Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1890s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 9; Page 122: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
243 Groom Elliott Thomas George Waterhead, Aveton Gifford Labourer 16 William Elliott, Labourer Sign   John Henry Skinner Moore; Grace Ann Elliott  
Sun 11th May 1890 Bride Luscombe Frances Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 19 Francis John Luscombe, Labourer Sign
244 Groom Ellis John Pond, Aveton Gifford Farmer 22 William Ellis, Farmer Sign   William James Sandover; Ellen Andrews  
Tues 18th Nov 1890 Bride Sandover Sarah Ellen Bridge End, Churchstow 18 William James Sandover, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 123: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
245 Groom Winzer William Arthur Hatch Arundell, Loddiswell Farmer 26 Edwin Winzer, Butcher Sign   Edmund Winzer; Samuel Widdicombe; Louisa Widdicombe  
Wed 31st Dec 1890 Bride Widdicombe Mary Aveton Gifford 22 Samuel Widdicombe, Miller Sign
246 Groom Lang Richard Laurence Modbury Labourer 27 Richard Laurence Lang, Labourer Sign   James Pulleyblank; George Lang  
Wed 31st Dec 1890 Bride Pulleyblank Elizabeth Jane Spicers Combe, Aveton Gifford 27 James Pulleyblank, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 124: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
247 Groom Saunders Stephen Thomas Aveton Gifford Thatcher 22 Roger Boon Saunders, Thatcher Sign   Joseph Toms; Charles Henry Elson  
Sat 28th Mar 1891 Bride Hingston Elizabeth Jane Aveton Gifford 25 George Hingston, Sailor Sign
248 Groom Light Philip Mothecombe, Holbeton Agricultural Labourer 23 John Light, Agricultural Labourer Sign   John Light; Susan Elizabeth Ryder  
Thur 9th Apr 1891 Bride Mugridge Edith Ann Lixton, Aveton Gifford 24 William Mugridge, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 125: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
249 Groom Elliott William Henry Buckland, Thurlestone Agricultural Labourer 24 William Elliott, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Albert Toms; Sarah Elliott  
Wed 8th Jul 1891 Bride Toms Amelia Helliers, Aveton Gifford 19 Albert Toms, Seaman Pensioner Sign
250 Groom Baker George Ashford Mill, Aveton Gifford Miller 27 John Baker, Farmer Sign   John Maddick; Elizabeth Alice Baker; Alice Jane Maddick  
Wed 27th Jan 1892 Bride Maddick Mary Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 25 John Maddick, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 126: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
251 Groom Husk Silas James Brixton, Devon Agricultural Labourer 28 John Husk, Agricultural Labourer Sign   Richard Putt; William Henry Husk; Harriet Ann Husk; Hannah Putt  
Thur 25th Feb 1892 Bride Putt Elizabeth Marsh Mills Cottages, Aveton Gifford 28 Pichard Putt, Agricultural Labourer Sign
252 Groom Edgcombe Robert Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 20 Sign   William Henry Elliott; Mary Luscombe  
Sat 9th Jul 1892 Bride Tall Rosina Blanche Aveton Gifford 23 John Tall, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 127: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
253 Groom Soper George Hine Loddiswell Labourer 28 Thomas Soper, Agricultural Labourer Sign   William Henry Soper; Lavinia Mary Soper  
Fri 26th Aug 1892 Bride Wakeham Mary Ann North Efford Cottages, Aveton Gifford 28 Nicholas Wakeham, Fish Seller Sign
254 Groom Lethbridge William James Ashford, Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 24 George Steer Lethbridge (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Albert Toms; Elizabeth Jane Lethbridge  
Thur 15th Sep 1892 Bride Toms Annie Helliers, Aveton Gifford 19 Albert Toms, Seman Pensioner Sign
Volume 9; Page 128: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
255 Groom Cuming Walter John Higher Cumery, Bigbury Farmer 27 Garland Cuming, Farmer Sign   George Baker; Elizabeth Alice Baker; Hannah Elizabeth Cuming  
Wed 28th Sep 1892 Bride Baker Eleanor Annie Ashford Mill, Aveton Gifford 24 John Baker, Farmer Sign
256 Groom Moore William Waterhead, Aveton Gifford Farmer 42 John Moore (deceased), Farmer Sign      
