Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1750s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 2; Page 60: Fiche 6; Row a; Column 1
- Groom Touhey John               This entry needs to be checked very carefully
Sun 1st Apr 1750 Bride Doe Jane          
3 Groom Fox Bartholomew                
Wed 18th Apr 1750 Bride Snowdon Agnes          
4 Groom Harris John              
Fri 27th Apr 1750 Bride Phillips Mary North Huish        
5 Groom Morgan Andrew Stockingham              
Fri 9th Nov 1750 Bride Lake Catherine        
6 Groom Mathews Thomas                
Wed 19th Dec 1750 Bride Stert Elizabeth          
7 Groom Snowdon John Aveton Gifford              
Thur 4th Jul 1751 Bride Brosier Sarah Aveton Gifford        
8 Groom Pinwell John Aveton Gifford              
Tues 29th Oct 1751 Bride Snowdon Joan Aveton Gifford        
9 Groom Wakeham John Aveton Gifford              
Thur 7th Nov 1751 Bride Fox Honour Aveton Gifford        
10 Groom Pering Philip(jun.) Modbury         By Licence    
Wed 15th Apr 1752 Bride Treby Priscilla Modbury        
11 Groom Snowdon William Aveton Gifford              
Wed 27th Dec 1752 Bride Beard Elizabeth Aveton Gifford        
12 Groom Luckraft Joseph Aveton Gifford              
Tues 27th Feb 1753 Bride Snowdon Elizabeth Aveton Gifford        
13 Groom Ellis James Aveton Gifford              
Tues 20th Nov 1753 Bride Date Agnes Aveton Gifford        
14 Groom Hill Robert Aveton Gifford              
Tues 20th Nov 1753 Bride Edwards Joan Aveton Gifford        
Transcriber's note: Indecipherable note (about change of Rector?)
