Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Baptisms for the 1790s

This file contains the baptismal information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
Most of the entries in the registers list the date of Baptism, the name of the child, and the names of both parents. In the earliest registers, only the name of the father is shown and in the case of the "base-born" chidren usually only the mother is named. In some cases the abode and occupation of the father is shown, and in some cases the date of birth is given. In those cases it is indexed under both dates.
The register includes references to "privately baptised", which usually either means that the child was baptised soon after birth because it was felt that it was unlikely to survive, or that the child was born into a family of some substance. The child was usually later brought to the church, and sometimes that is when the entry was made in the register; it is not clear whether the child was baptised again. There is also occasional reference to a "christening", which usually followed a private baptism. That is assumed to relate to the introduction to the church.
No. Baptism Date Surname Christian Name Father Mother Abode Occupation Born Notes
Volume 2; Page 122: Fiche 7; Row a; Column 3
5 Wed 17th Feb 1790 Ruth Richard John Mary        
6 Sun 7th Mar 1790 Sherwill Dinah James Elizabeth        
7 Fri 2nd Apr 1790 Wilcocks George Richard Mary       This entry appears to have been added later
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation
8 Sun 23rd May 1790 Bolt(?) Mary Michael Rebecca        
9 Mon 24th May 1790 Spinney Andrew Andrew Rebecca        
10 Mon 24th May 1790 Beavill Robert Wm. Jane        
11 Tues 14th Sep 1790 Andrews Mary Thomas Susannah        
12 Tues 21st Sep 1790 Luscombe Henry Henry Sarah        
13 Thur 30th Sep 1790 Sherriffe John John Elizabeth        
14 Sun 14th Nov 1790 Hill William John Elizabeth        
15 Sun 21st Nov 1790 Saunders Betty Roger Elizabeth        
16 Sun 21st Nov 1790 Phillips Thomas John Dinah        
17 Sun 21st Nov 1790 Phillips Francis (son) John Dinah        
18 Sun 21st Nov 1790 Hingston Amy William Jane        
19 Sat 25th Dec 1790 Chubb Grace Nicholas Grace        
20 Wed 5th Jan 1791 Parnell Agnes Humphery Agnes        
21 Sun 13th Mar 1791 Hill Elizabeth Nicholas Grace        
22 Mon 14th Feb 1791 Pengelly Thomas John Mary       Privately baptised
23 Tues 15th Mar 1791 Frost Christian (da) John Susanna       This entry added later
24 Sun 6th Mar 1791 Laskey ------ John Elizabeth        
Transcriber's note: Indecipherable note
25 Sun 27th Mar 1791 Putt Jane James Jane        
26 Fri 1st Apr 1791 --- Mary Ann John Martha        
27 Sun 10th Apr 1791 Brooking Thomas John Mary       This entry added later
28 Tues 26th Apr 1791 Pengelly Thomas John Mary        
29 Tues 26th Apr 1791 Scobell Elizabeth ----- Mary        
30 Tues 10th May 1791 Pearse Thomas William Mary        
31 Fri 13th May 1791 Huish(?) Joan William Mary        
Note in register: Thus far to the Archdeacons Visitation May 1791
Transcriber's note: The following dates appear to be out of sequence - check
32 Sun 6th Jun 1790 Laskey Alexander John Elizabeth        
33 Sun 27th Jun 1790 Moore Ann Nathaniel Ann        
34 Fri 8th Oct 1790 Cowle Thomas William Sarah        
