Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1880s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 9; Page 98: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
195 Groom Sambell Alfred Shilston, Modbury Yeoman 34 Benjamin Sambell, Yeoman Sign   Samuel Wroth; Benjamin Sambell; Maudlin Adams Wroth; Nicholas Toms  
Thur 10th Jun 1880 Bride Wroth Irene Jane Heathfield Down, Aveton Gifford 25 Samuel Wroth, Yeoman Sign
196 Groom Legassick William John Alfred Chilliton, Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 George Legassick, Sailor Sign   James Bunker; Martha Jane Hannaford  
Sun 31st Oct 1880 Bride Squires Emma Chilliton Aveton Gifford 21 Charles Squires, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 99: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
197 Groom Steere John Andrew Aveton Gifford Mason 31 John Andrew Steere, Mason Sign   Alfred Steere; John Maddick; Margaret Kerr?; William Steer?  
Tues 19th Apr 1881 Bride Maddick Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 31 John Maddick, Farmer Sign
198 Groom Elliott William James Aveton Gifford Ships Steward 37 James Elliott, Labourer Sign   James Thomas Putt; Elizabeth Kate Putt  
Thur 19th May 1881 Bride Putt Eliza Ann Aveton Gifford 24 James Putt, Labourer Mark
Volume 9; Page 100: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
199 Groom Bowden Frederic Ramsland, Holbeton Farmer 30 William Bowden, Farmer Sign By Licence Richard Nicholas Jackson; Annie Adelaide Corber  
Mon 15th Aug 1881 Bride Arthur Annie Eliza Chilliton Moor, Aveton Gifford 21 William Arthur, Baker Sign
200 Groom Miller Elias John Kingston, Devon Labourer 22 Thomas Miller, Carrier Sign   James Edward Hannaford; Sarah Grace Miller  
Thur 24th Nov 1881 Bride Taylor Sarah Coultons Borough, Aveton Gifford 20 Gilbert Taylor, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 101: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
201 Groom Frederick Nicholas Bowden Henry Dodbrooke Coachman 28 Robert Lang Frederick, Farmer Sign   Eli Brown; Mary Elizabeth Hannaford  
Wed 22nd Feb 1882 Bride Hannaford Kate Aveton Gifford 23 William Hannaford, Mason Sign
202 Groom Head Charles Aveton Gifford Builder 20 Michael Head, Mason Sign   John Luscombe; Elizabeth Luscombe; Servington Ward Luscombe  
Wed 22nd Feb 1882 Bride Luscombe Henrietta Aveton Gifford 21 John Luscombe, Baker Sign
Volume 9; Page 102: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
203 Groom Steere George William Edwards Borough, Aveton Gifford Farmer 21 Thomas Aysh Steere, Yeoman Sign   Thomas Aysh Steere; Samuel Widdicommbe; Elizabetth Widdicombe  
Wed 24th May 1882 Bride Widdicombe Emily Aveton Gifford 21 Samuel Widdicombe, Miller Sign
204 Groom Sherwill Alfred William South Brent, Devon Yeoman 28 James Sherwill, Yeoman Sign   Richard Anthony; James Instols? Sherwill; Emma Anthony; Alfred Wroth  
Thur 22nd Jun 1882 Bride Anthony Mary Wakeham, Aveton Gifford 24 Richard Anthony, Yeoman Sign
Volume 9; Page 103: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
205 Groom Browse George Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer 21 George Browse, Labourer Sign   Thomas Lethbridge; Joseph Toms  
Sun 13th Aug 1882 Bride Lethbridge Sarah Ann Ashford, Aveton Gifford 22 George Lethbridge, Labourer Mark
206 Groom Hannaford Frederick William Kingsbridge Stoker in Gas Works 22 Edward Hannaford, Labourer Sign   Walter Steer Hannaford; Dorcas Ann Hannaford  
