Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1870s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 9; Page 73: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
145 Groom Edgcombe Tom Aveton Gifford Labourer full age Robert Edgcombe, Labourer Sign   Sarah Jane Foale; Stephen Edgcombe  
Sat 19th Feb 1870 Bride Dare Irena Aveton Gifford under age William Dare, Labourer Mark
146 Groom Steer Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer full age George Steer, Labourer Sign   William Clark; Elizabeth Clark; Joseph Toms  
Sat 25th Jun 1870 Bride Clark Selina Aveton Gifford full age William Clark, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 74: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
147 Groom Harvey William Charles Parish, Plymouth Cement Merchant full age John Harvey, Merchant Sign   Wm. Adams; James Adams  
Fri 15th Jul 1870 Bride Adams Mary Aveton Gifford full age James Adams, Iron Monger Sign
148 Groom Hingston John Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer full age Richard Hingston, Labourer Mark   Elizabeth Lavers; James Jenkins  
Fri 13th Jan 1871 Bride Lavers Caroline Aveton Gifford full age William Lavers, Farmer Sign
Volume 9; Page 75: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
149 Groom Toms Joseph Aveton Gifford Shop Keeper full age Joseph Toms, Shop Keeper Sign   John Brown; Maria Brown  
Wed 25th Jan 1871 Bride Luscombe Mary Aveton Gifford full age William Luscombe, Carpenter Sign
150 Groom Chapple Charles Cornwood Labourer full age Samuel Chapple, Labourer Mark   Mary Jane Bassett; Joseph Toms  
Fri 3rd Feb 1871 Bride Bassett Mary Aveton Gifford full age Michael Bassett, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 76: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
151 Groom Luscombe Edward Aveton Gifford Labourer 24 George Luscombe, Labourer Mark   George Luscombe; Emily Maunder  
Sat 25th Feb 1871 Bride Freeman Mary Aveton Gifford 22 James Freeman, Labourer Mark
152 Groom Stone William Woodleigh Labourer 28 John Stone, Labourer Mark   John Pook?; Joseph Toms  
Sat 15th Apr 1871 Bride Hurrell Eliza Jane Aveton Gifford Servant 24 William Hurrell, Labourer Mark
Volume 9; Page 77: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
153 Groom Scobell George Edgcombe Aveton Gifford Labourer   Sign   John Tapper Cuming; John Luscombe  
Thur 1st Jun 1871 Bride Smale Susan Jane Aveton Gifford   Richard Smale, Labourer Sign
154 Groom Best Trevosso Carbis Aveton Gifford Gentleman full age John Best, Gentleman Sign   J A Pearce; Amelia ???; Wm F Langworthy; Ellen Louisa Drew  
Thur 18th Jan 1872 Bride Pitts Anna Elizabeth Aveton Gifford full age John Prettejohn Pitts, Yeoman Sign
Volume 9; Page 78: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
155 Groom Distin William West Alvington Labourer full age James Distin, Labourer Sign   Harriet Distin; Mary Ellen Distin  
Sat 27th Jan 1872 Bride Wilton Elizabeth Aveton Gifford full age Henry Wilton, Labourer Mark
156 Groom Prouse Roger Ringmore Labourer 23 Robert Prouse, Labourer Sign   William Edgcombe; Joseph Toms  
Sun 26th May 1872 Bride Adams Mary Ann Aveton Gifford 25 Nicholas Adams, Carpenter Sign
Volume 9; Page 79: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
157 Groom Wilton Henry Bigbury Labourer 19 Aaron Wilton, Labourer Mark   Joseph Toms; Benjamin Ruth  
Sun 13th Oct 1872 Bride Sullock Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 21 Richard Sullock, Labourer Sign
158 Groom Lethbridge John Aveton Gifford Labourer 24 George Lethbridge, Labourer Mark   Joseph Toms; Reginald J Pitman  
Sat 11th Jan 1873 Bride Meadows Susanna Jane Aveton Gifford 21 Mark
Volume 9; Page 80: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
159 Groom Edwards Samuel Horne Aveton Gifford Labourer 22 Charles Edwards, Labourer     Samuel Whiteway; Jane Horn  
Sat 1st Mar 1873 Bride Efford Elizabeth Aveton Gifford 22 Henry Whiteway, Labourer Sign
160 Groom Steere Francis Aveton Gifford Mason 26 George Steere, Mason Sign   John Podrainage?; Alfred Steere  
Sat 22nd Mar 1873 Bride Hingston Rosina Aveton Gifford 20 William Hingston, Sailor in HMS Sign
Volume 9; Page 81: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
161 Groom Harris Frederic Aveton Gifford Wheelwright 26 William Harris, Wheelwright Sign By Licence George Harris; A J Deighton  
Thur 25th Sep 1873 Bride Tuckerman Mary Jane Aveton Gifford 22 Sign