Volume 3; Page 1: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 6
1 Groom Ward Joseph Modbury       Sign   Abraham Stidston; William Snowdon  
Mon 22nd Apr 1754 Bride Hurrell Elizabeth Aveton Gifford       Sign
2 Groom Walters Thomas Aveton Gifford       Sign   Andrew Couch; John Elliott  
Thur 11th Jul 1754 Bride Wills Jane Aveton Gifford       Sign
Volume 3; Page 2: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 7
3 Groom Saunders Roger Aveton Gifford       Mark   Thomas Marten; Roger Saunders  
Thur 22nd Aug 1754 Bride Marten Sarah       Mark
4 Groom Screech John Aveton Gifford       Sign   Daniel Slade; Henry Barons  
Sun 22nd Sep 1754 Bride Damarel Rebecca Ugborough       Mark
Volume 3; Page 3: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 8
5 Groom Gill Thomas Aveton Gifford       Mark   William Hill; George Prouse  
Sun 13th Oct 1754 Bride Prouse Elizabeth Aveton Gifford       Mark
6 Groom Damarel Thomas Aveton Gifford       Sign   Thomas Damarel; Robert Phillips  
Tues 24th Dec 1754 Bride Phillips Elizabeth Aveton Gifford       Mark
Note in register: so far to the Visitation 9th May 1755
Volume 3; Page 4: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 9
7 Groom Elliot James Aveton Gifford       Sign   Nicholas Elliott; John Leigh  
Mon 31st Mar 1755 Bride Leigh Joanna Aveton Gifford       Sign
8 Groom Farleigh Philip Harberton       Sign   Abraham Hill; Thomas Ley  
Tues 1st Apr 1755 Bride Hill Jane Aveton Gifford       Sign
Volume 3; Page 5: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 10
9 Groom Prowse Richard Aveton Gifford           Thomas Marten; Richard Prowse Check details of signing
Wed 11th Jun 1755 Bride Marten Elizabeth Aveton Gifford        
10 Groom Bastard John Aveton Gifford Taylor     Sign By Licence John Harwood; Edward Thrisant  
Fri 29th Aug 1755 Bride Creese Elizabeth Aveton Gifford Spinster     Mark
Volume 3; Page 6: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 11
11 Groom Maunder John Kingston       Sign   John Searle; Hugh Hingston  
Tues 16th Sep 1755 Bride Tisdale Alice Aveton Gifford       Mark
12 Groom Davy Edward Aveton Gifford       Sign   Dorothy Lane; Mary Lane  
Mon 29th Dec 1755 Bride Parsons Ann Aveton Gifford       Sign
Volume 3; Page 7: Fiche 7; Row b; Column 12
13 Groom Phillips Jonathan Aveton Gifford           This entry not complete. No signatures or witnesses. Check year.
Tues 2nd Mar 1756 Bride Frost Elizabeth widow      
14 Groom Screech John Aveton Gifford       Mark   Robert Parsons; John Harwood  
Sun 25th Apr 1756 Bride Davey Joanna Aveton Gifford       Mark
Volume 3; Page 8: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 1
15 Groom Cole Barrett Aveton Gifford             No signatures
Thur 2nd Sep 1756 Bride Date Susanna Aveton Gifford        
Volume 3; Page 9: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 2
16 Groom Sherwill William Aveton Gifford              
Sat 11th Sep 1756 Bride Elliot Elizabeth Aveton Gifford        
17 Groom Eastlee Thomas Aveton Gifford              
Mon 4th Oct 1756 Bride Pinwell Sarah Aveton Gifford        
18 Groom Ford Henry Aveton Gifford              
Mon 21st Feb 1757 Bride Bardons Mary Aveton Gifford        
Volume 3; Page 10: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 3
- Groom Taylor Gilbert Aveton Gifford       Sign   Thomas Mathews; James Taylor Check Date
Sun 21st Feb 1762 Bride Stert Honor       Sign
19 Groom Frost John Aveton Gifford     Mark   Richard Prowse; John Screech  
Mon 30th May 1757 Bride Thornton Agnes Aveton Gifford widow     Mark
Volume 3; Page 11: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 4
20 Groom Searle John Aveton Gifford       Sign   Dorothy Lane; Henry Bastard  
Mon 1st Aug 1757 Bride Farleigh Joan Aveton Gifford        
21 Groom Thornting Henry Aveton Gifford              
Tues 22nd Nov 1757 Bride Thorning Mary Aveton Gifford        
Volume 3; Page 12: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 5
22 Groom Hurrell John Aveton Gifford              
Mon 15th May 1758 Bride Couch Margaret        
23 Groom Coyte Nicholas West Alvington              
Sun 16th Jul 1758 Bride Pinwell Grace Aveton Gifford        
Volume 3; Page 13: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 6
24 Groom Yabsley Josias Aveton Gifford              
Wed 9th Aug 1758 Bride Parsons Sarah Aveton Gifford        
25 Groom Dunning Richard Aveton Gifford           William Lidstone; Richard Gill  
Tues 22nd Aug 1758 Bride Lidstone Joan Aveton Gifford        
26 Groom Prowse Richard Bigbury       Mark   William Wills; Humphrey Wills  
Mon 19th Feb 1759 Bride Wills Dorothy Aveton Gifford        
27 Groom Thornting Phillip Aveton Gifford       Mark   Richard Scobell; Henry Bastard  
Mon 26th Feb 1759 Bride Efford Dorothy Aveton Gifford       Mark
Transcriber's note:
Volume 3; Page 16: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 9
28 Groom Shepherd James Aveton Gifford              
Mon 30th Apr 1759 Bride Phillips Agnes Aveton Gifford        
29 Groom Pope Robert Aveton Gifford              
Wed 9th May 1759 Bride Leigh Rebecca Aveton Gifford        
Volume 3; Page 14: Fiche 7; Row c; Column 7
30 Groom Lindon John Aveton Gifford       Mark   Henry Bastard; Edward Leigh  
Mon 24th Dec 1759 Bride Leigh Jane Aveton Gifford       Mark

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