Aveton Gifford Memorial Inscriptions

Zone A

This file contains the information derived from the Memorial Inscriptions in Aveton Gifford Churchyard. It is not an exact transcription of the stones but it includes all the information that they contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information has been derived from the files published by the Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group.
Ref. Name Died Maiden Name Age Born Abode Gender Related to Notes about person Notes about grave Others in grave?
A001 John Spry Tues 8th Jul 1969   68     M     Right No
A002 Arthur Worden Sun 12th Oct 1969   88     M       No
A003 Derek Varcoe Fri 29th Jan 1971   24     M       No
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A004 Joseph Henry Spry Sun 14th Feb 1971   69     M       No
A005 Mabel Ann Rayment Thur 20th May 1971   90     F       No
A006 Charles Peter Sinnott Wed 24th Nov 1976         M Husband of Doris Regina (A6)     Yes
A006 Doris Regina Sinnott Mon 21st Jun 1971         F Wife of Charles Peter (A6)     Yes
A007 Charles Henry Wilde Armstrong         Chillaton Farm M       No
A008 Mary Elizabeth Mellor Sun 5th Dec 1971   72 Mon 24th Jul 1899   F Daughter of J and L Spry     No
A009 James Joseph Finn Sun 7th Sep 1980   90     M Husband of Janetta Alice (A9)     Yes
A009 Janetta Alice Finn Sat 12th Feb 1972   79     F Wife of James Joseph (A9)     Yes
A010 Dorothy E Bone Wed 7th Aug 1991   88     F Wife of Reginald D (A10)     Yes
A010 Reginald D Bone Fri 20th Oct 1972   75     M Husband of Dorothy E (A10)     Yes
A011 Josias Yabsley Mon 1st Jan 1973   80   Ashford M       No
A012 Gertrude Susan Wakeham Wed 17th Jan 1979   58     F       No
A013 Elsie May Elson Fri 12th Sep 1997   90     F Wife of William R (A013)     Yes
A013 William R Elson Fri 27th Apr 1973   71     M Husband of Elsie May (A013)     Yes
A014 John Clarke Tues 4th Dec 1973   53 Wed 12th May 1920   M       No
A015 Ellen Elizabeth Dixon Sun 20th Jan 1974   92     F       No
A016 Eleanor Perring Mon 14th Oct 1974         F     Left Yes
A016 Frederick James Perring Sat 29th Dec 1984   79     M     Left Yes
A017 John Hingston Wyatt Sun 4th Feb 1962   83     M Husband of May (A17)   Left Yes
A017 May Wyatt Fri 5th May 1972   87     F Wife of John (A17)   Left Yes
A018 Ethel Martin Tues 29th Apr 1969   79     F Wife of John (A18) Mother of John (F)     Yes
A018 John Martin Sat 3rd Mar 1962   76     M Husband of Ethel (A18)Father of John (F)     Yes
A019 Elsa Mary Steer Tues 24th Apr 1962   63     F Wife of William (A19)     Yes
A019 William Horn Steer Wed 19th May 1965   72     M Husband of Elsa (A19)     Yes
A020 Elizabeth Ann Hancock Wed 9th Feb 1966   87     F Wife of Frederick (A20)     Yes
A020 Frederick Charles Hancock Wed 9th May 1962   77     M Husband of Elizabeth (A20)     Yes
A021 Mary Louisa Perring Sun 12th Aug 1962   83     F Wife of Harry     No
A021 Minnie Violet Tucker Mon 8th Jan 2007     Tues 4th Nov 1919   F Wife of Sidney John     Yes
A021 Sidney John Tucker Wed 9th Oct 2002     Fri 9th Jan 1920   M Husband of Minnie Violet     Yes
A022 George Ernest Adams Mon 11th Feb 1963   81     M Husband of Annie (A22)     Yes
A022 Annie Adams Wed 28th Feb 1973   85     F Wife of George (A22)     Yes
A023 Beatrice Annie Mitchell Sun 30th Aug 1992   88     F Wife of Robert (A23)     Yes
A023 Robert Bertram Mitchell Sun 23rd Aug 1964   55     M Husband of Beatrice (A23)     Yes
A024 Betty Rosetta Wyatt Tues 17th Nov 1964   45     F Sister     No
A025 Leslie John Port Sun 31st Jan 1965   52     M       No
A026 Rose Emily Stanier Mon 15th Feb 1965   68     F       No
A027 Edith Middleton Thur 21st Feb 1985         F Mother of Michelle     No