35 Fri 29th Oct 1790 Coombs Jenny Samuel Prudence       Base born
Volume 2; Page 123: Fiche 7; Row a; Column 4
Note in register: Baptisms and christenings continued 1791
1 Mon 24th Jan 1791 Brend Richard Richard Mary       Check date
2 Sun 27th Mar 1791 Harwood John John Honor       Privately baptised; the same publicaly baptised 10th July 1791
3 Sun 10th Jul 1791 Wilton Joanna Jas. Jane        
4 Sun 11th Sep 1791 Maunder Alice John Eliz.        
5 Fri 30th Sep 1791 Sentiford Charles Deesing John Annah        
6 Sun 9th Oct 1791 --an-- John Benjamin Elizabeth        
7 Sun 6th Nov 1791 Tucker Grace Robert Annie       This entry added later
8 Thur 29th Dec 1791 ----- Sarah ----- -----        
9 Mon 9th Jan 1792 Windeat Thomas Robert Richard(?)        
10 Sun 22nd Jan 1792 Windsor Richard John Margaret        
11 Mon 30th Jan 1792 Ruth Robert Gillard John Mary        
12 Mon 30th Jan 1792 Pepperal Ann Thomas Ann        
13 Sun 5th Feb 1792 Pepperal Elizabeth Roger Joan        
14 Sun 12th Feb 1792 Elliot Charity Nicholas Jane        
15 Sun 19th Feb 1792 Roberts Mary John Jane        
16 Sun 11th Mar 1792 Coote Thomas Thomas Elizabeth        
17 Fri 16th Mar 1792 Vaughan Edward Macey(?) Benjamin Julia       Privately baptised; born 14th March 1792
18 Sun 1st Apr 1792 Harris Hugh Stephen Ann        
19 Sun 22nd Apr 1792 Moore Nathaniel Nathaniel Ann        
20 Sun 29th Apr 1792 Bower(?) Richard Richard Mary        
Note in register: Thus far to the Archdeacons Visitation 7th May 1792
Volume 4; Page 2: Fiche 10; Row b; Column 8
1 Fri 16th Mar 1792 Vaughan Edward Stacey Benjamin Kerr Julia       Privately baptised 14th March 1792
Note in register: The Archdeacons Visitation 7th May 1792
2 Sun 6th May 1792 Weymouth Elizabeth John Elizabeth        
3 Fri 8th Jun 1792 Hart Mary John Gertrude        
4 Sun 10th Jun 1792 Spinny Elizabeth Andrew Rebecca        
5 Sun 22nd Jul 1792 Wilton Ann John Ann        
6 Fri 10th Aug 1792 Wilcocks Mary Richard Mary        
7 Fri 17th Aug 1792 Lake John Henry Elizabeth        
8 Sun 26th Aug 1792 Eliot William George Honor       Privately baptised
9 Sun 23rd Sep 1792 Martin Mary William Mary        
10 Sun 28th Oct 1792 Thornting Sarah -base- Sarah        
11 Sun 18th Nov 1792 Thornting Mary John Susannah        
12 Fri 30th Nov 1792 Luscombe William Thomas Alice        
13 Sun 2nd Dec 1792 Brend Jenny Richard Mary        
14 Wed 26th Dec 1792 Elliott William George Honor        
15 Sun 13th Jan 1793 Frost John John Susannah        
16 Mon 14th Jan 1793 Edgecombe Alice John Sarah        
17 Wed 30th Jan 1793 Parsons Honor Robert Judith        
18 Wed 30th Jan 1793 Steer Richard Richard Jane        
19 Wed 30th Jan 1793 Froude John John Margaret        
20 Fri 22nd Feb 1793 Steer Betsy Cowle Richard Mary        
21 Sun 24th Feb 1793 Tilley(?) William John Mary        
22 Sun 10th Mar 1793 Saunders Samuel Hewitt William Ann        
23 Sun 28th Apr 1793 Steer Philip George Fanny        
24 Sun 28th Apr 1793 Prowse John Gillard -base- Margaret        
Note in register: To the Archdeacons Visitation 6th May 1793
25 Sun 17th Mar 1793 Putt Elizabeth James Jane        
Volume 4; Page 3: Fiche 10; Row b; Column 9
1 Sun 9th Jun 1793 Earl Mary John Fanny        
2 Sun 9th Jun 1793 Lethbridge Robert John Ann        
