Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Marriages for the 1660s

This file contains the marriage information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The information contained within the registers changed over time. On occasions they listed the residence of both bride and groom, but often the word "Sojourner" was used to show that the person came from a different parish. Sometimes the marital status is listed "bachelor", "widow", etc.; on other occasions the occupation is listed. If the couple were married by Licence, this is noted. On some occasions the register entry only relates to a "Certificate of Banns"; in most such cases one of the parties is shown as coming from another parish and it is likely that the marriage itself took place there.
In some cases the bride and the groom signed the register, but many clearly could not do so and made their mark instead; this is noted. In many cases the witnesses also signed the register; their names are listed and they are also included in the index. There is usually no indication of what the relationship is between the witness and the couple; it is only evidence that someone of that name was alive at that time.
No. Groom His Surname His Forename His Abode His Status His Age His Father Sign or mark? By Licence Witnesses Notes
Date Bride Her Surname Her Forename Her Abode Her Status Her Age Her father
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row a; Column 10
1 Groom Horsewell Phillip the Towne son of Roger            
Sat 11th May 1661 Bride Minord Ann the Towne da. of William      
2 Groom Coyt Joannis                
Tues 4th Feb 1661 Bride Grar- Honoris          
3 Groom Adams Jacobi Aveton Gifford son of William?            
Tues 16th Sep 1662 Bride Newcomb Joanne Plymouth      
4 Groom Pinhay Roberti Halwell, Devon            
Wed 15th Oct 1662 Bride Bowhay Joanne Aveton Gifford da. of Thomas      
5 Groom Eliot Gulialmi Aveton Gifford son of Hugonis            
Fri 17th Oct 1662 Bride Chader Agnis Marlborough da. of Eugenii      
6 Groom Barons Simonis Bigbury son of Simonis, Defunct            
Wed 29th Oct 1662 Bride Horsewill Joanna Aveton Gifford da. of Rogeri      
7 Groom Phillips Simeonis Lodiswell son of Simeonis            
Mon 24th Nov 1662 Bride Seritch Joanna Aveton Gifford da. of Roberti      
8 Groom Yeard Joannis son of Simeonis            
Thur 18th Dec 1662 Bride Wear Gratia Aveton Gifford da. of E----      
9 Groom Rooke Joannis Modbury              
Sat 28th Feb 1662 Bride Hurle Gratia Woodley        
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row a; Column 11
1 Groom Veal Georgii South Brent              
Wed 8th Jul 1663 Bride Hele? Dorothei        
2 Groom Hoar Joannis son of Joannis            
Tues 13th Oct 1663 Bride Cutmore Jane Thurlestone da. of Julia-mi?      
3 Groom Coyt Ricardi                
Tues 17th Nov 1663 Bride Martin Edith          
4 Groom Dyer Gulielmi Woodland, Devon            
Thur 19th Nov 1663 Bride Edwards Sara Aveton Gifford da. of Rogeri      
5 Groom Eliot Arthuri son of Joan. Defunct            
Wed 13th Jan 1663 Bride Hele Katharina Aveton Gifford da. of Thomas      
6 Groom Gill Joannis Bigbury            
Mon 23rd May 1664 Bride Hoar Thomazin Aveton Gifford da. of Joannis      
7 Groom Ely Aquila Aveton Gifford              
Fri 24th Jun 1664 Bride Ellis Xt--nal Kingsbridge        
8 Groom Veal Joannis Plympton Mary            
Wed 24th Aug 1664 Bride Willin Grace Aveton Gifford da. of Michaelis      
9 Groom Cole Joannis Aveton Gifford              
Fri 23rd Sep 1664 Bride Oldreer Phillipa Lodiswell        
10 Groom Hatch Thomas              
Tues 31st Jan 1664 Bride Adams Eleanor Aveton Gifford        
11 Groom Horsewell Charles                
Tues 25th Apr 1665 Bride Thorn? Margaret          
12 Groom Damarel Phillip                
Thur 27th Apr 1665 Bride Port Agnes          
13 Groom Frost Nicholas                
Tues 2nd May 1665 Bride Ball Deborah          
14 Groom -ebreich? Stephen                
Tues 2nd May 1665 Bride Willin Agnes          
15 Groom Hinkson George                
Tues 27th Jun 1665 Bride Pinwell Elizabeth          
16 Groom Hoar Samuel                
Tues 1st Aug 1665 Bride Randle Agnes          
17 Groom Adams James                
Fri 25th Aug 1665 Bride Collins Mary          
18 Groom Rhodes Ambrose Modbury              
Tues 26th Sep 1665 Bride Evans Julia Malborough        
Volume 1; Page ???: Fiche 3; Row a; Column 12
1 Groom Hoar Hugh                
Wed 4th Oct 1665 Bride Pinwell Wilmot          
2 Groom Oldreine Richard                
Thur 19th Oct 1665 Bride Steer Ann          
3 Groom Hinkson Roger                
Tues 7th Nov 1665 Bride King Grace          
4 Groom Eliot John                
Tues 28th Nov 1665 Bride Hingston Elizabeth          
5 Groom Serrich? John                
Tues 9th Jan 1665 Bride Oldreer Thomazin          
6 Groom Dolling Edward                
Tues 27th Feb 1665 Bride Lux Joan          
7 Groom Grant Edward                
Wed 13th Jun 1666 Bride Kingdom Sarah          
8 Groom Frost John                
Mon 23rd Jul 1666 Bride Moore Petronell          
9 Groom Rider Peter                
Tues 18th Sep 1666 Bride Evans Amy          
10 Groom Sherrow John                
Tues 18th Sep 1666 Bride Hingston Sarah          
11 Groom Burleigh Phillip                
Tues 6th Nov 1666 Bride Pilladge Joan          
12 Groom Waymouth John                
Thur 27th Dec 1666 Bride Martin Grace          
13 Groom Ball William                
Fri 8th Feb 1666 Bride Yard Deborah          
14 Groom Date John                
Tues 28th May 1667 Bride Eliot Joan          
15 Groom Harris Hugh                
Tues 27th Aug 1667 Bride Cole Elizabeth          
16 Groom Ball Richard                
Tues 29th Oct 1667 Bride Bidlake Mary          
17 Groom Fox John                
Tues 5th Nov 1667 Bride Leaman Joan          
18 Groom Date John                
Mon 25th Nov 1667 Bride Adams Agnes          
19 Groom Hoar John                
Wed 1st Apr 1668 Bride Bardens Joan          
20 Groom Freind Robert                
Wed 1st Apr 1668 Bride Manning Avis          
Transcriber's note: there are two crossed out entries which appear to have been baptisms.
21 Groom Boone Roger                
Sun 16th Aug 1668 Bride Pinwell Sarah          
22 Groom Randall George                
Sat 10th Oct 1668 Bride Bevil Mary          
Transcriber's note: there appear to have been no Marriages in 1669.

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