Sat 1st Oct 1892 Bride Brooking Elizabeth Jane Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 26 James Brooking, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 129: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
257 Groom Putt Richard Aveton Gifford Agricultural Labourer 33 James Putt, Agricultural Labourer Sign   George Lethbridge; Blanche Rosa Putt  
Wed 26th Oct 1892 Bride Lethbridge Mary Jane Ashford, Aveton Gifford 35 George Steer Lethbridge, Agricultural Labourer Sign
258 Groom Shute Sidney Brownston, Modbury Carpenter 22 Samuel Shute, Carpenter Sign   Thomas Hooppell; Elizabeth Shute  
Mon 24th Jul 1893 Bride Hooppell Sarah Jane Ashford, Aveton Gifford 26 Samuel Hooppell, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 130: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
259 Groom Steere Valentine Aveton Gifford Butcher 23 Thomas Aysh Steere (deceased), Farmer Sign   Joseph Luckraft; Joseph Flashman; James Richard Lugar  
Mon 28th Aug 1893 Bride Luckraft Alice Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 32 Joseph Luckraft, Builder Sign
260 Groom Tiddy David George 68 High Street, Totnes Tailor 22 David George Tiddy, Carpenter Sign By Licence Alfred Shepheard; Sarah Ann Foale  
Mon 28th Aug 1893 Bride Foale Rosetta Babland, Aveton Gifford 21 John Whiddon Foale, Blacksmith Sign
Volume 9; Page 131: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
261 Groom Prettejohn Philip King Aveton Gifford Farmer 33 Philip King Prettejohn (deceased), Farmer Sign   Roger Saunders; Margaret Prettejohn; Emily Kate Saunders  
Thur 12th Jul 1894 Bride Saunders Elizabeth Ann Ebrington Street, Dodbrooke 23 Roger Saunders, Blacksmith Sign
262 Groom Rogers Garland John Hodge Modbury Butchers Man 20 Nicholas Rogers, Gardener Sign   William Phillips; Louisa Lugger  
Tues 18th Sep 1894 Bride Lugger Mary Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 25 William Walter Lugger (deceased), Agricultural Labourer  
Volume 9; Page 132: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
263 Groom Hucker Frederick 12 Sherwood Road, Cockington Blacksmith 27 John Hucker (deceased), Butcher Sign   Thomas Adams; Mary Elizabeth Adams  
Tues 25th Dec 1894 Bride Adams Alice Aveton Gifford 22 Thomas Adams, Mason Sign
264 Groom Edgecombe James South Milton Agricultural Labourer 22 William Edgecombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign   George Henry Jarvis; Mary Luscombe  
Wed 3rd Jul 1895 Bride Luscombe Sarah Grace Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 20 Edward Luscombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 133: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
265 Groom Beddow Ernest Aldford, Cheshire Tailor 21 John Beddow, Engine Driver Sign By Licence Richard Mumford Horton; John Horton  
Wed 11th Sep 1895 Bride Horton Eliza Jane Coultons Borough, Aveton Gifford 19 Richard Mumford Horton, Farmer Sign
266 Groom Rendle Samuel Francis Bigbury Agricultural Labourer 23 George Rendle, Agricultural Labourer Sign   William Elliott; Honor Elliott  
Tues 17th Sep 1895 Bride Elliott Grace Ann Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 18 William Elliott, Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 134: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
267 Groom Beer James Aveton Gifford Widower, Agricultural Labourer 61 William Beer (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Mark   Robert Edgecombe; Sarah Skinner  
Sun 22nd Dec 1895 Bride Tall Mary Jane Aveton Gifford Widow 43 James Edgecombe (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
268 Groom Lamble James Chrleton Agricultural Labourer 27 Edward Lamble, Agricultural Labourer Sign   William James Sandover; Elizabeth Lamble  
Sat 18th Jan 1896 Bride Elliott Elizabeth North Efford, Aveton Gifford 26 Richard Elliott (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 135: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
269 Groom Wilton Tom Salisbury Road, Plymouth Dairyman 24 William Richard Wilton, Farmer Sign   William Richard Wilton; George James Torring  
Wed 15th Jul 1896 Bride Torring Jane Kevern Ashford, Aveton Gifford 25 George Torring (deceased), Farmer Sign
270 Groom Ellis William Smale Salcombe Grocer 27 William Ellis, Fisherman Sign   Richard Rennels Drew; Thomas Ellis  
