Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Baptisms for the 1780s

This file contains the baptismal information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
Most of the entries in the registers list the date of Baptism, the name of the child, and the names of both parents. In the earliest registers, only the name of the father is shown and in the case of the "base-born" chidren usually only the mother is named. In some cases the abode and occupation of the father is shown, and in some cases the date of birth is given. In those cases it is indexed under both dates.
The register includes references to "privately baptised", which usually either means that the child was baptised soon after birth because it was felt that it was unlikely to survive, or that the child was born into a family of some substance. The child was usually later brought to the church, and sometimes that is when the entry was made in the register; it is not clear whether the child was baptised again. There is also occasional reference to a "christening", which usually followed a private baptism. That is assumed to relate to the introduction to the church.
No. Baptism Date Surname Christian Name Father Mother Abode Occupation Born Notes
Volume 2; Page 112: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 6
18 Sat 1st Jan 1780 Hill Susannah Nicholas Grace        
19 Sun 9th Jan 1780 Woodmason Mary Richard Mary        
20 Tues 11th Jan 1780 Yabsley William William Elizabeth        
21 Sun 16th Jan 1780 Treeby Elizabeth William Jane       Mothers name originally written as Elizabeth and corrected
22 Sun 23rd Jan 1780 Roap? Grace -base- Grace        
23 Sun 13th Feb 1780 Pepperel Dorothy Roger Joan        
24 Wed 1st Mar 1780 Cysta Richard Stacey John Agnes        
25 Sun 26th Mar 1780 Wilton James James Jane        
26 Mon 27th Mar 1780 Lake Elizabeth Brookings Henry Elizabeth        
27 Sun 2nd Apr 1780 Wilton Richard John Ann        
28 Sun 2nd Apr 1780 Cole Mary Stephen Alice        
29 Tues 4th Apr 1780 Elliot Ann William Mary        
30 Fri 7th Apr 1780 Edgecombe Benjamin John Sarah        
31 Tues 18th Apr 1780 Yabsley Richard Richard Sarah        
32 Sun 30th Apr 1780 Torring Dorothy Richard Dorothy        
33 Mon 15th May 1780 Edwards Sarah Roger Sarah        
34 Mon 15th May 1780 Wakeham Johanna Thomas Mary        
35 Mon 15th May 1780 Wakeham John William Agnes        
Volume 2; Page 113: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 7
1 Sun 21st May 1780 Wakeham Mary Thomas Ann        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 22nd May 1780
2 Sun 25th Jun 1780 Elliot John Collins George Honour        
3 Sun 2nd Jul 1780 Brooking Sarah Nicholas Mary        
4 Mon 10th Jul 1780 Stert Dorothy Thomas Grace        
5 Sun 6th Aug 1780 Couch Ann Andrew Mary        
6 Sun 20th Aug 1780 Elliot James Nicholas Mary        
7 Tues 12th Sep 1780 Harris Dorothy Thomas Elizabeth        
8 Tues 12th Sep 1780 Lugar Mary Richard Mary        
9 Sun 19th Nov 1780 Macey Walter Richard Elizabeth        
10 Tues 21st Nov 1780 Stear George William Grace        
11 Sun 26th Nov 1780 Ryder Thomas John Joyce        
12 Sun 3rd Dec 1780 Lethbridge Elizabeth John Ann        
13 Sun 17th Dec 1780 Mortimore Edward Edward Mary        
14 Sun 24th Dec 1780 Southcombe Richard Richard Mary        
15 Wed 10th Jan 1781 T?rinick Mary Richard Naomi        
16 Fri 9th Feb 1781 Lidstone William Roger Sarah     Sat 6th Jan 1781  
17 Sun 11th Feb 1781 Macey John   Sarah     Fri 29th Sep 1780  
18 Sun 18th Feb 1781 Hingstone Ann Thomas Lydia        
19 Sun 25th Feb 1781 Steere Molly James Mary        
20 Sun 11th Mar 1781 Codd Rachel James Joan       This entry very faint.
21 Sun 18th Mar 1781 Bevell John William Jane        
22 Sat 7th Apr 1781 Elliot Syprian? -base- Mary        
23 Sun 13th May 1781 Pinwell Sarah William Susannah        
24 Sun 20th May 1781 Davies Mary John Mary   Clerk    