Sat 11th Nov 1882 Bride Jeffery Mary Jane Brend North Efford, Aveton Gifford 19 Edwin Jeffery, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 104: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
207 Groom Hallett Francis Robert Keyham, Deonport Seaman, HM Ship Nautilus 29 Robert Hallett, Late Sergeant, Royal Engineers Sign   Robert Blank; Ellen Stone; John Wood  
Sun 11th Mar 1883 Bride Stone Alice Aveton Gifford 18 John Stone, Labourer Sign
208 Groom Burgoyne George Adams Perkins Aveton Gifford Labourer 26 Thomas Perkins Burgoyne, Labourer Mark   John Adams Burgoyne; Caroline Burgoyne  
Sat 7th Apr 1883 Bride Hurrell Lavinia Aveton Gifford 22 William Hurrell, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 105: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
209 Groom Jackson Richard Nicholas Free Hamlet, Ermington Yeoman 19 Richard Nicholas Jackson, Yeoman Sign By Licence John Mattacott?; Lucy Caroline Arthur  
Mon 14th May 1883 Bride Corber Annie Adelaide Chilliton Moor, Aveton Gifford 19 Frederick Northmoor Corber, Farmer Sign
210 Groom Stapelton John 31 James Street, Plymouth Gardener 26 William Robert Stapelton, Hawker Sign   John Tolchard; Elizabeth Hunt Tolchard  
Sun 27th May 1883 Bride Tolchard Harriet Jane Hunt Aveton Gifford 27 John Tolchard, Baker Sign
Volume 9; Page 106: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
211 Groom Denbow Robert James 3 Arundel Crescent, Plymouth Widower, Retired Master at Arms, Royal Navy 48 George Denbow, Labourer Sign   Ada Maria Barrett; William Barrett; James Torring; Rosa Albert Torring; Evan Gelnie?; Joane Batten?  
Wed 6th Jun 1883 Bride Daymond Louisa Drake Ashford, Aveton Gifford 36 Andrew Daymond, Boot and Shoe Maker Sign
212 Groom Ellis Walter James Henry 56 Albert Road, Stoke Joiner, HM Dockyard, Keyham 24 William Ellis, Carpenter Sign   William Damerell; Mary Margaret Watkins? Ellis  
Wed 27th Jun 1883 Bride Damerell Mary Grace Aveton Gifford 21 William Damerell, Gardener Sign
Volume 9; Page 107: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
213 Groom Pulleyblank James Wakeham, Aveton Gifford Widower, Labourer 43 John Pulleyblank, Labourer Sign   Richard Ellis; Elizabeth Jane Pulleyblank  
Sat 21st Jul 1883 Bride Ellis Sarah Jane Ley, Aveton Gifford 26 Robert Ellis, Labourer Sign
214 Groom Lakeman Servington Aveton Gifford Carpenter 23 Servington Lakeman, Carpenter Sign   Charles William Westlake; Amelia Woodmason Lakeman; Emma Westlake; Edward Henry Boon  
Thur 21st Feb 1884 Bride Westlake Elizabeth Maria Aveton Gifford 25 Charles Westlake, Pointsman, GW Railway Sign
Volume 9; Page 108: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
215 Groom Metters John Hicks Whimpston, Modbury, Aveton Gifford Warder in House of Correction, Wandsworth 24 John Metters, Labourer in Devonport Dockyard Sign   William Horn; Flora Jane Binny; Mary Grace Williams  
Sat 8th Mar 1884 Bride Horn Eliza Jane 26 Pensioner from Royal Navy Sign
216 Groom Smallridge George Ivybridge, Ermington Saddler 30 Richard Smallridge, Gentleman Sign   Richard Hill?; Annie Cowles; C. Smallridge  
Wed 30th Apr 1884 Bride Cowles Hester Ann South Langston, Ringmore 39 William Cowles, Yeoman Sign
Volume 9; Page 109: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
217 Groom Hancock Albert Waterhead   27 John Hancock, Farmer Sign   Nicola Adams; Mary Jane Prowse  
Sat 17th Jan 1885 Bride Adams Elizabeth Alice Waterhead   23 Nicholas Adams, Carpenter Sign
218 Groom Lethbridge Thomas Aveton Gifford Farm Labourer 32 George Lethbridge, Labourer Sign   William Wood; Margaret Stoneman  
