Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1700s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row b; Column 8
17 Groom Harris John                
Tues 19th Nov 1700 Bride Fox Joan          
18 Groom Woodmason Richard                
Tues 19th Nov 1700 Bride Fox Grace          
19 Groom Mary John                
Tues 19th Nov 1700 Bride Clemo?? Grace          
20 Groom Boar George                
Sun 24th Nov 1700 Bride Hingston Rebecah          
21 Groom Willing Thomas Totnes              
Sat 14th Dec 1700 Bride Ford Hannah Ringmore        
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row b; Column 9
1 Groom Pulliblank John                
Tues 4th Mar 1700 Bride Hingston Elizabeth          
Transcriber's note: the above date may not be correct
2 Groom Harris Arthur                
Tues 4th Mar 1700 Bride Boond Willmot          
3 Groom Wilton John              
Tues 4th Mar 1700 Bride Cowl Rebecah Bigbury        
4 Groom Snowdon John   widower            
Sun 1st Feb 1701 Bride Camp Joan        
5 Groom Venton Edward                
Tues 17th Feb 1701 Bride Elliott Hanah          
6 Groom Taylor John              
Tues 7th Apr 1702 Bride Steer Mary Bigbury        
7 Groom Barons Charles   widower            
Sun 7th Jun 1702 Bride Mugguer? Mary        
8 Groom Date John                
Sun 27th Sep 1702 Bride Hill Ann          
9 Groom Hingston Hugh                
Sun 4th Oct 1702 Bride Straw Joan          
10 Groom Cole Stephen                
Tues 20th Oct 1702 Bride Hele Elizabeth          
11 Groom German John                
Tues 10th Nov 1702 Bride Hingston Mary          
12 Groom Bevill John   widower            
Fri 1st Jan 1702 Bride Prowse Ann        
13 Groom Weeks John Churstow              
Sun 28th Mar 1703 Bride Lakeman Elizabeth        
14 Groom Haray William              
Tues 11th May 1703 Bride Hays Dorithy Loddiswell        
15 Groom Thorning John                
Tues 7th Sep 1703 Bride Elliott Elizabeth          
16 Groom Harris Hugh                
Tues 7th Dec 1703 Bride Hoxt Mary          
17 Groom Lidston William              
Tues 18th Apr 1704 Bride Pittwood Joan Loddiswell        
18 Groom Boond Charles                
Fri 26th May 1704 Bride Clarke Joan          
19 Groom Quint George                
Sun 25th Jun 1704 Bride Farleigh Jane          
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row b; Column 10
1 Groom Snowden John                
Tues 11th Jul 1704 Bride Bowill Sarah          
2 Groom Warren John                
Thur 17th Aug 1704 Bride Pound Margret          
3 Groom Warren Robert                
Mon 1st Jan 1704 Bride Phillips Agnis          
4 Groom Hole Anthony Bamton, Devon              
Mon 12th Mar 1704 Bride Thornton Susanna Aveton Gifford        
Note in register: no Marriages 1705
5 Groom Chaple Thomas                
Tues 26th Mar 1706 Bride Port Joan          
6 Groom Bond John                
Tues 23rd Apr 1706 Bride Terry Elizabeth          
7 Groom Hawkins Richard              
Mon 22nd Jul 1706 Bride Knowling Dorcas Kingsbridge        
8 Groom Hore Richard                
Mon 14th Oct 1706 Bride Ball Elizabeth          
9 Groom Tipet? William              
Tues 22nd Oct 1706 Bride Harwood Mary Churstow        
10 Groom Sture Thomas                
Wed 1st Jan 1706 Bride Harris Willmot          
11 Groom Attwills Richard                
Thur 30th Jan 1706 Bride Randle Joan          
12 Groom Couch Thomas                
Tues 25th Feb 1706 Bride Brooking Mary          
13 Groom Leigh Robert Aveton Gifford              
Mon 14th Apr 1707 Bride Hurrel Judith Woodleigh        
14 Groom Terry James              
Tues 7th Oct 1707 Bride Drew Joan Loddiswell        
15 Groom Lurcraft William                
Mon 29th Dec 1707 Bride Ball Elizabeth          
16 Groom Steere William              
Tues 17th Feb 1707 Bride Diment Sarah Thurlestone        
17 Groom Saunders William              
Wed 24th Mar 1707 Bride Hawkinge Honour Kingsbridge        
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row b; Column 11
1 Groom Lurcraft Joseph                
Thur 22nd Apr 1708 Bride Merrifield Elizabeth          
2 Groom Date John                
Mon 24th May 1708 Bride Abraham Hanah          
3 Groom Hill Abraham                
Fri 23rd Jul 1708 Bride Boond Mary          
4 Groom Pulliblank Joseph                
Sun 24th Oct 1708 Bride Drew Ann          
5 Groom Edgecombe Benjamin                
Fri 31st Dec 1708 Bride Port Agnis          
6 Groom Horswill Charles                
Tues 8th Mar 1708 Bride Harwood Mary          
Transcriber's note: there are more entries on this and subsequent pages, but these are repeats of those that appear elsewhere.
Volume 2; Page 54: Fiche 5; Row e; Column 7
1 Groom Pearse John Plympton              
Thur 21st Jul 1709 Bride Bickford Grace        
2 Groom Hoar John                
Sun 11th Sep 1709 Bride Sweet Elizabeth          
3 Groom Steer Richard              
Mon 9th Jan 1709 Bride Wakeham Elizabeth Bigbury        
4 Groom Elliot Ambros                
Mon 20th Feb 1709 Bride Philips Mary          

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