Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

Baptisms for the 1700s

This file contains the baptismal information for one decade. It is not an exact transcript of the register but it includes all the information that the registers contain. Anything that cannot be included in the standard form is listed in notes.
Most of the entries in the registers list the date of Baptism, the name of the child, and the names of both parents. In the earliest registers, only the name of the father is shown and in the case of the "base-born" chidren usually only the mother is named. In some cases the abode and occupation of the father is shown, and in some cases the date of birth is given. In those cases it is indexed under both dates.
The register includes references to "privately baptised", which usually either means that the child was baptised soon after birth because it was felt that it was unlikely to survive, or that the child was born into a family of some substance. The child was usually later brought to the church, and sometimes that is when the entry was made in the register; it is not clear whether the child was baptised again. There is also occasional reference to a "christening", which usually followed a private baptism. That is assumed to relate to the introduction to the church.
No. Baptism Date Surname Christian Name Father Mother Abode Occupation Born Notes
Volume 2; Page 75: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 4
2 Sat 27th Apr 1700 Cleave Sarah Noah          
3 Wed 1st May 1700 Barns Charles Charles          
4 Mon 13th May 1700 Ball John John     Taylour    
5 Tues 14th May 1700 Janes Elizabeth Edward          
6 Mon 27th May 1700 Leigh Hannah John          
7 Fri 19th Jul 1700 Hurrell Roger John     Gent    
8 Sun 11th Aug 1700 Jans James Richard          
8 Sun 11th Aug 1700 Jans Joan Richard          
9 Mon 30th Sep 1700 Sherriffe Mary George          
10 Sat 5th Oct 1700 Leigh John Philip          
11 Sat 5th Oct 1700 Southern William Phillip          
12 Wed 30th Oct 1700 Forde John George          
13 Mon 18th Nov 1700 Ellis James           This entry added later.
14 Tues 24th Dec 1700 Harwood William John          
15 Sat 11th Jan 1700 Pinwell Sarah John          
16 Sun 16th Feb 1700 Fox Phillip Phillip          
17 Mon 4th Mar 1700 Southern Jane Thomas          
18 Fri 28th Mar 1701 Randle Thomas Thomas          
19 Mon 7th Apr 1701 Hellier John Moses          
20 Thur 10th Apr 1701 Pinwell John Robert          
21 Sat 26th Jul 1701 Hill Joan William          
22 Thur 7th Aug 1701 Masy John John          
23 Fri 29th Aug 1701 Maddock John John          
24 Sat 4th Oct 1701 Earle Elizabeth John          
25 Fri 10th Oct 1701 Harris John John     Weaver    
26 Thur 13th Nov 1701 Bear? Elizabeth George     Smith    
27 Fri 28th Nov 1701 Pullyblank George John          
28 Fri 5th Dec 1701 Screech Honour James          
29 Wed 17th Dec 1701 Harris Wilmot(d) Arthur     Weaver    
30 Fri 19th Dec 1701 Bound Thomas Thomas (jun?)     Weaver    
31 Thur 12th Mar 1701 Harris Thomas Hugh     Gent    
32 Fri 20th Mar 1701 Janes Mary Edward          
