Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1900s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 9; Page 143: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
285 Groom Pepperell Charles 5 Martin Terrace, Morice Town, Devonport Shipwright 25 Henry Pepperell, Porter Sign   Roger Prowse; George Francis Prowse  
Thur 22nd Feb 1900 Bride Prowse Tryphena Ann Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 24 Roger Prowse, Agricultural Labourer Sign
286 Groom Lethbridge James Henry Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 24 John Lethbridge, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Edward Goodman; Emma Jane Andrews  
Sat 24th Mar 1900 Bride Goodman Blanche Mary Aveton Gifford 24 Philip Goodman (deceased), Smith Sign
Volume 9; Page 144: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
287 Groom White John Adams Long Barton, Dorsetshire Farmer 25 George White, Farmer Sign      
Tues 24th Apr 1900 Bride Widdicombe Louisa Aveton Gifford 30 Samuel Widdicombe, Miller Sign
288 Groom Lakeman Richard Aveton Gifford Carpenter 33 William Lakeman, Builder Sign   John Lakeman; George Luscombe Lugger  
Wed 2nd May 1900 Bride Lugger Louisa Aveton Gifford 33 William Walter Lugger (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 145: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
289 Groom Lethbridge Walter John Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 26 John Lethbridge, Agricultural Labourer Sign   William Henry Pope; Elizabeth Pope  
Sun 29th Jul 1900 Bride Pope Mary Jane Aveton Gifford 36 Robert Pope (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Mark
290 Groom Moore Samuel Collins Tenement, Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 22 Richard Moore, Agricultural Labourer Sign   James Henry Putt; Lily Elizabeth Putt  
Sat 15th Sep 1900 Bride Putt Mary Kate Aveton Gifford 19 William Henry Putt, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 146: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
291 Groom Beer George Aveton Gifford Widower, Agricultural Labourer 48 George Beer (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   William Moore; William James Edgecombe  
Sun 20th Jan 1901 Bride Phillips Emma Aveton Gifford Widow 54 James Pepperell (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
292 Groom Wakeham Cecil John Dameralls Combe, Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 19 Henry Wakeham, Mole Catcher Sign   Alfred James Wakeham; John Tucker  
Sun 21st Apr 1901 Bride Damerell Elliza Jane Damarells Combe, Aveton Gifford 22 John Damerell, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 147: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
293 Groom Taylor Gilbert Richard Maunder Aveton Gifford Carpenter 24 Martin Taylor (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Francis Robert Hallett; Eliza Elizabeth Taylor; Mary Ann Hallett; Frederick Beer; Mabel Grace Taylor  
Thur 29th Aug 1901 Bride Widger Mary Louisa Aveton Gifford 27 Sign
294 Groom Shutt Edwin Aveton Gifford Sergeant in the Royal Marines 32 John Shutt (deceased), Fruit Salesman Sign By Licence Samuel James Hackworth; Lily Elizabeth Putt  
Sat 7th Sep 1901 Bride Putt Hannah Aveton Gifford 29 Richard Putt (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 148: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
295 Groom Elliott John Henry Ashford, Aveton Gifford Stoker in Royal Navy 29 Richard Elliott (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   George Elliott; Sarah Jane Lethbridge Elliott  
Wed 23rd Apr 1902 Bride Lethbridge Elizabeth Jane Ashford, Aveton Gifford 24 Sign
296 Groom Heard John Henry 26 Frog Street, Exeter Journeyman Baker 27 John Edwin Martin Heard, Miner Sign   John Sibley; Florence Luckham Kitt  
Sun 12th Oct 1902 Bride Stear Annie Jane Aveton Gifford 27 Charles Henry Stear (deceased), Veterinary Surgeon Sign
Volume 9; Page 149: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
297 Groom Menen William James 1 George Street, Stonehouse, Devon Painter 26 William James Menen, Dockyard Man Sign   Alfred Charles Harwood; Edith Mary Menen  
Wed 22nd Oct 1902 Bride Moore Susan Ellen Aveton Gifford 25 William Moore, Agricultural Labourer Sign
298 Groom Deville Thomas William Ivybridge Able Seaman in Royal Navy 26 John Deville, Cordwainer Sign   Stanley Hannaford; Sarah Jane Brown  
