Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Baptisms for the 1710s

This file contains the baptismal information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
Most of the entries in the registers list the date of Baptism, the name of the child, and the names of both parents. In the earliest registers, only the name of the father is shown and in the case of the "base-born" chidren usually only the mother is named. In some cases the abode and occupation of the father is shown, and in some cases the date of birth is given. In those cases it is indexed under both dates.
The register includes references to "privately baptised", which usually either means that the child was baptised soon after birth because it was felt that it was unlikely to survive, or that the child was born into a family of some substance. The child was usually later brought to the church, and sometimes that is when the entry was made in the register; it is not clear whether the child was baptised again. There is also occasional reference to a "christening", which usually followed a private baptism. That is assumed to relate to the introduction to the church.
No. Baptism Date Surname Christian Name Father Mother Abode Occupation Born Notes
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 7
32 Wed 29th Mar 1710 Berry Mary -base- Mary        
33 Sun 21st May 1710 Sture Mary Thomas Wilmot        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 8
1 Tues 23rd May 1710 Boond Jane Thomas Sarah        
2 Sun 2nd Jul 1710 Luckcraft Mary Joseph Elizabeth        
3 Sun 20th Aug 1710 Boond Elizabeth Charles Joan        
4 Tues 5th Sep 1710 Randle Grace Thomas Grace        
5 Sun 17th Sep 1710 Sheriffe James John Mary        
6 Tues 24th Oct 1710 Leigh Dorothy William Dorothy        
7 Tues 12th Dec 1710 Snowden Elizabeth John Sarah        
8 Fri 5th Jan 1710 Hurrell Gertrude John Gertrude        
9 Fri 5th Jan 1710 Wakeham Thomas Thomas Dorothy        
10 Fri 19th Jan 1710 Elliot Ambrose Ambrose Mary        
11 Sun 21st Jan 1710 Screech Mary James Alice        
12 Fri 26th Jan 1710 Harris Hugh Hugh Mary        
13 Fri 9th Mar 1710 Hele John         1687 In the 23rd year of his age.
14 Fri 9th Mar 1710 Hele Mary         1684 In the 26th year of her age.
15 Fri 9th Mar 1710 Cole Mary Henry Joan        
16 Tues 20th Mar 1710 Hele Sarah         1689 In 21st year of her age.
17 Tues 29th May 1711 Bear James George Rebeccah        
18 Mon 18th Jun 1711 Pulliblank Joseph Joseph Ann        
19 Thur 12th Jul 1711 Chapple Elias (s) Thomas Joan        
20 Sun 22nd Jul 1711 Rugg Mary John Mary        
21 Sun 5th Aug 1711 Leigh Philip John Mary        
22 Fri 14th Sep 1711 Date Susanna John Hannah        
23 Sun 16th Sep 1711 Frost Mary John Joan        
24 Fri 5th Oct 1711 Thorning Elizabeth John Elizabeth        
25 Fri 12th Oct 1711 Leigh Joseph Philip Joan        
26 Tues 23rd Oct 1711 Clements William William Margret        
27 Wed 7th Nov 1711 Hill Ann William Elizabeth        
28 Tues 13th Nov 1711 Cole Mary Stephen Elizabeth        
29 Sun 2nd Dec 1711 Hore Jane Richard Elizabeth        
30 Thur 6th Dec 1711 Crispin George Sampson Sarah        
31 Tues 15th Jan 1711 Steart John Thomas Honour Kingston      
32 Sun 10th Feb 1711 Hore John John Elizabeth        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 9
1 Fri 7th Mar 1711 Wakeham William Thomas Dorothy        
2 Sun 30th Mar 1712 Harris Jane John Joan        
3 Tues 8th Apr 1712 Jane Richard Edward Elizabeth        
4 Sun 4th May 1712 Elliot William Philip Elizabeth        
5 Sun 11th May 1712 Couch Thomas Thomas Mary        
6 Sun 18th May 1712 Evans Sarah Joseph Susan        
7 Tues 10th Jun 1712 Hamblyn Catherine Henry Sarah        
8 Tues 14th Oct 1712 Leigh William William Dorothy        
9 Fri 17th Oct 1712 Hill Abraham Abraham Mary        
10 Sun 19th Oct 1712 Elliot Alice John Alice        
11 Fri 7th Nov 1712 Hele John Thomas Agnes        