Sun 8th Feb 1885 Bride Wood Elizabeth Higher Stadbury, Aveton Gifford 24 John Wood, Farm Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 110: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
219 Groom Hackworthy Samuel james Pomphlett, Plymstock Quarry Man 24 William Hackworthy, Quarryman, Richard Putt Sign   William George Hackworthy; Elizabeth Putt  
Thur 16th Apr 1885 Bride Putt Mary Ann Aveton Gifford 24 Labourer Sign
220 Groom Couch George Aveton Gifford Labourer 26 James Couch, Farm Labourer Mark   William Thomas Evans; Annie Evans  
Wed 6th May 1885 Bride Evans Mary Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 20 William Thomas Evans, Farm Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 111: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
221 Groom Luckraft Augustus Garland Dukes Mill, Bigbury Miller 28 Thomas Luckraft, Blacksmith Sign   Richard Roll; Susan Luckraft  
Sun 14th Jun 1885 Bride Roll Elizabeth Ann Harraton Inn 30 William Roll, Inn Keeper Sign
222 Groom Hill John Thomas Staverton, Devon Yeoman 41 Matthew Hill, Yeoman Sign   Richard Anthony; Alfred Wroth; Susan Hill; James Harris Hill  
Thur 8th Oct 1885 Bride Anthony Emma Caroline Lixton, Aveton Gifford 21 Richard Anthony, Yeoman Sign
Volume 9; Page 112: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
223 Groom Steer James William Mill Street, Kingsbridge Accountant 24 George Steer, Smith Sign By Licence John Davies Horn; Selina Norcomber?; John Henry Steer; Susanna Lidstone Froude; Annie Horn  
Thur 25th Mar 1886 Bride Horn Emma Ash Aveton Gifford 21 William Horn, Pensioner from Royal Navy Sign
224 Groom Hooppell Samuel Ashford, Aveton Gifford Widower, Labourer 48 Samuel Hooppell, Labourer Sign   William Hooppell; Margaret Andrews  
Sat 24th Apr 1886 Bride Crossing Mary Jane Kingsbridge Widow 47 Thomas Andrews, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 113: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
225 Groom Stephens William HMS Royal Adelaide, St Mary's, Devonport Bachelor, Seaman in H.M.Navy 27 Charles Stephens, Pilot Sign   Alfred Peter Hurrell Ruth; Theodora(?) Anne Ruth; Annie Horn  
Thur 10th Jun 1886 Bride Ruth Ann Elizabeth Hurrell Aveton Gifford Spinster, Asistant Teacher Article 50 25 Benjamin Barons Ruth, Mason and Sexton Sign
226 Groom Dodridge James Henry 12 Granby Row, Devonport Labourer 22 Samuel John Dodridge, Shipwright Mark   Walter John Ellis; Charles Andrew; Amelia Mary Elizabeth Kitt  
Sun 21st Nov 1886 Bride Andrews Priscilla Aveton Gifford 20 William Andrews, Labourer Mark
Volume 9; Page 114: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
227 Groom Hurrell Charles Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer 23 William Hurrell, Labourer Mark   Edward Clark; Joseph Toms  
Sat 25th Dec 1886 Bride Clark Eliza Jane Perring Aveton Gifford 20 Edward Clark, Labourer Sign
228 Groom Hooppell Samuel John H.M.Ship Cambridge, Devonport Leading Seaman in Royal Navy 26 Samuel Hooppell, Labourer Sign   Samuel Hooppell; Susanna Hannaford  
Sat 21st May 1887 Bride Sercombe Elizabeth Ann Ashford, Aveton Gifford 26 James Sercombe, Mechanic Sign
Volume 9; Page 115: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
229 Groom Ryder William Henry Jarvis Kingsbridge Clerk 25 Robert Ryder, Gardener Sign   Servington Lakeman; Edward Henry Boon; Amelia Woodmason Lakeman; Harriet Gertrude Ryder  
Thur 26th May 1887 Bride Lakeman Ellen Aveton Gifford 24 Servington Lakeman, Carpenter Sign