Note in register: So far to the Visitation 21st May 1781
Volume 2; Page 114: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 8
1 Fri 1st Jun 1781 Evans Sarah John Sarah        
2 Sun 12th Aug 1781 Hill John William Hannah        
3 Sun 26th Aug 1781 Wakeham Mary Thomas Ann        
4 Sun 26th Aug 1781 Philip Ann William Johannah        
5 Fri 7th Sep 1781 Yabsley George Richard Sarah        
6 Sun 16th Sep 1781 Whiting Adam Thomas Elizabeth        
7 Sun 16th Sep 1781 Prout Elizabeth Michael Rebekah        
8 Fri 21st Sep 1781 Harris John Veale George Jane     Tues 21st Aug 1781  
9 Mon 1st Oct 1781 Weeks Grace Lome William Alice        
10 Sun 7th Oct 1781 Hill Mary Nicholas Grace        
11 Sun 25th Nov 1781 Prowse Mary Richard Mary        
12 Tues 27th Nov 1781 Treeby Richard William Honor     Wed 24th Oct 1781  
13 Tues 25th Dec 1781 Stantiford John Fox William Elizabeth        
14 Sun 13th Jan 1782 Wilton Rebeckah James Jane        
15 Sun 10th Feb 1782 Torring Robert Richard Dorothy        
16 Sun 10th Feb 1782 Torring Philip Richard Dorothy        
17 Mon 18th Feb 1782 Crimp Richard John Elizabeth        
18 Sun 24th Feb 1782 Cooke William William Elizabeth        
19 Sun 10th Mar 1782 Edgcombe Grace Benjamin Winnifred        
20 Thur 28th Mar 1782 Hingston Prudence William Judith        
21 Sun 7th Apr 1782 Elliot Grace Philip Elizabeth        
22 Fri 19th Apr 1782 Elliot George George Honor        
23 Sun 21st Apr 1782 Pepperel William Roger Joan        
24 Tues 23rd Apr 1782 Lidstone Richard Roger Sarah     Mon 25th Mar 1782  
25 Sun 5th May 1782 Hill Elizabeth John Mary        
26 Fri 10th May 1782 Elliot William William Mary        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 16th May 1782
Volume 2; Page 115: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 9
1 Fri 14th Jun 1782 Pearse Deborah William Deborah        
2 Mon 24th Jun 1782 Brown Mary Robert Elizabeth        
3 Sun 7th Jul 1782 Wilton John John Ann        
4 Sun 4th Aug 1782 Harwood William Andrew Mary        
5 Mon 5th Aug 1782 Cole Winny(da) Stephen Alice        
6 Sun 11th Aug 1782 Screech Samuel Samuel Treeby Johannah       This entry very faint. No Specific mention made of base but different form.
7 Sun 8th Sep 1782 Browning Betsy John Sarah        
8 Sun 29th Sep 1782 Pinwell Susannah Henery Susannah        
9 Sun 6th Oct 1782 Brooking Thomas Nicholas Mary        
10 Mon 7th Oct 1782 Luscombe Elizabeth William Mary        
11 Sun 13th Oct 1782 Heath John -base --ace        
12 Fri 27th Dec 1782 Yabsley Jane William Elizabeth        
13 Mon 6th Jan 1783 Harwood Elizabeth John Honor        
14 Sun 12th Jan 1783 Scadgell? George -base- Honor        
15 Thur 30th Jan 1783 Shepherd Elizabeth James Deborah        
16 Tues 18th Feb 1783 Wakeham Mary William Agnes        
17 Wed 5th Mar 1783 Simpson Honr James Elizabeth        
18 Fri 18th Apr 1783 Chappel Anne John Joan        
19 Sun 20th Apr 1783 Southcombe Elizabeth Richard Mary        
20 Sun 11th May 1783 Codd George James Joan        
21 Sun 11th May 1783 Laskey Sarah John Elizabeth        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 19th May 1783
22 Sun 8th Jun 1783 Lethbridge Robert John Ann Churstow      
23 Sun 6th Jul 1783 Macey Elizabeth John Sarah Plymouth      
24 Fri 25th Jul 1783 Edgcombe Anne John Sarah        
25 Sun 3rd Aug 1783 Macey Jane Richard Elizabeth        
26 Tues 9th Sep 1783 Harris Thomas Thomas Elizabeth     Aug 1782 but privately baptized (by certificate from the Rev Mr John Davies) on the 3rd August 1782
27 Sun 21st Sep 1783 Couch Mary John Wilmah        
Volume 2; Page 116: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 10
Note in register: Baptisms or christenings registered according to an Act passed in the twenty third year of the reign of King George the Third for granting a duty of three pence on the registry of every christening commencing from the first day of October 1783.