Thur 1st Jan 1903 Bride Hannaford Mary Elizabeth Lower Burn, Aveton Gifford 22 Henry Hannaford (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 150: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
299 Groom Harvey Mark Beer Aveton Gifford Petty Officer, Royal Navy 24 James Harvey (deceased), Carpenter Sign   William George Luscombe Putt; Annie Louisa Putt; James Frank Widger  
Mon 13th Apr 1903 Bride Putt Lily Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 24 William Henry Putt, Agricultural Labourer Sign
300 Groom Shepherd William Denbow Woodhouse, west Alvington Farmer 26 Peter Shepherd, Retired Farmer Sign   William Henry Bowden; Constance Annie Shepherd  
Wed 22nd Apr 1903 Bride Bowden Louis Titwell, Aveton Gifford 26 William Henry Bowden, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 151: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
301 Groom Moore George Aveton Gifford Carrier 25 Thomas Moore (deceased), Carrier Sign   Mark Saunders Toms; Elizabeth Sarah Bowden  
Wed 29th Apr 1903 Bride Toms Florence Ellen Aveton Gifford 20 William Toms (deceased), Tailor Sign
302 Groom Sandover Philip Arthur Chilliton, Aveton Gifford Wheelwright 25 Richard John Sandover, Wheelwright Sign   William George Harding; Hettie Luscombe  
Thur 2nd Jul 1903 Bride Harding Edith Jane Higher Wizaller, Aveton Gifford 25 George Harding (deceased), Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 152: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
303 Groom Thorne William Henry 23 Dixon Street, New Swindon Labourer in Locomotive Detartment, Great Western Railway 29 William Thorne, Hay Turner? Sign   William Henry Patey; Elizabeth Ann Putt; Annie Maria Munday  
Sat 19th Sep 1903 Bride Patey Emma Aveton Gifford 24 Henry Patey, Agricultural Labourer Sign
304 Groom Moore Samuel Drewsteignton Agricultural Labourer 28 William Moore, Agricultural Labourer Sign   James Edgecombe; Emily Eliza Moore  
Sat 26th Mar 1904 Bride Luscombe Beatrice Ann Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 24 Edward Luscombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 153: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
305 Groom Wyatt John Hingston St Mary's, Devonport 1st Class Petty Officer, Royal Navy 26 Edward Wyatt, Gardener Sign   Thomas Adams; Mary Jane Wyatt; Richard Wyatt  
Sat 16th Apr 1904 Bride Adams May Aveton Gifford 19 Thomas Adams, Mason Sign
306 Groom Harvey William Erwin Staverton, Devon Miller 25 William Harvey, Gardener Sign   Alfred George Harvey; Edith Prowse  
Mon 23rd May 1904 Bride Prowse Clara Ellen Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 22 Roger Prowse, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 154: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
307 Groom Bartlett Samuel George Aveton Gifford Leading Seaman, Royal Navy 26 George Bartlett, Labourer Sign   William Jeffery; Eliza Ellen Willcocks  
Thur 26th May 1904 Bride Willcocks Annie Aveton Gifford 26 Henry Willcocks, Carpenter Sign
308 Groom Harris Stephen George Aveton Gifford Blacksmith 24 William George Haris (deceased), Wheelwright Sign   William Henry Harris; Agnes Harris  
Sat 2nd Jul 1904 Bride Ruth Susan Saunders Aveton Gifford 21 George William Saunders Ruth (deceased), Mason Sign
Volume 9; Page 155: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
309 Groom Garrett Charles Henry East Knoyle, Wiltshire Farmer 32 George Garrett, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Frank Garrett; Frederic Harris  
Thur 22nd Dec 1904 Bride Harris Mary Ann Aveton Gifford 27 Frederick Harris, Retired Wheelwright Sign
310 Groom Elliott George Aveton Gifford Labourer 23 Richard Elliott (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Joseph Elson; Florence Emily Elson; Robenia Ellen Elson  
Sat 4th Mar 1905 Bride Elson Caroline Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 25 Joseph James Elson, Mason Sign
Volume 9; Page 156: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
311 Groom Pearce William Henry 6 Springfield Road, Teddington Coppersmith 33 Henry Pearce, Boiler maker Sign   Gilbert Richard; maunder Taylor; Rhoda Kate Taylor; Mabel Grace Taylor  
Tues 29th Aug 1905 Bride Taylor Eliza Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 23 Martin Taylor (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
312 Groom Guest Albert Edward Loddiswell Labourer 28 John Guest (deceased), Labourer Sign   Frederick Edgcombe; Elizabeth Jane Edgcombe  