12 Tues 9th Dec 1712 Leigh John Joseph Honour        
13 Wed 24th Dec 1712 Snowden John John Sarah        
14 Wed 31st Dec 1712 Cole John Henry Joan        
15 Fri 9th Jan 1712 Macy Grace John Grace        
16 Sun 5th Apr 1713 Chapple Sarah Thomas Joan        
17 Tues 14th Apr 1713 Coyt Thomas Thomas Marjory        
18 Tues 21st Apr 1713 Bowhay William William Eleanor        
19 Tues 12th May 1713 Hellier George Gideon Mary        
20 Tues 2nd Jun 1713 Bardens Henry Charles Mary        
21 Fri 17th Jul 1713 Elliot Honour Robert Honour        
22 Mon 20th Jul 1713 Snowden Sarah John Sarah        
23 Sun 16th Aug 1713 Sheriff Richard John Mary        
24 Sun 6th Dec 1713 Frost Susanna John Joan        
25 Fri 1st Jan 1713 Couch Isaac Isaac Dionitia        
26 Tues 12th Jan 1713 Gilbert John William Sarah        
27 Fri 15th Jan 1713 Leigh Elizabeth Philip Joan        
28 Tues 19th Jan 1713 Wakeham Sarah Thomas Dorothy        
29 Tues 23rd Feb 1713 Clements Joan William Margret        
30 Tues 2nd Mar 1713 Crispin George Sampson Sarah        
31 Mon 8th Mar 1713 Leigh Mary William Dorothy        
32 Tues 9th Mar 1713 Luckcraft Joseph Joseph Elizabeth        
33 Tues 16th Mar 1713 Bickford Grace Martyn Grace        
34 Fri 4th Jun 1714 Harris Elizabeth Hugh Mary        
35 Sun 20th Jun 1714 Sheriff Joan George Mary        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 10
1 Fri 30th Jul 1714 Rider Sarah Solomon Dorothy        
2 Sun 1st Aug 1714 Couch Walter Thomas Mary        
3 Sun 8th Aug 1714 Macy Grace John Grace        
4 Sun 22nd Aug 1714 Harris Dorothy John Joan        
5 Sun 5th Sep 1714 Ball William John Hannah        
6 Sun 19th Sep 1714 Sheriff Mary John Mary        
7 Tues 19th Oct 1714 Cole Joan Henry Joan        
8 Tues 23rd Nov 1714 Evans Sarah Joseph Susanna        
9 Thur 16th Dec 1714 Colliver Gertrude Richard Agnes        
10 Thur 6th Jan 1714 Wakeham Elizabeth -base- Deborah        
11 Thur 20th Jan 1714 Elliot Philip Philip Elizabeth        
12 Tues 25th Jan 1714 Hill Ann Abraham Mary        
13 Wed 2nd Feb 1714 Sture Thomas Thomas Rebeccah        
14 Sun 6th Feb 1714 Bowhay George William Eleanor        
15 Mon 14th Feb 1714 Southern Agnes Philip Jane        
16 Wed 13th Apr 1715 Crispin Arthur Sampson Sarah        
17 Mon 18th Apr 1715 Barons Philip Charles Mary        
18 Sun 1st May 1715 Elliot Andrew John Alice        
19 Fri 3rd Jun 1715 Willing Michael Edward Alice        
20 Sat 9th Jul 1715 Anthony Elizabeth Thomas Honour        
21 Sun 17th Jul 1715 Thorning Mary Joan Elizabeth        
22 Sun 21st Aug 1715 Rugg John John Mary        
23 Mon 29th Aug 1715 Bickford Homas Martyn Grace        
24 Sat 8th Oct 1715 Elliot James James Agnes        
25 Sat 8th Oct 1715 Pomeroy Prudence John         Being about (blank) years of age
26 Tues 10th Jan 1715 Leigh Benjamin Philip Joan        
27 Tues 14th Feb 1715 Hamblyn Henry Henry Sarah        
28 Tues 14th Feb 1715 Lake Thomas Henry Elizabeth        
29 Tues 28th Feb 1715 Rider Mary Solomon Dorothy        
30 Fri 9th Mar 1715 Clement Margret William Margret        
31 Sun 11th Mar 1715 Chubb Jane John Deborah Dodbrook      
32 Tues 28th Feb 1715 Snowden Agnes John Sarah        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 11
1 Mon 2nd Apr 1716 Hill Honour William Elizabeth        
2 Mon 23rd Apr 1716 Hine Arthur Arthur Ann        
3 Sun 29th Apr 1716 Found Frederick           Being a child found at Heathfield.
4 Sun 27th May 1716 Bardens Benjamin -base- Mary        
5 Sun 17th Jun 1716 Couch Andrew Isaac Honour        
6 Fri 29th Jun 1716 Couch Mary Thomas Mary        
7 Sun 16th Sep 1716 Sture Mary John Mary Modbury      
8 Sun 23rd Sep 1716 Hellier Jane Gideon Mary        
9 Tues 30th Oct 1716 Leigh Winifred Benjamin Winifred        
10 Sun 2nd Dec 1716 Pearse Agnes -base- Agnes        
11 Mon 10th Dec 1716 Willing Sarah Michael Margret        
12 Sun 6th Jan 1716 Sture George George Priscilla        
13 Tues 12th Feb 1716 Lidston Peter Roger Joan        