33 Sat 28th Mar 1702 Ball Mary John     Taylor    
34 Wed 8th Apr 1702 Turtley Elizabeth Arthur          
35 Tues 5th May 1702 Southerne Mary Phillip          
36 Wed 27th May 1702 Hill Peter Peter     Sailor    
37 Mon 29th Jun 1702 Collins William William     Smith    
38 Sun 18th Oct 1702 Elliott Robert Robert          
39 Sat 31st Oct 1702 Cleave Richard Noah          
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 5
1 Sat 2nd Jan 1702 Vinton Thomas Thomas          
2 Sun 7th Feb 1702 Hellier Hannah Moses          
3 Sun 28th Feb 1702 Fox Honour Phillip          
4 Mon 26th Apr 1703 Ellis Grace -base- Susan        
5 Tues 4th May 1703 Harwood Joan John     Shoemaker    
6 Thur 13th May 1703 Elliot Richard Richard     Weaver    
7 Fri 14th May 1703 Forde Thomas George     Weaver    
8 Fri 11th Jun 1703 Macy Henry John          
9 Fri 11th Jun 1703 Pulliblank John John     Labourer    
10 Wed 16th Jun 1703 Pinwel Jane John     Yeoman    
11 Mon 28th Jun 1703 Hurrell John John Gertrude   Gent.    
12 Sat 3rd Jul 1703 Straw Richard Richard          
13 Tues 31st Aug 1703 Randle Grace Thomas          
14 Tues 31st Aug 1703 Ball Susanna John     Taylour    
15 Tues 31st Aug 1703 Leigh Roger Phillip          
16 Sun 12th Sep 1703 Date Joan John     Taylour    
17 Sun 3rd Oct 1703 Bear Joan George     Smith    
18 Sun 31st Oct 1703 Mumpford Heliort? (s.) -base- Mary        
19 Wed 27th Oct 1703 Harris Thomas John     Weaver    
20 Wed 3rd Nov 1703 Searle? Grace Thomas     Malster    
21 Tues 9th Nov 1703 Bickford Benjamin Nicholas (deceased)          
22 Fri 26th Nov 1703 Thorning Leomidon (s) John          
23 Tues 7th Dec 1703 Froude Anne Robert          
24 Thur 16th Dec 1703 Weeks John John     Mason    
25 Sat 15th Jan 1703 Southerne Jane Phillip          
26 Sat 15th Jan 1703 Treby Moses William          
27 Thur 20th Jan 1703 Janes Sarah Edward     Y    
28 Thur 20th Jan 1703 Screech Allice James     Y    
29 Sun 19th Mar 1703 Hill Lydia William     L    
30 Wed 5th Apr 1704 Maddock Margaret John     L    
31 Sat 8th Apr 1704 Ellis John James     Shoemaker    
Transcriber's note: The remaining dates on this page are very difficult to read, and may be wrong.
32 Sat 6th May 1704 Cole Henry Henry     Y    
33 Thur 25th May 1704 Bevil Joan   Anne   S    
34 Sun 28th May 1704 Bound Mary Thomas Sarah   Weaver    
35 Wed 7th Jun 1704 Turtley Arthur Arthur     L    
36 Tues 27th Jun 1704 Mithwick? Jeptha Shepherd (s) -base- Mary        
37 Sat 1st Jul 1704 Pinwell Wilmot John     Y    
38 Mon 14th Aug 1704 Elliott Allice John     Butcher    
39 Tues 21st Nov 1704 Frost Joan John     Carpenter    
40 Sun 17th Dec 1704 Sherriffe John John     Turner    
41 Sun 24th Dec 1704 Gloyne? Elizabeth -base- Judith?       Clearly added later
42 Tues 26th Dec 1704 Harris ???? (s) Hugh (jun)         Entry 42 is partly obscured by entry 41.
43 Fri 5th Jan 1704 Pulliblank Robert Arthur     L    
44 Sat 13th Jan 1704 Elliot John Robert     L    
45 Mon 5th Feb 1704 Harris Dorothy Hugh     Gent    
46 Thur 22nd Mar 1704 Sherriffe Elizabeth George          
Transcriber's note: All the above entries should be checked if possible.