Thur 8th Oct 1896 Bride Kitt Emma Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 25 William Henry Kitt (deceased), Mason Sign
Volume 9; Page 136: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
271 Groom Soper William Henry Loddiswell Railway Labourer 23 TThomas Soper (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Samuel Moore; Joseph Toms  
Sat 14th Nov 1896 Bride Moore Mary Ann Damerells Combe, Aveton Gifford 26 Richard Moore, Agricultural Labourer Sign
272 Groom Lugger John Edward Aveton Gifford Labourer 31 William Walter Lugger (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Mark   Garland John Hodge Rogers; Mary Elizabeth Rogers  
Tues 17th Nov 1896 Bride Couch Emma Aveton Gifford 31 James Couch (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 137: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
273 Groom Edgecombe George Henry St Austell Mason 24 George Edgecombe, Mason Sign   William James Edgecombe; Amelia Adams  
Wed 30th Dec 1896 Bride Adams Mary Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 25 John Adams, Sawyer Sign
274 Groom Timewell James Frrancis Place Barton, Moreleigh Farmer 31 George Timewell (deceased), Farmer Sign   William Rogers; Alice Mudge; Celia Rogers  
Tues 20th Apr 1897 Bride Rogers Sarah Ann Idestone, Aveton Gifford 26 William Rogers, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 138: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
275 Groom Elson William George Hingston Aveton Gifford Masons Labourer 23 James Joseph Elson, Mason Sign   Richard Sandover; Sara Louise Callard  
Sat 25th Dec 1897 Bride Sandover Elizabeth Ann Aveton Gifford 23 Richard Sandover, Agricultural Labourer Sign
276 Groom Bond William Henry Stoke Damerel Engine Fitter 27 Samuel Bond (deceased), Naval Pensioner Sign   Annie Troon Lakeman; William Stentiford  
Thur 1st Sep 1898 Bride Lakeman Mary Ellen Aveton Gifford 29 William Lakeman, Builder Sign
Volume 9; Page 139: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
277 Groom Moore James Bantham, Thurlestone Farmer 44 James Moore (deceased), Agricultural Labourer Sign   Issac Sibley; Fanny Amelia Sibley  
Sat 18th Feb 1899 Bride Sibley Elizabeth Jane Aveton Gifford 24 Isaac Sibley, Retired Ships Carpenter, Royal Navy Sign
278 Groom Brown William Edward Aveton Gifford Naval Policeman 27 William Saunders Brown, Sawyer Sign   Valentine Steere; Herbert James Sowden Lee  
Mon 3rd Apr 1899 Bride Steere Rebecca Aveton Gifford 26 Thomas Aysh Steere (deceased), Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 140: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
279 Groom Winzer Owen Cole Aveton Gifford Butcher 27 Edwin Winzer, Butcher Sign   Edwin Winzer; Sarah Widdicombe  
Wed 5th Apr 1899 Bride Willcocks Agnes Catherine Aveton Gifford 26 George Willcocks (deceased), Farmer Sign
280 Groom Ruth Alfred Peter Hurrell Aveton Gifford Boot and Shoe Maker 45 Benjamin Barons Ruth, Sexton Sign   William George Hurrell; Catherine Elizabeth Farleigh  
Tues 25th Apr 1899 Bride Moore Susanna Aveton Gifford Widow 47 Henry Madge?, Miner Sign
Volume 9; Page 141: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
281 Groom Goss James Drewsteignton Agricultural Labourer 30 John Goss, Agricultural Labourer Sign   James Edgcombe; George Edward Luscombe  
Wed 29th Mar 1899 Bride Luscombe Mary Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 28 Edward Luscombe, Agricultural Labourer Sign
282 Groom Ellis Thomas James Marsh Mills, Aveton Gifford Miller 32 John Ellis (deceased), Miller Sign   Owen Cole Winzer; Susan Ellis  
Wed 7th Jun 1899 Bride Toms Ellizabeth Aveton Gifford 27 Joseph Toms, Grocer Sign
Volume 9; Page 142: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
283 Groom Edgecombe William James Aveton Gifford Mason 25 George Edgecombe, Mason Sign   Frederick John Bassett Brown; Mary Ann Edgecombe  
Tues 27th Jun 1899 Bride Hingston Jessie Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 27 William Richard Hingston, Agricultural Labourer Sign
284 Groom Luscombe Anthony Aveton Gifford Baker 27 John Luscombe (deceased), Baker Sign   Servington Ward Luscombe; Susan Ellen Moore  
Wed 6th Dec 1899 Bride Moore Mary Grace Coombe, Aveton Gifford 23 William Moore, Agricultural Labourer Sign

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