14 Tues 19th Feb 1716 Cole Stephen Stephen Elizabeth        
15 Fri 22nd Feb 1716 Pulliblank Honour Joseph Ann        
16 Tues 12th Mar 1716 Colliver Richard Richard Agnes        
17 Tues 26th Mar 1717 Elliot Nicholas James Agnes        
18 Tues 9th Apr 1717 Harwood Mary Thomas Mary        
19 Sun 14th Apr 1717 Foster William Josias Mary        
20 Sun 14th Apr 1717 Elliot Mary Philip Elizabeth        
21 Tues 30th Apr 1717 Leigh John William Dorothy        
22 Sun 12th May 1717 Grinvill John -base- Mary        
23 Tues 4th Jun 1717 Forde George George Joan        
24 Mon 10th Jun 1717 Pearse Richard Richard Elizabeth        
25 Sun 16th Jun 1717 Harris Hugh John Joan        
26 Fri 12th Jul 1717 Roach John Simon Honour        
27 Sun 28th Jul 1717 Bowhay John William Eleanor        
28 Fri 2nd Aug 1717 Cole Elizabeth Henry Joan        
29 Tues 6th Aug 1717 Crispin Joanna Sampson Sarah        
30 Sun 1st Sep 1717 Stumbles William William Sarah        
31 Wed 4th Sep 1717 Wooldridge Jane John Agnes        
32 Fri 6th Sep 1717 Hill Mary Abraham Mary        
33 Fri 20th Sep 1717 Cove Evans Evans Sarah        
34 Fri 4th Oct 1717 Hill John John Ann        
35 Tues 8th Oct 1717 Elliot William George Mary        
36 Sun 20th Oct 1717 Rider Dorothy Solomon Dorothy        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 12
1 Fri 24th Jan 1717 Bond Joan Roger Joan        
2 Tues 11th Feb 1717 Sture Jane Thomas Rebeccah        
3 Tues 18th Feb 1717 Leigh Joseph Philip Joan        
4 Tues 25th Feb 1717 Elliot Richard Richard Joan        
5 Sun 16th Mar 1717 Wakeham Dorothy Thomas Dorothy        
6 Wed 16th Apr 1718 Clement Jane William Margret        
7 Sun 1st Jun 1718 Hine William Arthur Ann        
8 Fri 6th Jun 1718 Lake Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth        
9 Tues 1st Jul 1718 Evans Benjamin Joseph Susanna        
10 Sat 13th Sep 1718 Willing Michael Michael Margret        
11 Tues 30th Sep 1718 Bastard Ann Henry Ann        
12 Fri 17th Oct 1718 Davy John John Mary        
13 Fri 17th Oct 1718 Hamblyn Ann Henry Sarah        
14 Sun 19th Oct 1718 Cleeve Mary John Elizabeth        
15 Fri 7th Nov 1718 Sture Elizabeth George Priscilla        
16 Fri 28th Nov 1718 Snowden Joan John Sarah        
17 Sat 6th Dec 1718 Thorning William John Elizabeth        
18 Thur 25th Dec 1718 Bond Edward Roger Joan        
19 Thur 25th Dec 1718 Edwards Benjamin John Margret        
20 Thur 25th Dec 1718 Edwards Benjamin John Margret        
21 Tues 30th Dec 1718 Leigh Jane Benjamin Winnifred        
22 Fri 2nd Jan 1718 Webber Elizabeth William Mary        
23 Tues 27th Jan 1718 Cove Osborn Evans Sarah        
24 Mon 2nd Feb 1718 Rider Jane Solomon Dorothy        
25 Tues 3rd Feb 1718 Thornton John John Sarah        
26 Tues 17th Feb 1718 Ford John John Joan        
27 Wed 4th Mar 1718 Sture William William Agnes        
28 Tues 7th Apr 1719 Elliot Agnes James Agnes        
29 Sun 26th Apr 1719 Bowhay Thomas William Eleanor        
30 Tues 28th Apr 1719 Crobert Mary Nicholas Joan        
31 Sun 31st May 1719 Chapple Frances Thomas Joan        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row c; Column 1
1 Tues 2nd Jun 1719 Leigh Elizabeth William Dorothy        
2 Fri 26th Jun 1719 Elliot Richard Richard Joan        
3 Fri 3rd Jul 1719 Harwood Thomas Thomas? Mary        
4 Fri 17th Jul 1719 Stumbles Elizabeth John Jane        
5 Tues 1st Sep 1719 Hill William John Ann        
6 Sun 13th Sep 1719 Stumbles Sarah William Sarah        
7 Fri 2nd Oct 1719 Couch Honour Isaac Honour        
8 Fri 16th Oct 1719 Couch William Thomas Mary        
9 Fri 16th Oct 1719 Pulliblank Ann Joseph Ann        
10 Fri 23rd Oct 1719 Wooldridge Mary John Agnes        
11 Tues 16th Feb 1719 Risdon Mary Jeptha Hannah        
12 Wed 16th Mar 1719 Sture William William Elizabeth        
13 Tues 22nd Mar 1719 Pinwell Peter Peter Elizabeth        

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