Aveton Gifford Parish Registers.

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This index has been sorted by Family Name and then Date. There is considerable variation in spelling in the register for names that sound the same, so I have listed them together for the purpose of indexing, under the commonest form of the name in the register. Thus, STERE, STEAR and STEERE are all listed under STEER. However, when I think that the names would be distinct I have listed them separately; for example, I have decided that the trailing "t" in STERT (and its variants) probably means that it is a separate family name.
In most cases, names that sound the same are likely to be close to where they would be expected, but there are exceptions. For example, INKSON is to be found with the HINGSTONs, with which it is regularly confused. The decision as to what names to put together is purely my own judgement of which names would sound the same, and may well be wrong. If any of the family associations are wrong, please let me know.
All dates are as listed in the registers; thus, before 1752 they are old style dates so December 1750 is followed by January 1750.
The index does not include all the information included in the registers; click on the date to go to the register file that shows whether there is any additional information.
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Family of Underhill

Mon 29th May 1615
Mary Underhill baptised to Lawrence
Thur 24th Jun 1675
Sara Underhill married Roger Sandon
Tues 20th Jun 1676
Elizabeth Underhill baptised to Larence and Mary
Tues 15th Oct 1678
John Underhill baptised to Larence? and Mary
Sun 17th Jul 1681
Laurence Underhill buried, s of Laur.
Wed 25th Apr 1683
Samson Underhill baptised to Laurence? and Mary
Mon 3rd Dec 1683
John Underhill baptised to John and Grace
Tues 22nd Dec 1702
Laurence Underhill buried, of Plympton
Mon 18th Mar 1716
Grace Underhill buried, wife of John
Tues 27th Mar 1722
John Underhill buried
Sun 14th Jan 1749
John Underhill buried

End of Underhill family

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