3 Thur 20th Jun 1793 Windeat George Robert Richard        
4 Thur 1st Aug 1793 Luscombe William Henry Sarah        
5 Thur 1st Aug 1793 Tole Joanna John Martha        
6 Sun 25th Aug 1793 Grant James Henry Jane        
7 Sun 22nd Sep 1793 Bastard Winifred Henry Mary        
8 Fri 27th Sep 1793 Chubb Edward Nicholas Grace        
9 Sun 13th Oct 1793 Scobbel Mary Lewis Mary        
10 Tues 5th Nov 1793 Lakeman Alice John Thomazine        
11 Sun 1st Dec 1793 Couch Thomas John Joanna        
12 Sun 9th Feb 1794 Hill John Nicholas Grace        
13 Fri 21st Mar 1794 Ruth Mary Ann John Mary        
14 Sun 30th Mar 1794 Hurrell Nicholas Nicholas Mary        
15 Sun 6th Apr 1794 Hingston Jane William Prudence        
16 Sun 4th May 1794 Harwood John John Honor        
Note in register: Archdeacons Visitation 19th May 1794
17 Sun 24th Nov 1793 Stert John John Sarah       Check this date
Volume 4; Page 6: Fiche 10; Row b; Column 12
1 Fri 30th May 1794 Cowle Anne William Sarah        
2 Fri 30th May 1794 Cowle Agnes William Sarah        
Note in register: (on opposite page) The second entry had been thus made; Agnes daughter of ditto and ditto, being both children of the same parents. This insertion was deemed incorrect which caused it to be changed to its present form.
3 Sun 8th Jun 1794 Moore Thomas Nathaniel Ann        
4 Fri 20th Jun 1794 Windeat Elizabeth -base- Elizabeth        
5 Sun 10th Aug 1794 Andrews John Thomas Susannah        
6 Fri 15th Aug 1794 Steer Michael Michael Mary        
7 Sun 31st Aug 1794 Leigh Mary Edward Sarah        
8 Sun 28th Sep 1794 Wakeham Thomas Thomas Sarah        
9 Fri 10th Oct 1794 Parsons John Hele Robert Judith        
10 Sun 26th Oct 1794 Davy Edward Edward Jane        
11 Sun 26th Oct 1794 Brown Robert Robert Mary        
- Wed 12th Nov 1794 Searle Richard Benjamin Elizabeth       Note this entry is on the opposing page(page 5)
12 Sun 14th Dec 1794 Steer William Richard Jane        
13 Sun 14th Dec 1794 Pengelly William William Elizabeth        
14 Sun 28th Dec 1794 Ash Mary Christopher Agness        
15 Sun 28th Dec 1794 Frost Elizabeth John Susannah        
16 Fri 2nd Jan 1795 Prout Rebecca Michael Rebecca        
17 Sun 1st Feb 1795 Steer Henry George Fanny        
18 Sun 1st Feb 1795 Wilton John John Ann        
19 Sun 1st Feb 1795 Pepperel Ann Roger Joan        
20 Sun 8th Feb 1795 Spinny John Andrew Rebecca        
21 Sun 8th Feb 1795 Wilton Jenny James Jane        
- Sun 15th Feb 1795 Winsor Catherine John Margaret       This entry is on the opposing page (page 5)
22 Sun 22nd Feb 1795 Abraham Jenny Farleigh Thomas Mary Churchstow      
23 Sun 1st Mar 1795 Scobell Jane Lewis Mary        
24 Sun 22nd Mar 1795 Pengelly Ann John Mary        
25 Sun 5th Apr 1795 Putt James James Jane        
26 Sun 5th Apr 1795 Martin John William Mary        
27 Fri 24th Apr 1795 Luscombe Edward Henry Sarah        
28 Sun 10th May 1795 Couch --nny John Johanna        
Transcriber's note: Corner of page missing or folded over
Volume 4; Page 7: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 1
Note in register: This leaf was mutilated by a child with a pair of scissors unobserved by anyone and the leaf (indecipherable) it so much injured by the same cause as to require removal, but both were at the time blank.
