Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Burials for the 1670s

This file contains the burial information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
The later registers include age and abode, but the earlier entries include a variety of other information, such as "wife of ..." or "son of ...". Any other information is included as a note.
No. Burial Date Surname Christian Name Age Abode Notes
Volume 2; Page 1: Fiche 5; Row a; Column 2
Note in register: Aveton Gifford begun Anno Dom. 1678
1 Sun 11th Aug 1678 Sayer Joane     and there being no affidavit brought within 8 days (the time limited by the Act of Parliament) that the sayd Joane Sayer was buryed only in woolen. Walter Gettings minister at that time certifyed on August 18th to the churchwardens the omission of it who carrying the certificate to Philip Champernown Esq. one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace within the time limited, there was a warrant by the said justice thereupon granted, for the levying of the sum of five pounds upon the goods and chattels of Elizabeth Sayer her sister, which accordingly was levyed and executed, as the late act for the burying in woolens requires. signed Walter Gettings
2 Sun 13th Oct 1678 Mills Mary d of George was buryed and within 8 days after, Judith Mills and Susana Adams of the parish of Aveton Gifford made affidavit before Sir William Bastard Kt and Matthew Heale Esquire 2 of his Majestys Justices of the Peace that the said Mary Mills was buryed in woolen only according to the prescriptions of the late act of parliament, a testimony of which under their hands and seals was also delivered to Walter Getting minister of the parish for that time.
3 Sat 9th Nov 1678 Tabb Laurence      
4 Mon 6th Jan 1678 Ffriend John      
5 Thur 16th Jan 1678 Thorning Mary      
6 Sun 19th Jan 1678 Bowhay Elizabeth      
7 Tues 28th Jan 1678 Ball Mary      
8 Wed 5th Feb 1678 Lavers Mary      
Volume 2; Page 2: Fiche 5; Row a; Column 3
1 Thur 27th Feb 1678 Ffrost Robert      
2 Tues 11th Mar 1678 Wyatt Naomi      
3 Thur 13th Mar 1678 Harwood Eliz.      
4 Tues 25th Mar 1679 Wakeham Margaret      
5 Wed 26th Mar 1679 Lurkcraft Margaret      
6 Thur 27th Mar 1679 Scroitch James      
7 Mon 14th Apr 1679 Barnes Honor d of Simon(?)  
8 Tues 29th Apr 1679 Bruton Honychurch d of (?)  
9 Mon 12th May 1679 Damarell Richard      
10 Mon 26th May 1679 Goole John      
11 Wed 28th May 1679 Elliott Joane      
12 Sun 22nd Jun 1679 Hayes George      
13 Tues 1st Jul 1679 Neighbour Mary      
14 Sat 13th Sep 1679 Ball Arthur      
15 Sun 14th Sep 1679 Turkly Hugh      
16 Thur 18th Sep 1679 Willing Philippa      
17 Fri 14th Nov 1679 Ellyot Eliz.      
18 Fri 5th Dec 1679 Hore John      
19 Sun 4th Jan 1679 Ellyott (a man child) s. of Thomas  
20 Thur 22nd Jan 1679 Grose Grace      
21 Thur 22nd Jan 1679 Ffrost Agnes      
22 Tues 27th Jan 1679 Dining John      
23 Tues 3rd Feb 1679 Phillips Abraham      
24 Sun 22nd Feb 1679 Snowdon Agnes      
25 Sun 7th Mar 1679 Yard(?) Thomas      
26 Sat 20th Mar 1679 Gill Thomasin      

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