162 Groom Moore Charles Aveton Gifford Labourer 23 Robert Moore, Labourer Sign   Elizabeth Thorne?; Mary Oldridge  
Thur 25th Dec 1873 Bride Edgecombe Sarah Aveton Gifford 22 John Edgecombe, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 82: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
163 Groom Stear Charles Henry Aveton Gifford Veterinary Surgeon 21 William Henry Stear, Veterinary Surgeon Sign   Edward Brown; E S Hosking  
Thur 1st Jan 1874 Bride Kerswell Sara Grace Aveton Gifford 19 Richard Kerswell, Inn Keeper Sign
164 Groom Beer George Bigbury Labourer 21 George Beer, Labourer Sign   Harry Willcocks; Joseph Toms  
Sat 3rd Jan 1874 Bride Willcocks Sarah Ann Aveton Gifford 21 Henry Willcocks, Wheel Wright Mark
Volume 9; Page 83: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
165 Groom Elson Joseph James Aveton Gifford Labourer 26 James Elson, Labourer Mark   George Hingston; Mary Ann Elson  
Sat 24th Jan 1874 Bride Hingston Sarah Jane Aveton Gifford 25 Thomas Hingston, Labourer Sign
166 Groom Hingston Philip Bigbury Shoemaker 22 John Hingston, Labourer Sign   Elizabeth Leigh; Mary Grace Toms  
Sat 28th Feb 1874 Bride Leigh Martha Aveton Gifford 22 Joseph Leigh, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 84: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
167 Groom Burnell Charles Shepherd Sheffield Iron Founder 28 John Burnell, Yeoman Sign   Harry Crossing; Annie Anthony; Mary Burnell; Richard Anthony; Louisa Harris; John Adams Wroth  
Wed 29th Jul 1874 Bride Anthony Jane Lixton, Aveton Gifford 20 Richard Anthony, Yeoman Sign
168 Groom March Edward Henry Woodleigh Labourer 22 Philip March, Labourer Sign   William March; Mehalah Dyer?  
Fri 11th Dec 1874 Bride Dyer Thirza Alice Couch Idestone, Aveton Gifford 19 Richard Dyer, Labourer Mark
Volume 9; Page 85: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
169 Groom Edgcombe John Robert Lower Burn Labourer 21 John Edgcombe, Labourer Mark   Thomas Barnes; Mary Ann Camp  
Thur 31st Dec 1874 Bride Barnes Emily Maria Lower Burn 19 Thomas Barnes, Farmer Sign
170 Groom Ruth George William Saunders Aveton Gifford Mason 22 Charles Ruth, Mason Sign   John Luscombe; Alfred Peter Hurrell Ruth  
Sat 17th Jul 1875 Bride Elson Mary Ann Aveton Gifford 20 James Elson, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 86: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
171 Groom Woodmason George Bigbury Basket Maker 24 William Woodmason, Basket Maker Sign   Josias Yabsley; Nehemiah Steere; Mary Maria Yabsley; Elizabeth Steere  
Wed 21st Jul 1875 Bride Steere Mary Ashford, Aveton Gifford 28 George Steere, Farmer Sign
172 Groom Foot Jospeh Bigbury Widower, Publican and Shoemaker 47 Mark   Ernest George Foot; Mary Grace Damerell; Sarah Barron?  
Thur 4th Nov 1875 Bride Baker Susanna Aveton Gifford 40 Robert Baker, Gardener Mark
Volume 9; Page 87: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
173 Groom Reeves Samuel Waterhead, Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 John Reeves, Labourer Sign   Joseph Toms; Mary Grace Maunder  
Sat 25th Dec 1875 Bride Maunder Emily Jane Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 21 Philip Brown Maunder, Labourer Mark
174 Groom Burring Walter John North Efford, Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 Mark   John Burner; Jane Toms  
Sat 12th Feb 1876 Bride Shepherd Jane Ann North Efford, Aveton Gifford 18 Andrew Shepherd, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 88: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
175 Groom Walke James Aveton Gifford Wheelwright 25 Sign   Peter Morgan; John Hingston Morgan; Eliza Sarah Morgan; Mary Ann Sullock  
Tues 10th Oct 1876 Bride Morgan Sarah Mary Aveton Gifford 26 Peter Morgan, Blacksmith Sign
176 Groom Kerswell John Ebrington Street, Dodbrooke Gardener 24 William Burner Kerswell, Maltster Sign   Thomas Phillips; Elkizabeth Hunt Tolchard  
Sun 26th Nov 1876 Bride Phillips Mary Agnes Aveton Gifford 19 Thomas Phillips, Boot and Shoe Maker Sign
Volume 9; Page 89: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
177 Groom Luscombe William George Bassett Aveton Gifford Labourer 21 Mark   James Woodes; Mary Jane Bassett  
Sun 14th Jan 1877 Bride Couch Maria Aveton Gifford 21 James Couch, Dealer in Marine Stores Mark
178 Groom Sibley Samuel Aveton Gifford Letter Carrier 50 Isaac Sibley, Private in the Royal Marines Sign   Isaac Sibley; Elizabeth Sibley  