Volume 4; Page 8: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 2
Note in register: From the Archdeacons Visitation 1795
1 Sun 24th May 1795 Small John John Margaret        
2 Mon 6th Jul 1795 Lake Thomas Henry Elizabeth        
3 Mon 6th Jul 1795 Lake Julia Henry Elizabeth        
4 Sun 26th Jul 1795 Luscombe Elizabeth John Elizabeth        
5 Sun 4th Oct 1795 Cook Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth        
6 Sun 11th Oct 1795 Burley George James Winifred        
7 Mon 12th Oct 1795 Hevit William William Mary     Tues 25th Mar 1777  
8 Tues 27th Oct 1795 Roberts William John Jane        
9 Sun 29th Nov 1795 Hurrell Mary Harding Mary        
10 Mon 7th Dec 1795 Ruth John John Mary        
11 Sun 13th Dec 1795 Weymouth George John Elizabeth        
12 Fri 1st Jan 1796 Lakeman Richard Parnell John Thomazine        
13 Fri 1st Jan 1796 Jole Elizabeth John Martha        
14 Sun 3rd Jan 1796 Leigh Sarah Edward Sarah        
15 Sun 6th Sep 1795 Damarel Ann James Susannah        
16 Sun 6th Sep 1795 Bastard John Henry Mary        
17 Mon 7th Sep 1795 Froude Robert Robert Grace        
18 Sun 7th Feb 1796 Smith John -base- Jane        
19 Sun 6th Mar 1796 Brooking John Nicholas Mary        
20 Sun 13th Mar 1796 Yabsley William William Sarah        
21 Sun 13th Mar 1796 Thornting Mary -base- Sarah        
22 Thur 17th Mar 1796 Coad Robert Robert Ann        
23 Sun 3rd Apr 1796 Abraham Elizabeth -base- Sarah        
24 Sun 17th Apr 1796 Saunders William Roger Ann        
Note in register: To the Archdeacons Visitation 1796
Volume 4; Page 9: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 3
1 Tues 26th Apr 1796 Cowle George William Sarah        
2 Thur 5th May 1796 Luckraft Sally William Mary        
3 Sun 7th Aug 1796 Stert Joseph John Sarah        
4 Wed 26th Oct 1796 Parsons Mary Robert Judith        
5 Sat 5th Nov 1796 Grant Nancy Henry Jane        
6 Wed 14th Dec 1796 Peek Mary Dingle William Lydia        
7 Wed 28th Dec 1796 Chubb Betsy Nicholas Grace        
8 Fri 6th Jan 1797 Jole Jemima John Martha        
9 Sun 15th Jan 1797 Wakeham Mary Ann Thomas Sarah        
10 Wed 18th Jan 1797 Edwards John John Ann        
11 Fri 10th Feb 1797 Treeby William Lidstone John Sarah        
12 Sun 12th Feb 1797 Damarell Thomas James Susannah        
13 Wed 8th Mar 1797 Cole Andrew John Mary        
14 Sun 19th Mar 1797 Davy Daniel Beck Edward Jane        
15 Sun 26th Mar 1797 Brend Richard Richard Mary        
16 Mon 27th Mar 1797 Elliott Nicholas George Honor        
17 Sun 23rd Apr 1797 Wilton Betty John Ann        
Note in register: From the Archdeacons Visitation 1796 to his Visitation 1797
Volume 4; Page 10: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 4
Note in register: From the Archdeacons Visitation 1797 to his Visitation 1798
1 Mon 8th May 1797 Cole William John Mary        
2 Sun 28th May 1797 Putt John James Jane        
3 Sun 4th Jun 1797 Luscombe Lucy Henry Sarah        
4 Sun 4th Jun 1797 Ash Agnes Christopher Agnes        
5 Sun 11th Jun 1797 Hingston Mary William Judith        
6 Sun 18th Jun 1797 Saunders William Roger Ann        
7 Wed 21st Jun 1797 Coad John Celly Robert Ann        