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 6
1 Sun 15th Apr 1705 Thornton Anthony -base- Anthony Hall Susanah   Soldier    
2 Wed 23rd May 1705 Hellier Benjamin M---? Hannah        
3 Sat 2nd Jun 1705 Bound Thomas Charles Joan        
4 Sun 3rd Jun 1705 Boon Rebeccah Stephen     L    
5 Thur 26th Jul 1705 Widger John -base- Mary        
6 Thur 16th Aug 1705 Marten Elizabeth Thomas     Carpenter    
7 Sun 19th Aug 1705 Snowdon Agnes John     Lab    
8 Fri 7th Sep 1705 Hurrel Thomas John Gertrude   Gent. Wed 29th Aug 1705  
9 Thur 6th Sep 1705 Harwood Roger John     Shoemaker    
10 Mon 10th Sep 1705 Pulliblank Wilmott John     L    
11 Sun 21st Oct 1705 Saunders Deborah John          
12 Sat 15th Dec 1705 Venton Elizabeth Thomas     L    
13 Tues 18th Dec 1705 Sherriffe John John     L    
14 Tues 15th Jan 1705 Harris Hugh Hugh   Lixton      
15 Fri 1st Feb 1705 Janes John Edward     Y    
16 Fri 1st Feb 1705 Leigh? Samuel Philip     Y    
17 Thur 28th Mar 1706 Southerne Phillip Phillip     L    
18 Mon 1st Apr 1706 Date Elizabeth John (jun)     Taylour    
19 Sat 13th Apr 1706 Hamblin Mary Henry     L    
20 Fri 3rd May 1706 Thorning Rebecca John     L    
21 Thur 16th May 1706 Harris Thomas John     Weaver    
22 Tues 23rd Jul 1706 Turtley Philip Arthur     L    
23 Sun 4th Aug 1706 Fox Agnes Phillip     L    
24 Sat 14th Sep 1706 Elliott Rebecca Robert     L    
25 Tues 1st Oct 1706 Frost John John     Carpenter    
26 Sun 13th Oct 1706 Hannover? Susannah Thomas     L    
27 Sun 22nd Dec 1706 Bear George George          
28 Tues 17th Dec 1706 Treby William William          
29 Tues 7th Jan 1706 Elliott Grace John     Butcher    
30 Tues 17th Dec 1706 Cole Elizabeth Stephen          
31 Tues 24th Dec 1706 Screech John James          
32 Fri 3rd Jan 1706 Hill William William     L    
33 Sun 23rd Feb 1706 Horswell Caleb -base- Annica?        
34 Mon 9th Jun 1707 Hellier Sarah Moses          
35 Sun 27th Jul 1707 Searle Thomas Thomas          
36 Tues 26th Aug 1707 Tippet William William   Churstow      
37 Tues 7th Oct 1707 Hamblin Alexander Henry          
38 Fri 10th Oct 1707 Harris John Hugh(jun)   Lixton      
39 Fri 31st Oct 1707 Snowdon Sarah John     L    
40 Fri 14th Nov 1707 Martin Thomas Thomas     Carpenter    
41 Sun 16th Nov 1707 Hurrel Richard John     Gent    
42 Mon 5th Jan 1707 Couch John Thomas          
43 Fri 13th Feb 1707 Bound Anne Charles     Weaver    
44 Sun 7th Mar 1707 Saunders William John     L    
45 Fri 19th Mar 1707 Pulliblank Wilmot Arthur          
46 Sat 27th Mar 1708 Woodmason Agnes Thomas Joan   Cooper?    
47 Tues 6th Apr 1708 Atwills Richard Richard Joan        
48 Tues 18th May 1708 Turtley Arthur Arthur Agnes        
49 Sat 12th Jun 1708 Cole Stephen Henry Joan        
50 Fri 16th Jul 1708 Screech James James Alice        
Volume 2; Page ???: Fiche 6; Row b; Column 7
1 Thur 29th Jul 1708 Straw Honour Richard Elizabeth        
2 Sun 1st Aug 1708 Stephens Margret Richard Margret        
3 Sun 22nd Aug 1708 Steart Richard Thomas Honour Kingston      
4 Wed 25th Aug 1708 Sheriffe Pertesia (d) George Mary        
5 Tues 7th Sep 1708 Jane Edward Edward Elizabeth        
6 Sun 12th Sep 1708 Hore Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth        
6 Sun 12th Sep 1708 Hore Joan Richard Elizabeth        
7 Tues 12th Oct 1708 Cole Agnes Stephen Elizabeth        
8 Fri 28th Jan 1708 Thorning Henry John Elizabth        
9 Fri 4th Feb 1708 Searle John Thomas Wilmot        
10 Tues 8th Feb 1708 Leigh Joan Philip Joan        
11 Wed 30th Mar 1709 Elliot James Robert Rebeccah        
12 Sun 3rd Apr 1709 Pulliblank Wilmot Arthur Joan        
13 Sun 10th Apr 1709 Fox Joseph Philip Dorcas        
14 Sun 10th Apr 1709 Terry Mary Nicholas Mary Churchstow      
15 Fri 22nd Apr 1709 Hill Richard William Elizabeth        
16 Fri 6th May 1709 Evans Thomas Joseph Susan        
17 Fri 20th May 1709 Cole Thomas Henry Joan        
18 Fri 17th Jun 1709 Elliot John John Alice        
18 Fri 17th Jun 1709 Elliot Andrew John Alice        
19 Sun 19th Jun 1709 Frost Joseph John Joan        
20 Fri 24th Jun 1709 Hellier Ann Gideon Mary        
21 Tues 12th Jul 1709 Couch Dorcas (d) Thomas Mary        
22 Sun 31st Jul 1709 Southern Jane Philip Jane        
23 Wed 28th Sep 1709 Ellis Rebeccah James Margret        
24 Fri 16th Sep 1709 Hill Peter Abraham Mary        
25 Sun 9th Oct 1709 Pulliblank Elizabeth Joseph Ann        
Transcriber's note: There is an entry here that has been rubbed out. Looks like a duplicate of 27.
26 Wed 12th Oct 1709 Leigh Mary John Mary        
27 Sun 23rd Oct 1709 Harris Elizabeth John Joan        
28 Sun 30th Oct 1709 Hore Mary -base- Agnes        
29 Mon 30th Jan 1709 Couch Elizabeth Isaac Dianitia        
30 Tues 14th Feb 1709 Leigh Joseph Joseph Honour        
31 Sun 5th Mar 1709 Hamblyn Sarah Henry Sarah        

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