1 Fri 26th Dec 1783 Pearce Mary William Mary       Privately baptised as Mr Davies was informed 3rd April
2 Fri 26th Dec 1783 Yabsley Sarah Richard Sarah        
3 Fri 26th Dec 1783 Steer Joanna James Mary        
4 Sun 4th Jan 1784 Wilton Mary James Jane        
5 Fri 20th Feb 1784 Evans Edmond John Sarah       Privately baptised. Christened (as Mr Davies informed) at Modbury 4 June 1784
6 Wed 25th Feb 1784 Edgcombe John Benjamin Winnifred        
Transcriber's note: There are three lines of notes crossed through by the previous entry
7 Sun 29th Feb 1784 Edwards Jane Roger Sarah        
8 Sun 28th Mar 1784 Prowse Mary -base- Bridget        
9 Sun 25th Apr 1784 Date Anne John Agnes     1778 Reported by the mother to be six years old when she was baptised
10 Sun 25th Apr 1784 Date Robert John Agnes        
11 Mon 9th May 1785 Whiting Samuel Thomas Elizabeth        
12 Wed 12th May 1784 Brooking Anne Nicholas Mary       Christened 16th May 1784
13 Sun 23rd May 1784 Southern Samuel Samuel Jane        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 24th May 1784
14 Tues 1st Jun 1784 Crocker John Robert Betty        
15 Sun 13th Jun 1784 Hill John John Mary        
16 Sun 20th Jun 1784 Treby Francis(s) Samuel Joanna        
17 Sun 18th Jul 1784 Bevill Mary William Jane        
18 Sun 8th Aug 1784 Prout Michael Michael Rebecca        
19 Sun 22nd Aug 1784 Philp Richard William Joanna        
20 Sun 5th Sep 1784 Luscombe John Thomas Alice        
21 Sun 10th Oct 1784 Pepperell Joyce? Roger Joan        
22 Sun 17th Oct 1784 Elliot Grace George? Honor        
23 Sun 31st Oct 1784 Wilton Sarah John Ann        
Volume 2; Page 117: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 11
1 Thur 4th Nov 1784 Bows Mary Squance John Margaret        
2 Sun 21st Nov 1784 Prowse William Richard Mary        
3 Tues 30th Nov 1784 Lidstone Rebecca Roger Sarah        
4 Sun 5th Dec 1784 Hingston Elizabeth William Judith        
5 Sun 19th Dec 1784 Hill Anne Nicholas Grace        
6 Tues 21st Dec 1784 Elliot Thomas William Mary        
7 Wed 9th Feb 1785 Crimp Elizabeth John Elizabeth        
8 Fri 25th Mar 1785 Pinwell Mary William Susanah        
9 Wed 30th Mar 1785 Borner Thomas -base- Sarah       Privately baptised
10 Sun 17th Apr 1785 Luscombe Rachel Richard Rachel        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 25th April 1785
11 Sun 1st May 1785 Pearce William William Mary        
12 Sun 22nd May 1785 Harris John Stephen Ann        
13 Wed 29th Jun 1785 Brown Mary Robert Elizabeth        
14 Thur 25th Jul 1765 Edgcombe Margaret John Sarah        
15 Sun 7th Aug 1785 Harwood Ann John Honor        
16 Wed 24th Aug 1785 Sheriffe Elizabeth John Elizabeth        
17 Tues 18th Oct 1785 Yabsley Susannah Richard Sarah        
18 Sun 23rd Oct 1785 Damarel Janet? -base- Elizabeth        
19 Sun 20th Nov 1785 Yabsley Alice William Elizabeth        
20 Sun 11th Dec 1785 Phillips Robert John Dinah        
21 Wed 25th Jan 1786 Joll John John Martha       Privately baptised. Christened 19th Feb 1786
22 Sun 19th Feb 1786 Codd John James Joan        
23 Sun 19th Feb 1786 Couch John John Wilmah        
24 Sun 26th Feb 1786 Scobell John -base- Sarah        
25 Sun 19th Mar 1786 Edwards John Roger Sarah        
26 Sun 26th Mar 1786 Wakeham Susanna William Agnes        
27 Sun 9th Apr 1786 Macey Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth        
28 Sun 9th Apr 1786 Wilton Elizabeth James Jane        
29 Tues 25th Apr 1786 Edgcombe Jane Benjamin Winnifred        
30 Fri 14th Apr 1786 Southcombe? John Richard Mary        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 15th May 1786