Thur 6th Sep 1906 Bride Edgcombe Sarah May Aveton Gifford 27 Tom Edgcombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 157: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
313 Groom Taylor John Thomas Bigbury Agricultural Labourer 24 Gilbert Taylor, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Frederick Edgcombe; Bertha Kate Skinner  
Wed 14th Nov 1906 Bride Edgcombe Ellen Aveton Gifford 19 Tom Edgcombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign
314 Groom Sullock John Thomas Aveton Gifford Packer, Great Western Railway   Richard Sullock, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Charles Back; Bertha Kate Skinner  
Wed 26th Dec 1906 Bride Thornton Sarah Ellen Aveton Gifford   William Thornton (deceased), Mason Sign
Volume 9; Page 158: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
315 Groom Thorpe William Samuel 51 Strathblaine Road, Clapham Junction, London SW Engineers Assistant 35 Frederick Thorpe, Retired Tradesman Sign   John Alfred Burner; Mary Elizabeth Steere  
Mon 10th Feb 1908 Bride Burner Annie Margaret Aveton Gifford 30 William Henry Burner, Coal Merchant Sign
316 Groom Rogers Hubert John Jones Ashford Mill, Aveton Gifford Mason 24 John Rogers, Builder Sign   Sydney Johns Ward; Bessie Lethbridge  
Sat 29th Feb 1908 Bride Lethbridge Ellen Ashford, Aveton Gifford 19 Henry Lethbridge, Retired Sergeant, Devonport Constabulary Sign
Volume 9; Page 159: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
317 Groom Rendle George Stockadon Coombe, Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 31 George Rundle (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Samuel Francis Rendle; Emma Jane Pengelly  
Wed 18th Mar 1908 Bride Elliott Irene Jane Aveton Gifford 24 William Henry Elliott, Agricultural Labourer Sign
318 Groom Richard Charles Ford, Holbeton Leading Stoker, Royal Navy 28 Thomas Richard Miller, Farmer     Martin Bridgman; Elsie Bridgman; Alfred Edwin Miller  
Thur 23rd Apr 1908 Bride Miller Chilliton, Aveton Gifford 23 Philip Allen Bridgman, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 160: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
319 Groom Rice Joseph Starley Harewood Lodge, Outwood, Surrey Gamekeeper 25 John Rice, Gamekeeper Sign   Albert Pepperell; William Rice?; Lottie Josline? Pepperell  
Wed 19th Aug 1908 Bride Pepperell Elsie Ann Aveton Gifford 26 Albert Pepperell, Rural Postman Sign
320 Groom Pascoe William Samuel Hill Park, Upton, Torquay Tripe Merchant 24 Samuel Pascoe, Tripe Merchant Sign   Samuel Pascoe; Evelyn Bessie Pascoe; John Hicks Metters; Annie Philiipa Pascoe  
Mon 19th Oct 1908 Bride Metters Florence Prower Aveton Gifford 24 John Hicks Metters, Retired Principal Warder Sign
Volume 9; Page 161: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
321 Groom Burgoyne John Adams Stover Lake, Aveton Gifford Widower, Agricultural Labourer 50 Thomas Perkins Burgoyne (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Thomas John Witheridge Burgoyne; Elizabeth Lane Hart  
Wed 28th Oct 1908 Bride Hart Ann Combe, Bigbury 39 Thomas Hart (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
322 Groom Sandover William James North Efford, Aveton Gifford Leading Stoker, Royal Navy 24 William James Sandover, Farmer Sign   George Edgecombe; Florence Luckham Kitt; Robert Henry Sandover  
Wed 9th Dec 1908 Bride Harris Agnes Aveton Gifford 25 William George Harris (deceased), Wheelwright Sign
Volume 9; Page 162: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
323 Groom Ellis Frederick Lower Stadbury, Aveton Gifford Farmer 19 William Ellis, Farmer Sign   Richard Charles Miller; Beatrice Miller Masters Bridgman  
Sat 15th May 1909 Bride Bridgman Ethel Chilliton, Aveton Gifford 19 Philip Allin Bridgman, Farmer Sign
324 Groom Woolridge George Hamley Ashford Mill, Aveton Gifford Labour Sapeurlement?, Natal 39 William Henry Woolridge (deceased), Blacksmith Sign By Licence Charles Jones Rogers; Gertrude Rogers  
Wed 21st Jul 1909 Bride Rogers Mary Adelaide Aveton Gifford 28 Charles Jones Rogers, Mason Sign
Volume 9; Page 163: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
325 Groom Dickson William Hay Heathfield Down, Aveton Gifford Master Mariner 34 William Hay Dickson (deceased), Civil Engineer Sign By Licence Arthur Harris Wroth; Maudlin Adams Andrews  
Wed 8th Dec 1909 Bride Worth Beatrice Mary Heathfield Down, Aveton Gifford 28 Alfred Wroth (deceased), Yeoman Sign

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