8 Wed 21st Jun 1797 Hingston Philip Philip Dorothy        
9 Tues 4th Jul 1797 Prout William Michael Rebecca        
10 Fri 21st Jul 1797 Ruth Charles John Mary        
11 Mon 31st Jul 1797 Froude Elizabeth Robert Grace        
12 Sun 6th Aug 1797 Saunders Mary Roger Elizabeth        
13 Sun 13th Aug 1797 Frost Robert Beer John Susanna        
14 Sat 7th Oct 1797 Hingston John John Elizabeth        
15 Sun 19th Nov 1797 Hill Maria Janes -base- Jane        
16 Sun 3rd Dec 1797 Moore John Nathaniel Ann        
17 Sun 17th Dec 1797 Putt Henry Lake -base- Mary        
18 Sun 24th Dec 1797 Couch George John Johanna        
19 Sun 24th Dec 1797 Pen-gilley Mary Ann John Mary        
20 Sun 31st Dec 1797 Steer John Richard Jane        
21 Fri 5th Jan 1798 Willcocks Lydia Richard Mary        
22 Fri 5th Jan 1798 Willcocks William Richard Mary        
23 Sun 28th Jan 1798 Hurrell William Nicholas Harding Mary        
24 Sun 28th Jan 1798 Luscombe John John Elizabeth        
25 Sun 4th Feb 1798 Spinny James Andrew Rebecca        
Volume 4; Page 11: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 5
1 Sun 25th Feb 1798 Saunders John William Ann        
2 Sun 25th Feb 1798 Yabsley Sarah William Sarah        
3 Sat 31st Mar 1798 Luckraft William William Mary        
4 Sun 18th Mar 1798 Peek Lydia William Lydia        
Note in register: To the Archdeacons Visitation 1798
5 Sun 8th Jul 1798 Bastard Henry Henry Mary        
6 Sun 12th Aug 1798 Damarell Susannah James Susannah        
7 Thur 23rd Aug 1798 Coad James Robert Ann        
8 Sun 4th Nov 1798 Pengilley Reuben William Elizabeth        
9 Sun 2nd Dec 1798 Battershall John William Sarah        
10 Sun 9th Dec 1798 Leigh Benjamin Edward Sarah        
11 Sun 9th Dec 1798 Sherriff Mary Ann Richard Ann        
12 Fri 14th Dec 1798 Treeby Mary John Sarah        
13 Wed 26th Dec 1798 Andrews Elizabeth Thomas Susannah        
14 Sun 6th Jan 1799 Roberts Humphrey John Jane        
15 Wed 16th Jan 1799 Cumming Elias Williams John Catherine        
16 Fri 18th Jan 1799 Jole Peter John Martha        
17 Fri 15th Feb 1799 Harwood William John Honor        
18 Sun 10th Mar 1799 Ryder Mary Thomas Agnes        
19 Sun 28th Apr 1799 Saunders Thomas Roger Elizabeth        
Note in register: To the Archdeacons Visitation 1799
20 Wed 8th May 1799 Snowdon Sally John Alice        
21 Sun 2nd Jun 1799 Stert Thomas John Sarah        
22 Sun 23rd Jun 1799 Wakeham William Prowse Thomas Sarah        
23 Sun 23rd Jun 1799 Davy Jenny Edward Jane        
24 Fri 19th Jul 1799 Luscombe Sarah Henry Sarah        
25 Sun 11th Aug 1799 Saunders Thomas Roger Ann        
26 Sun 25th Aug 1799 Pepperall Sarah Roger Ann        
27 Sun 22nd Sep 1799 Horsewell Ann Wakeham John Elizabeth        
28 Sun 6th Oct 1799 Ash Christopher Christopher Agnes        
29 Fri 11th Oct 1799 Edwards Philip John Ann        
30 Tues 5th Nov 1799 Ruth Abiatha (son) John Mary        
31 Sun 10th Nov 1799 Frost James Beer John Susannah        
32 Tues 26th Nov 1799 Cole Mary John Mary        
Volume 4; Page 12: Fiche 10; Row c; Column 6
1 Sun 22nd Dec 1799 Putt Richard James Jane        

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