Volume 2; Page 118: Fiche 6; Row e; Column 12
1 Tues 23rd May 1786 Henwood William Richard Anne Cornwall      
2 Mon 5th Jun 1786 Luscombe Elizabeth Thomas Alice        
3 Tues 6th Jun 1786 Spinny Rebeccah Andrew Rebeccah        
4 Fri 7th Jul 1786 Cowle John William Sarah       Privately baptised
5 Sun 23rd Jul 1786 Saunders Roger Roger Elizabeth        
6 Sat 28th Oct 1786 Brooking William Nicholas Mary        
7 Sun 19th Nov 1786 Elliot Thomas Nicholas Jane        
8 Mon 27th Nov 1786 Burly? Mary John Willmah       Privately baptised
9 Sun 26th Nov 1786 Treby Elizabeth Samuel Joanna        
10 Sun 3rd Dec 1786 Chubb John Nicholas Grace        
11 Sun 13th Aug 1786 Willcocks John Richard Mary        
12 Mon 25th Dec 1786 Whidon Elizabeth George Elizabeth        
13 Sun 28th Jan 1787 Bevell Richard William Jane        
14 Sun 4th Feb 1787 Searle Grace Benjamin Elizabeth       Privately baptised. Christened 25th Feb 1787
15 Mon 5th Mar 1787 Lidstone Mary Roger Sarah       Privately baptised
16 Sun 11th Mar 1787 Whiting Margaret Thomas Elizabeth        
17 Fri 6th Apr 1787 Lidstone Mary Roger Sarah        
18 Fri 6th Apr 1787 Elliot Mary George Honor        
19 Sat 7th Apr 1787 Tucker Elizabeth Timothy Elizabeth       Privately baptised. Christened 9th April 1787
20 Mon 9th Apr 1787 Wilton Mary John Ann        
21 Tues 1st May 1787 Weeks Sampson Sampson Anne        
22 Sun 13th May 1787 Hill Roger William Hannah        
23 Sun 13th May 1787 Stone John -base- Joanna        
24 Sun 20th May 1787 Prout Jane Michael Rebekah       Privately baptised
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation at Totnes 21st May 1787
25 Mon 28th May 1787 Chapel John John Mary        
26 Sun 3rd Jun 1787 Prout Jane Michael Rebekah        
27 Sun 3rd Jun 1787 Macey Mary Richard Elizabeth        
28 Sun 10th Jun 1787 Williams Catherin Thomas Catherine        
29 Sun 10th Jun 1787 Hingston Temperance William Judith        
30 Sun 24th Jun 1787 Hill Sarah Nicholas Grace        
31 Mon 16th Jul 1787 Cole William Arthur Anne       Privately baptised. Christened 29th July 1787
Volume 2; Page 120: Fiche 7; Row a; Column 1
Note in register: Baptisms and christenings continued 1787
1 Sun 19th Aug 1787 Tole Caroline John Martha        
2 Mon 10th Sep 1787 Pepperall Grace Roger Joan        
3 Thur 18th Oct 1787 Harris Ann Stephen Ann        
4 Sun 21st Oct 1787 Phillips William John Dinah        
5 Sun 28th Oct 1787 Shervill James James Elizabeth        
6 Sun 25th Nov 1787 Cole Owen Stephen Alice        
7 Sun 25th Nov 1787 Elliot Jemima Nicholas Sarah        
8 Sun 25th Nov 1787 Elliot Grace Nicholas Sarah        
9 Fri 14th Dec 1787 Kerswell John George Margaret        
10 Fri 14th Dec 1787 Kerswell George George Margaret       Both privately baptised, christened at Modbury
11 Fri 21st Dec 1787 Cowls John William Sarah        
12 Fri 21st Dec 1787 Cowls Elizabeth William Sarah        
13 Sun 6th Jan 1788 Saunders Mary William Ann        
14 Tues 15th Jan 1788 Edgecombe Thomas John Sarah       Privately baptised; christened 25th Jan 1788
15 Sun 20th Jan 1788 Pope Jonas Jonas Sarah        
16 Sun 10th Feb 1788 Burleigh Mary John Wilmah        
17 Tues 11th Mar 1788 Crimp Benjamin John Elizabeth       Privately baptised; christened 25th April 1788
18 Sat 15th Mar 1788 Elliot Margaret Nicholas Jane       Privately baptised; christened 6th April 1788
19 Fri 21st Mar 1788 Couch Wilmah John Wilmah        
20 Sun 6th Apr 1788 Laskey Jane John Elizabeth        
21 Sun 13th Apr 1788 Spinny Elizabeth Andrew Rebeccah        
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 5th May 1788
