Hannaford Sat 30th May 1868   48 1820   M Husband of Anne (B19)     Yes
B020 Nicholas Tremills Sun 31st Mar 1850   62 1788   M       No
B021 Elizabeth Bryant Sat 11th Nov 1848   47 1801   F       No
B022 John Willcocks Sat 28th Aug 1937   65 1872   M Brother of Samuel (B22)     Yes
B022 Samuel Willcocks Wed 3rd Jul 1940   70 1870   M Brother of John (B22)     Yes
B023 John Willcocks Fri 4th Mar 1904   79 1825   M       No
B024 Helena Amelia Willcocks Mon 27th Mar 1899   50 1849   F       No
B025 Helena Willcocks Wed 12th Apr 1893         F Daughter of John and Helena Willcocks     No
B026 Sarah Willcocks Mon 24th Sep 1849   53 1796   F       No
B027 Nancy Willcocks Wed 29th Jul 1868   52 1816   F Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Willcocks     No
B028 Jane Willcox Sat 18th Nov 1820   1 m     F Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Willcocks     Yes
B028 William Henry Willcox Fri 5th Feb 1813   3     M       Yes
B029 Mary Grace Torring Tues 1st Nov 1853   18 1835   F       Yes
B029 Richard Torring Sun 11th Jan 1835   1 m     M Son of Richard and Sarah Torring (B30)     Yes
B030 Richard Torring Mon 3rd May 1875   62 1813   M Husband of Sarah (B30)     Yes
B030 Sarah Torring Sun 6th Nov 1881   67 1814   F Wife of Richard (B30)     Yes
B031 Grace Peprall Tues 8th Mar 1808   20 1788   F Daughter of Roger and Joan Peprall     No
B032 Ann Pepperal Fri 16th Feb 1816   42 1819   F Daughter of William and Elizabeth (B32)     Yes
B032 Elizabeth Pepperal Mon 16th Nov 1863   76 1784   F Wife of William (B32)     Yes
B032 James Pepperal     39     M       Yes
B032 William Pepperal Mon 26th Feb 1872   89 1783   M Husband of Elizabeth (B32)     Yes
B033 Ellen Ryder Sun 9th Sep 1888   25 1863   F Wife of William     No
B034 James Pearce Sun 20th Dec 1908   82 1826   M Husband of Mary (B34)     Yes
B034 Mary Pearce Fri 25th Oct 1901 Phillips 76 1825   F Wife of James (B34)     Yes
B035 Margaret Pearce Thur 11th Sep 1862 Phillips 62 1800   F Daughter of James and Mary (B37)     No
B036 Margaret Pearce Mon 4th Jul 1864 Newland 75     F   Year from Register   Yes
B036 Nathaniel Pearce Mon 9th Oct 1854   61     M   Date from register   Yes
B037 James Pearce Wed 27th Sep 1944   85 1856   M Husband of Mary A (B37)     Yes
B037 Mary A Pearce Fri 14th Feb 1958   89 1869   F Wife of James (B37)     Yes
B038 William Pearce           M       No
B039 Ann Pearce 1901 Prettejohn 91 1810   F     Check this entry Yes
B039 Ann Pearce     39     F Wife of William (B39)     Yes
B039 John Alfred Pearce Thur 1st Jun 1911   60     M       Yes
B039 William Pearce Thur 11th May 1939   51 1888   M Husband of Ann (B39)     Yes
B040 Mary Pearce Jan 1859   75 1784   F       No
B041 Elizabeth Moore Tues 20th Dec 1864   36 1828   F Wife of Henry (B41)     Yes
B041 Henry Moore Tues 12th Sep 1893   73 1820   M Husband of Elizabeth (B41)     Yes
B041 Janet Moore Tues 21st Dec 1886   6 1880   F Granddaughter of Elizabeth (B41)     Yes
B042 Henry Moore Fri 29th May 1846   72 1774   M       No
B043 Louisa Sandover Sun 8th Mar 1857   28 1828   F Wife of George of Sandover     No
B044 Maria Sandover Sun 13th Jun 1920   79 1841   F Wife of Richard (B44)     Yes
B044 Richard Sandover Mon 6th Aug 1917   73 1844   M Husband of Maria (B44)     Yes
B045 Elias Ford Tues 4th Nov 1856         M Son of Elias and Jane Ford     Yes
B045 Maria Janes Sun 24th Feb 1867 Ford 86 1781   F Sister of Elias (B45) Daughter of Elias and Jane Ford     Yes