A028 Caroline Alice Tucker Tues 14th Dec 1965   87     F       No
A029 Cordelia Ruth House Wed 6th Jul 1966   74     F Wife of Frederick (A29)     Yes
A029 Frederick William House Sun 17th Dec 1967   76     M Husband of Cordelia (A29)     Yes
A030 William Arthur Taylor Mon 11th Jul 1966     Tues 28th Dec 1909   M Husband of Emma     No
A031 Jessica Mary Hitchon 1967     1889   F       No
A032 Charles Tomes Thur 14th Dec 1972   90     M Husband of Dorothy (A32)     Yes
A032 Dorothy Tomes Mon 29th Jan 1968   70     F Wife of Charles (A32)     Yes
A033 May Dure Sat 23rd Aug 1980   76     F Wife of Sidney (A33)     Yes
A033 Sidney Lennon Dure Wed 28th Feb 1968   63     M Husband of May (A33)     Yes
A034 Alice Mary Edgcombe Fri 26th Apr 1968   74     F Wife of Frederick (A34)   Right Yes
A034 Frederick Edgcombe Sun 5th Jan 1969   83     M Husband of Alice (A34)   Right Yes
A035 Cecil Herbert Pengelly Fri 24th Feb 1967   72     M Husband of Ellen (A35)   Right Yes
A035 Ellen Pengelly Mon 9th Jan 1984   90     F Wife of Cecil (A35)   Right Yes
A035a Fanny Andrews 2008   103     F Wife of Walter (A035a)     Yes
A035a Walter Andrews 1962   61     M Husband of Fanny (A035a)     Yes
A036 Elizabeth Flexmore Wed 3rd Jan 1968   92     F Wife of Handel (A36)     Yes
A036 Handel Joseph Flexmore Sun 10th Dec 1961   87     M Husband of Elizabeth (A36)     Yes
A037 Florence Luckham Kitt Sat 1st Jul 1961   85     F Daughter of William and Mary (A37)     Yes
A037 Mary Kitt           F Wife of William (A37)     Yes
A037 William John Kitt           M Father of Florence (A37) Husband of Mary (A37)     Yes
A038 Aaron Ede Elford Mon 10th Oct 1960   78     M Father of Robert (A38)     Yes
A038 Robert Morrison Elford Sun 27th Dec 1987   77     M Son of Aaron (A38)     Yes
A039 Gertrude Andrews Mon 13th Jul 1970   87     F Wife of John (A39)     Yes
A039 John Andrews Sun 9th Oct 1960   82     M Husband of Gertrude (A39)     Yes
A040 Beatrice Alice Stevens Sun 18th Sep 1960         F Wife of Edgar (A40)     Yes
A040 Edgar Louis Stevens Fri 6th Jun 1980   85     M Husband of Beatrice (A40)     Yes
A041 Frederick Francis Hallett Mon 14th Mar 1977   81     M Husband of Lilian (A41)     Yes
A041 Lilian Mary Hallett Wed 7th Sep 1960   58     F Wife of Frederick (A41)     Yes
A042 Elizabeth Mary Putt Thur 31st Dec 1959         F Wife of George (A42)   Yes  
A042 George Henry Putt Sat 26th Dec 1959         M       Yes
A043 Edward Dyke Fri 7th Aug 1959   79     M       No
A044 Charles Boatman Tues 9th Dec 1958   69     M       No
A045 William Lakeman Mon 10th Nov 1958   55     M Son of Richard and Louisa     No
A046 Lily Louisa Elliott Sun 22nd Dec 1935   35     M Wife of Reuben Elliott     No
A047 Fanny Lee Wed 3rd Sep 1958   87     F Wife of Herbert (A47)   Left Yes
A047 Herbert J S Lee Sun 17th Sep 1961   88     M Husband of Fanny (A47)   Left Yes
A048 Alice Hortop Sun 12th Dec 1965   61     F Wife of Gilbert (A48)   Left Yes
A048 Gilbert Hortop Tues 9th Dec 1986   82     M Husband of Alice (A48)   Left Yes
A049 Louise Elaine Edgecombe Fri 1st Dec 1961   5     F Daughter of Alan and Mary     No
A050 John Henry Andrews Tues 23rd Jul 1968   50   Stockadon M Elder son of Gertrude and John     No
A051 Elsie Bennett Mon 25th Jan 1988   87     F Wife of victor (A51)     Yes
A051 Victor Bennett Wed 22nd Jan 1969   67     M Husband of Elsie (A51)     Yes
A052 Gladys Janes Sun 16th Mar 1969   63     F Wife of William (A52)     Yes
A052 William Charles Janes Mon 19th Apr 1971   71     M Husband of Gladys (A52)     Yes
A053 Florence Elizabeth Toms Tues 18th Mar 1969   89     F     Right No

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