22 Sun 11th May 1788 Henwood Lydia Richard Anne        
23 Mon 12th May 1788 Samuel???? Samuel Richard Mary       Check this entry
24 Mon 12th May 1788 Edwards Jane Roger Sarah        
25 Tues 13th May 1788 Searle Benjamin Benjamin Elizabeth       Privately baptised and christened
26 Sun 25th May 1788 Tucker Timothy Timothy Elizabeth        
27 Sun 1st Jun 1788 Yabsley John William Elizabeth        
28 Sun 15th Jun 1788 Meager Elizabeth -base- Elizabeth        
29 Sun 22nd Jun 1788 Luscombe Richard Thomas Alice        
30 Sun 29th Jun 1788 Bevil Richard William Jane       Privately baptised and christened
Volume 2; Page 121: Fiche 7; Row a; Column 2
Note in register: Baptisms or christenings continued 1788
1 Sun 13th Jul 1788 Windeat Elizabeth Richard Robert        
2 Sun 27th Jul 1788 Elliot Edward William Mary        
3 Sun 27th Jul 1788 Wilton John James Jane        
4 Sun 10th Aug 1788 Putt William James Jane        
5 Sun 19th Oct 1788 Macey Mary Richard Elizabeth        
6 Sun 26th Oct 1788 Brown Rob. Robert Elizabeth        
7 Tues 28th Oct 1788 Chubb John Richard Grace       Privately baptised
8 Tues 28th Oct 1788 Saunders John Roger Elizabeth       Privately baptised
9 Thur 30th Oct 1788 Lakeman John John Thomazine       This entry appears to have been added later
10 Sun 2nd Nov 1788 Chubb John Richard Grace        
11 Wed 5th Nov 1788 Saunders John Roger Elizabeth        
12 Sun 16th Nov 1788 Brooking John Nicholas Mary        
13 Sun 16th Nov 1788 Stear Jane James Mary        
14 Sun 16th Nov 1788 Elliott John Philip Elizabeth        
15 Fri 14th Nov 1788 Ruth Elias John Mary        
16 Tues 2nd Dec 1788 Luscombe Nancy Henry Sarah        
17 Tues 2nd Dec 1788 Lakeman Agnes John Thomazine       This entry appears to have been added later
18 Thur 1st Jan 1789 Weeks Philip -ome Sampson Ann        
19 Fri 16th Jan 1789 Edgecombe Benjamin Benjamin Winifred        
20 Sun 18th Jan 1789 Codd Elizabeth James Joan        
21 Sun 18th Jan 1789 Prowse John John Susannah Bigbury      
22 Fri 30th Jan 1789 Ruth Elias John Mary        
23 Fri 6th Feb 1789 Harris Mary Stephen Ann        
24 Sun 15th Feb 1789 Meddick John Robert Elizabeth        
25 Sun 15th Feb 1789 Williams Thomas Thomas Catherine        
26 Mon 9th Mar 1789 Elliot Honour George Honour        
27 Sun 15th Mar 1789 Cole George Arthur Ann        
28 Fri 20th Mar 1789 Cowle Mary William Sarah        
29 Sun 29th Mar 1789 Frost Susannah John Susannah        
30 Mon 30th Mar 1789 Popham Mary James Mary       Privately baptised
31 Sun 12th Apr 1789 Wakeham Thomas William Agnes        
32 Wed 15th Apr 1789 Popham Mary James Mary        
33 Fri 17th Apr 1789 Bond Elizabeth Richard Mary        
34 Thur 30th Apr 1789 Thorntin Mary -base- Mary       Privately baptised
Note in register: So far to the Archdeacons Visitation 4th May 1789
35 Tues 12th May 1789 Denbow Jane William Susannah        
36 Sun 7th Jun 1789 Joll Mary John Martha        
37 Sun 7th Jun 1789 Hill Nicholas   Annie       This entry appears to have been added later. Check
38 Sun 2nd Aug 1789 Hill Edward William Hannah        
39 Sun 9th Aug 1789 Weeks Jane -base- Jane        
40 Sun 23rd Aug 1789 Saunders William William Ann        
Volume 2; Page 122: Fiche 7; Row a; Column 3
Note in register: Baptisms or christenings continued 1789
1 Sun 30th Aug 1789 Milton Mary John Jane        
2 Sun 20th Sep 1789 Wyatt Mary -base- Grace        
3 Thur 5th Nov 1789 Macey Mary Richard Elizabeth        
3 Thur 5th Nov 1789 Macey Maria Richard Elizabeth        
4 Sun 27th Dec 1789 Rob---s John John Jane        

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