230 Groom Clark William Aveton Gifford Labourer 21 William Clark, Labourer Sign   George Hingston; Elizabeth Jane Hingston  
Sat 10th Dec 1887 Bride Hingston Caroline Elson Aveton Gifford 25 George Hingston, Sailor Sign
Volume 9; Page 116: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
231 Groom Jope Richard St. Dominick, Cornwall   32 Richard Jope, Labourer Sign   John Cousins Tolchard; Mildred Elizabeth Soper  
Wed 22nd Feb 1888 Bride Tolchard Elizabeth Hunt Aveton Gifford   28 John Tolchard, Baker Sign
232 Groom Hodder Philip Lakeman Bennick, Aveton Gifford Farmer 30 John Hodder, Farmer Sign   Servington Hodder; Irena Hodder; Alfred Willcocks  
Tues 6th Mar 1888 Bride Willcocks Edith Frances Aveton Gifford 22 George Willcocks, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 117: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
233 Groom Scobell George Edgecombe Aveton Gifford Widower, Labourer 41 Sign   Samuel Rhymes Scobell; Henry Ellen? Maddick; Margaret Rhymes Scobell  
Thur 22nd Mar 1888 Bride Maddick Eliza Aveton Gifford 42 William Maddick, Labourer Sign
234 Groom Rogers George Idestone, Aveton Gifford Farmer 25 William Rogers, Farmer Sign   Thos Ba---?; Louisa Ellen Torring  
Thur 19th Apr 1888 Bride Torring Rosa Alberta Ashford, Aveton Gifford 23 George Torring, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 118: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
235 Groom Rogers Thomas Witchcombe, Ugborough Farmer 48 John Rogers, Farmer Sign   Joseph Toms; Ellen Came? Hext  
Wed 27th Jun 1888 Bride Aaron Sarah The Rectory, Aveton Gifford 46 David Aaron, Farmer Sign
236 Groom Patey John Aveton Gifford Blacksmith's Apprentice 19 Henry Patey, Labourer Sign   Frederick John Bassett Brown; Ellizabeth Ann Patey  
Sun 19th Aug 1888 Bride Wilton Edith Aveton Gifford 19 Henry Wilton, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 119: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
237 Groom Perring Robert Henry North Efford, Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 Sign   Richard Perring; Susannah Perring  
Sat 3rd Nov 1888 Bride Ruse Susann Houghton, Bigbury 21 Richard Ruse, Gardener Sign
238 Groom Wotton William James 50 Hyde Park Terrace, Ellacombe, Torquay Carman 24 William Wotton, Labourer Sign   William James Sandover; Sarah Ellen Sandover  
Mon 24th Dec 1888 Bride Sandover Mary Elizabeth Ashford, Aveton Gifford 20 William James Sandover, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 120: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
239 Groom Harding John Boyce Higher Wizaller, Aveton Gifford Farmer 25 George Harding, Farmer Sign   Nicholas Soper; Ellen Eda Soper  
Wed 20th Feb 1889 Bride Soper Clara Jane Higher Wizaller, Aveton Gifford 24 Nicholas Soper, Labourer Sign
240 Groom Horn John Isaac Aveton Gifford Stoker in Royal Navy 25 John Horn, Coastguard Man Sign   Alfred Peter Hurrell Ruth; Annie Horn  
Wed 26th Jun 1889 Bride Ruth Isadora Ann Aveton Gifford 31 Benjamin Barons Ruth, Mason and Sexton Sign
Volume 9; Page 121: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
241 Groom Hart Joseph Baileys, Bigbury Labourer 23 Thomas Hart, Labourer Sign   Thomas Pengelly; Sarah Ann Pengelly  
Sun 20th Oct 1889 Bride Pengelley Rosina Jane Aveton Gifford 20 Thomas Pengelly, Letter Carrier Sign
242 Groom Maunder Samuel Coombe, Aveton Gifford Hind 28 Samuel Maunder, Labourer Sign   James Henry Farley; Rhoda Clark  
Wed 13th Nov 1889 Bride Farley Kezia Aveton Gifford 25 Henry Farley, Licensed Victualler Sign

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