B046 Mary Ford Sandover Fri 8th Feb 1861 Ford 9 1862   F Child of Robert and Elizabeth Sandover     Yes
B046 Philip Sandover Sun 27th Jan 1861   21 1840   M Child of Robert and Elizabeth Sandover     Yes
B047 Mabel Wood Sandover Mon 26th Mar 1906   33 1873   F Sister of Richard (B47) Daughter of Richard and Sarah (B49)   Right Yes
B047 Richard John Sandover Mon 12th Dec 1881   21 1860   M Brother of Mabel (B47) Son of Richard and Sarah (B49)   Right Yes
B048 Gertrude Jane Sandover Mon 27th Nov 1899   25 1874   F Sister of Mabel (B47) Daughter of Richard and Sarah (B49)     No
B049 Richard John Sandover Mon 11th Mar 1907   69 1838   M Husband of Sarah (B49) Father of Richard and Sarah (B47) and Gertrude     Yes
B049 Sarah Jane Sandover Wed 28th Feb 1917   60 1857   F Wife of Richard (B49)     Yes
B050 William Ford Fri 4th Jun 1841   57 1784   M Husband of Winne (B50)     Yes
B050 Winne Ford Thur 17th Jul 1856   74 1782   F Wife of William (B50)     Yes
B051 Jane Ford Thur 10th Feb 1831   86 1745   F Wife of Elias (B52)     No
B052 Elias Ford Sun 13th Jul 1817   67 1750   M Husband of Jane (B51)     Yes
B052 Richard Ford Fri 15th Sep 1854   83 1771   M Son of Elias (B52)     Yes
B053 James Ford Sandover Sun 30th Apr 1843   10 1852   M Son of ???(B55)     Yes
B053 Jane Ford Sandover Sat 4th Aug 1832   9 m 1833   F Daughter of William and Julia (B54)     Yes
B053 Tabitha Sandover Thur 28th May 1829   8 d 1829   F Daughter of William and Julia (B54)     Yes
B054 Julia Sandover Fri 23rd Jan 1874   81 1793   F Wife of William (B54)     Yes
B054 William Sandover Wed 2nd Nov 1881   77 1804   M Husband of Julia (B54)     Yes
B055 Charles Wood Fri 11th Mar 1910   69 1841 Chillaton M Husband of Harriet (B55)     Yes
B055 Harriet Emma Wood Thur 10th Oct 1907   64 1843 Chillaton F Wife of Charles (B55)     Yes
B055 William Wood Thur 9th Nov 1876   38 1838   M Son of ????? (B58)     Yes
B056 Jane Wood Sat 9th May 1987   77 1910   F Wife of William (B56)     Yes
B056 William Wood Thur 21st Jun 1979   68 1911   M Husband of Jane (B56)     Yes
B057 Elizabeth Sarah Ann Yabsley Sat 18th Jun 1938   71 1867   F Wife of Joseph (B57)     Yes
B057 Joseph Josiah Yabsley Thur 21st Mar 1935   69 1866   M Husband of Elizabeth (B57)     Yes
B058 Gertrude Elizabeth Yabsley Tues 26th Mar 1907   2 y 11 m 1909   F Daughter of JJ and ES Yabsley (B57)     Yes
B058 Mary Maria Yabsley Mon 19th Nov 1945   83 1862   F       Yes
B059 Elizabeth Yabsley Sun 13th Jun 1880   51 1829   F Wife of Josias (B59)     Yes
B059 Josias Yabsley Sun 28th Mar 1909   87 1822   M Husband of Elizabeth (B59)     Yes
B060 Edith Mary Yabsley Tues 3rd Dec 1805   10 1795   F       Yes
B060 Hannah Steere Yabsley Wed 22nd Nov 1871   5 m 1871   F Daughter of Elizabeth and Josias (B59)     Yes
B060 John Yabsley 1872     1872   M       Yes
B060 Josias Yabsley Sat 18th Feb 1865   75 1790   M       Yes
B060 Josias Yabsley Tues 21st Feb 1860   70 1790   M Grandfather of Josias (B60)     Yes
B060 Josias Yabsley Mon 25th Feb 1861         M Grandson of Josias (B60) Burial Register "a few hours"   Yes
B061 Ann Troon Lakeman Thur 22nd Oct 1885   19 1866   F Daughter of Servington and Irene (B61)     Yes
B061 Irene Jemima Lakeman Thur 27th Mar 1919   82 1837   F Mother of Ann (B61)     Yes
B061 Servington Lakeman Tues 6th May 1879   45 1834   M Father of Ann (B61)     Yes
B062 Thomazine Lakeman Sat 14th Nov 1874   48 1826   F Daughter of Richard and Ann Lakeman   Left No

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