Wed 4th Apr 1877 Bride Brooking Maria Kingswear 42 John Brooking, Labourer Sign
Volume 9; Page 90: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
179 Groom Farley Henry Aveton Gifford Inn-Keeper 59 James Farley, Labourer Sign   George Harris; John Farley Jenkins; Jane Emma Taylor  
Thur 19th Apr 1877 Bride Taylor Catherine Aveton Gifford 39 James Taylor, Miller Sign
180 Groom Rhymes William Aveton Gifford Widower, Blacksmith 65 Cornelius Rhymes, Labourer Sign   Joseph Toms; Benjamin Ruth  
Sun 8th Jul 1877 Bride Scobell Mary Thornton Aveton Gifford 52 Mark
Volume 9; Page 91: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
181 Groom Putt William Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 James Putt, Labourer Mark   Richard Putt; Augusta Kate Putt  
Sat 4th Aug 1877 Bride Bassett Mary Jane Aveton Gifford 20 William Bassett, Labourer Sign
182 Groom Rogers Charles Jones Aveton Gifford Mason 24 Christopher Rogers, Mason Sign By Licence Frederick Harris; Mary Jane Harris  
Thur 20th Sep 1877 Bride Deighton Amelia Jane Aveton Gifford 25 John Deighton, Retired Exciseman Sign
Volume 9; Page 92: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
183 Groom Saunders Roger Aveton Gifford Thatcher 22 Roger Bound Saunders, Thatcher Sign   Francis Steere; Rosina Steere  
Sun 23rd Sep 1877 Bride Horn Mary Ann Aveton Gifford 17 John Horn, Coastguard Man Sign
184 Groom Pepprell John Henry Frogland, Kingston Farmer 30 James Pepprell, Farmer Sign   Thomas Steere; Elizabeth Ann Roll  
Tues 30th Oct 1877 Bride Steer Ann Borough, Aveton Gifford 34 George Steer, Farm Labourer Mark
Volume 9; Page 93: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
185 Groom Harris William George Aveton Gifford Wheelwright 33 William Harris, Wheelwright Sign By Licence George Edgecombe; Charles Jones Rogers; Amelia Jane Rogers  
Fri 7th Dec 1877 Bride Edgecombe Elizabeth Jane Aveton Gifford 18 John Edgecombe, Labourer Sign
186 Groom Bennett Charles Heavitree, Exeter Widower, Postmaster of Exeter 53 Edward Bennett, Gentleman Sign   Henry A. Daniel; Edith Mary Sealey? Marriage conducted by Bride's brother, the Rector
Tues 12th Feb 1878 Bride Pitman Augusta Catherine Aveton Gifford 26 William Parr Pitman, Clerk in Holy Orders Sign
Volume 9; Page 94: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
187 Groom Baker William St. Marylebone, London Clerk 24 James Baker, Farmer Sign By Licence Frederick Henry Saunderson; E J Saunderson; Emily Cox? Mallett  
Sat 1st Jun 1878 Bride Saunderson Sarah Jane Aveton Gifford 28 Samuel Edmund John Saunderson, House Decorator Sign
188 Groom Beer John Kingsbridge Gardener 22 Richard Beer, Labourer Sign   John Tolchard; Harriet Jane Hunt Tolchard  
Thur 5th Sep 1878 Bride Tolchard Mary Grace Hunt Aveton Gifford 28 Jan Tolchard, Baker Sign
Volume 9; Page 95: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
189 Groom Davey Thomas Henry Aveton Gifford Labourer 29 Robert Davey, Labourer Sign By Licence Elizabeth Ruth; Joseph Toms  
Sat 2nd Nov 1878 Bride Moore Elizabeth Aveton Gifford Widow 70 George Ryder, Labourer Sign
190 Groom Wroth Alfred Ley, Aveton Gifford Yeoman 31 Samuel Wroth, Yeoman Sign   Richard Anthony; Maudlin Adams Wroth; Alfred Sambell  
Thur 16th Jan 1879 Bride Anthony Annie Harris Lixton, Aveton Gifford 22 Richard Anthony, Yeoman Sign
Volume 9; Page 96: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
191 Groom Steer Jarvis Veale South Milton Labourer 21 William Steer, Labourer Sign   Andrew Steer; Sarah Steer  
Sat 25th Jan 1879 Bride Luscombe Eliza Jane Waterhead, Aveton Gifford 20 Samuel Luscombe, Labourer Mark
192 Groom Hart Thomas Baileys, Bigbury Labourer 27 Thomas Hart, Labourer Mark   John Henry Hingston; Mary Grace Jenkins  
Wed 29th Jan 1879 Bride Lavers Elizabeth Jane Damerells Coombe, Aveton Gifford 26 Sign
Volume 9; Page 97: Fiche 0; Row 0; Column 0
193 Groom Hannaford John Boars Hill, Bigbury Labourer 21 Richard Hannaford, Labourer Mark   John Adams Burgoyne; Caroline Burgoyne  
Sat 26th Apr 1879 Bride Stevens Martha Jane Shilston, Modbury 23 Christopher Stevens, Labourer Sign
194 Groom Putt James Thomas Aveton Gifford Labourer 20 James Thomas Putt, Labourer Mark   John Robert Maunder; Sarah Ann Maunder  
Sat 12th Jul 1879 Bride Maunder Mary Grace Damerells Coombe 20 Philip Brown Maunder, Labourer Mark

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